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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are block diagrams showing
conventional single type and push-pull type electrostatic electroacoustic transducers, and FIG. 3
is the present invention in comparison with the conventional principle. FIG. 4 is a block diagram
showing an embodiment of the electrostatic electroacoustic transducer of the present invention,
showing an embodiment of sound pressure and distortion of the electrostatic electroacoustic
transducer. 20 ... fixed electrode, 21L 221 ... back electrode, 212, 222 ... electret, 23.24 ... spacer,
25.26 ... diaphragm (movable electrode), g ... sealed space. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 = 85-Japanese Utility
Model 51-32530 (2) Data Fig. 3 (a) ? ?> Gull type (LL) 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2? 1020 ? W breaks
(KHZ) 2? 1020 ? и и ? x Example 2) (b) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A (one elephant cane)? [? ? 1 l ~
~? To the formula \ to the shoulder 151020 ? и Z Kei 2 (? HZ) 2? 10 ? p ? ? (H HZ) 20 (c) и
? 11 11 11 / ?? (? l / 18 ? ()? Ayukawa Hair 251020 ? и number of g (? HZ)? 7 1 to (dB) L
1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 510 2 y H (-HZ)-86-real opening 51-32530 (3) Fig. 4-87-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to a line electrostatic lid
electroacoustic transducer O rel. In the prior art, it is known that an electrostatic electroacoustic
transducer 11111 and a working single type O% O shown in FIG. 2 and a push-pull type 0% are
known. First of all, the single type O in FIG. 1 is an O consisting of an h # A constant electrode 1
and a movable electrode, ie, a movable tkz, which is internally installed at a predetermined
interval of 0 ', Sheath-1 added signal source 1 to O signal voltage, ?1?t14 и ?Sipe to work as a
moving plate JO driving force so that 1 conversion efficiency is improved and the sound can be
increased to 8Et. On the other hand, since the vibration * 2 is attracted to the fixed electrode IK
due to the (biased) electrostatic force due to a biased power supply (not shown), etc., it takes nine
positions and vibrates, as described below. That is, it is hO which has a large amplitude that can
be taken as one actual vibration plate 20, and it becomes difficult to use for low to medium
sound with a large amplitude of 0, and the linearity is deteriorated because it spreads over one
full range. It has an increasing factor. On the other hand 111! 5. The i30 pushinigel type V% 0
includes two fixed electrodes disposed so as to surround the diaphragm 4 with a predetermined
O interval on both sides of the imaging plate 4 and the zero respectively. (In principle, the
electrostatic force is canceled, and the moving plate 4 is not attracted to the 0Ii II constant
electrode 6 ░ 6 side either, so that the neutral position is taken. HjLm has the advantage of
being able to eliminate as much as possible the disadvantages of the single p1 system and the
signal voltage from the signal source 7 is added to the inward fixed electrode 5.6. jr J ? ? t K tio
'' ? ? 411 ? voltage is divided into two to act as a diaphragm zvllA power, conversion
efficiency is poor, and the drawback is that the pressure can not be increased. In addition, a
single distribution type V% O and a positive type O are not shown in the figure but either a zero
protection film should be attached to the outside for dust prevention V purpose, and no power
supply for bias is required. Even if the rounded Kllll pole electrode rectolet type is O, the electret
characteristics are good K11e h A large protective film is necessary to be large, or the
construction becomes more complicated, and llc to 1% Undesirable phenomenon is a defect that
causes conversion and loses conversion. Therefore, the present 5I # scheme can be made in view
of the need for a separate protective film as well as the conventional O single type and the pushthru type O because O is long and short in terms of sound pressure, distortion, etc. The sound
pressure and distortion points are both good, and in particular, they are characterized by the fact
that they can be destroyed as much as possible. ? ? ? ? J ? ? J ? 1 ? 1 ? ?A pair of tnh
as a pair to provide the electrostatic electroacoustic transducer which is extremely excellent
because the protective film tube is unnecessary to the slaughter.
First of all, according to the present invention f) I [II K, the present invention O electrostatic
wetting electric blue echo transducer is a pair of fixed electrodes and a pair of sandwiching the
fixed electrodes at a predetermined interval on the 0M side. It consists of a pair of movable
electrodes (diaphragm) to be installed, so-called so-called twin single type 69 itself, and both
movable electrodes according to the O signal voltage from the signal source being applied to
both movable electrodes Is driven, and the key arrangement light conventional O single type and
the guccie pull type also differs from O in JIlll 1 h is close to the single type 04 at the sound EO
point and the metal static 0 In respect to the point of the foot joule is also close to O, 9 remove
both sides o both ways 0 knowledge point and try pros! Toho is equipped with Toho and 1N
fixed electrodes, and it is configured to be covered with both movable electrodes and rounded.
With both movable electrodes, the conventional function is O effect as a Tomoho membrane! It is
also possible that it is unnecessary to have a round-and-hold error that can be prepared. 1 Here,
in terms of barring sound pressure and distortion, the conventional O single type and push pull
type and the present invention O so-called twin single type O also compared to O and tube lamp
ratio The sound pressure IP + is generally expressed as follows in a type electro-acoustic
transducer. , 22 + p + = ", C: t-, ?--=, (1) ? 6082 M 1 ? ?: angular frequency,?: medium
density, a: radius of vibration system, ?: vacuum dielectric constant, S : Area of vibration system,
Co: electrostatic capacity, r: distance on front axis (measurement distance), Eo: polarization
voltage, E ,: applied AC voltage, zM :: effective mechanical impedance but vibration system, air
load, Negative stiffness licking llt%) and the above equation (1) O constant term, ? ? ? (CO и E
@ J ,,,,,,,,,,,, t, r Expressed, this constant is the capacitance C. Since the diaphragm (eye 1 moving
electrode) is fixed to the polarization (bias) voltage and taken at a predetermined interval t
without being attracted to the fixed electrode side, it applies to what is called a push-sinkable
type It is% O. Therefore, in the case of single type and twin single type Q in which the
perturbation plate (movable electrode) is attracted to the fixed electrode side by the polarization
(bias) voltage, the capacitance is increased by Co processing 9, so the process is large at
constant%. 'T% will be applied to nh jin. Matomo The effective mechanical impedance in the
above equation (1). Changes depending on the angular frequency so as to be zM + ? (M О BM
@@) и ? with respect to the mass M of the vibrating film described later, but kl (1 (where = ? /
Co = * Kf / Co) And f> fo (where fo is the resonance frequency) O range ? in the case of single
type, push-pull type and twin single type according to the above equation (1) O sound pressure
IP, l, IP, l, IPTIK It is hot by asking for the next O.
1P "-to 'M + 278.-1 m" ..... (2) 11 IP, lz IC-------- ... (3) M + 1 О 8 JT1 pTl ? ? ? ? ? ? M + 8. !
Im "+ w * 'l, d и и и и и и и и (4) where 4: vibrating diaphragm O distance hK as described above KK' To
To I naturally IP, l> IP, l At 69, from the present invention OI, it is sufficient if 1 to 1 $ 1 1, l> IP,
1 ie IP, 1> IP, 1 6 should be concealed. That is, in the above equation (4) a! Usually selected to be
4XIJ '(m) and tA and H angular mass. 84m) ? ? a2 ? ? ? ? ?! From this, it can be
understood that IPT1> IP, 1 in comparison with the above equations (3) and (4). For example,
vibration area-IIi 6 X 10-'(m') t> vibrating film (specific gravity 1. Dove, thickness 4?), IPTl / IP, l
* 1. ? (Equivalent to 4.6 dB increase under the same condition) and become IP? 1-IP, 1-IP, 1 ie IP,
1> IP, 1-7 r to be certified. And this invention O twin single ? C 4 C) ? и t4] ? ?? ?? ?? ?
? ?? at at ? ? ? ? ?%% O% ? Twin single type% O makes the amplitude smaller by K K
<narrow, with one being in contact with the fixed electrode and the other being the O molecule e
counter 4111, single type L and positive type f)% O is the principle The sound pressure t? can
be improved by improving the sound pressure t?, as compared with the case where the kernel in
contact with the fixed electrode can not be reduced to 4 or more because it is impossible O. For
the strain 0 point, since the genus power is 3 best in the seed electrostatic type electroacoustic
conversion II of-, the third harmonic distortion book is a problem to the king and 1 khl, first, the
single formula also has 0 (111 Second harmonic, & distortion D is 1) = z tube-иии ?X 100 [related]
... (5) 3 ? z L, ? Eo Q L, for example, the same as in the case of the above sound pressure Vka <1.
In the case of N @ "at 11 @ V, the rate of change of gold is 8.8-. And, the push-pull type% 0 is
completely Q in principle in the second harmonic off or higher even in the order of O14 ?] in
liquid phase, and the distortion is zero. The AK twin single type O% O has a completely balanced
vibration system, and when the distance between the vibrating membranes is small (it can be
considered like the push-pull type in IK ?, distortion Takes a value close to zero.
BII is% O which shows sound pressure and strain O measurement example in comparison with
thing of twin single type 0 of the present invention based on such a principle and O of the
conventional O single type and pushpin type. For 1h. In the figure, each distortion curve has the
same output level at the point of W 8 wave number I G1 kHz so that the distortion is relatively
shown. In terms of distortion factor, single type B 8 caps or more, Putsiniger type 1- or less, and
twin single type S- or less 1 degree. Also, each sound pressure curve in the same figure has the
same human power level l! Ill sound 8-? relative show ? ? 69, also from the figure said IP? 1)
It is clear that the kernel is 1 IP, 1> IP, 1 and the sound 8E and the distortion 0 point-2 can be
made good together with the above. And, according to the invention wire or more, in the case of
twin single type C)% t), in particular, it is possible to reduce distortion as much as possible. The
invention will now be described in greater detail with reference to the drawings. That is, in FIG. 4,
the reference numeral 20 denotes a fixed electrode, and the fixed electrode U portion is in close
contact with the back electrode 21J, JJJID each * ilK which is one-faced portion 11III, for
example, has the same polarity charge 0 electret 212.222. Become. And this fixed electrode 0
part which is made into one is placed opposite to the insulating spacers z 3 ░ 24 which are
interposed at the upper and lower end parts on both sides at a distance of a predetermined
amount by an amount of at least -20) A vibration I [(movable electrode)] having a conductive
layer on the side opposite to the both sides) (a movable electrode) is sealed by a seal. On the
other hand, since the signal source is connected to the next side and the transformer 21 is
connected to the secondary side work plate (movable electrode) 2-s, the secondary side 0 both
ends are connected. Before the static space, the self-vibration plate (IIrIr polar electrode!, Z # is
attracted to the Jtll constant electrode U part by (biased) electrostatic force in static condition 0
to prevent hv in good condition. For example, compressed air such as compressed air or the like
is set to% 0 so as to keep the stable state in a neutral state. Then, the pigeon house, as will be
described later, is a plate (a movable electrode), which vibrates to the same -1 thickness during
operation, and a high pressure medium newly introduced in 1111 g during sealing is an
operation upper side. O It is also a curiosity to have an obstacle pipe. According to the present
invention, the main single type O electrostatic electroacoustic transducer constructed as
described above, for example, assuming that both the fixed electrode sO and both electrets 2Jx
and xxz have a negative electrode charge, this is the case. The self-oscillation 11i (movable
electrode) 2's opposite to the xgv back surface back surface conductive line portion 4 is brought
into the positive electrode charge O state 6.
Therefore, O alternating current No. 17 is a self-oscillation Ii (movable electrode) L! When L] K is
supplied, first of all, an alternating current signal O positive zero half cycle 1 period OI! Moving
plate (movable electrode) L! The positive electrode charge-S is strengthened and attracted in the
arrow true direction, while the O vibration [(movable electrode)] is canceled by the positive 1
charge and the arrow A 'force direction opposite! ???? In the opposite half of the alternating
current signal O negative half-period, on the other hand, it is repulsed by the O prefecture duty 1
[(moving electric power Ik) 2 jll falling arrow B direction, while the O diaphragm (moving
electrode) x, 69 companies As the suction is directed in the direction of arrow H ? ?, every
positive and negative 0 # -synchronization of the AC signal Kjj [moving plate (movable electrode)
zs, L?g is oscillated with the amplitude of the size of AC haiku K115 in the same direction, The
AC signal can be converted to sound, and the sound pressure, the process distortion, etc.
obtained by this can be made clear based on the above-mentioned nine principles. Close to the
equation 10, huge) Acne, etc. OA'r: + ? ? 7 7 7 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 9 close, conventional V
both types g) smoke pipe removal width] long% I2) J ? ? ? ? ? h h hJ +, sound pressure J J
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? WF WF '' Dan ?? Shi 1III incarcerated 1, movable electrode); 1-- Tong,
Hitoshi! The fixed electrode 5eat can be sealed by 1'C, so that the self-vibration plate (movable
electrode) xs, xg also has the function of binding to the protective film. As in the prior art, it is
not necessary to attach a protective film tube specially, and the structure can be simplified as
well as the undesirable resonance phenomenon tube to prevent the conversion characteristic 1
more faithfully so-called high fidelity effect t It is possible to convert and reproduce. If the high
pressure medium is not enclosed in the enclosed space g, the self-oscillating plate (movable
electrode)-x -5, J is also steady or not Kl! It is attracted by the (? 11) electrostatic force to the il
electrode electrode part @, and it is stable in a good state. When the vibration system is
completely balanced, the distortion t can be neglected in principle, as in the case of about 1, and
it is practically difficult to completely balance the vibration system. Therefore, it is a factor that a
certain degree of stagnation remains. -Strain at 70 [Reduce as much as possible-(A good rL is a
stable state at the time of statica and 1 internal work plate (movable electrode) 5], E! It is an
essential factor to take a neutral state mt without being attracted to the solid 9 electrode 3-1, ?J
20 ?.
However, in the present invention, C is a dual-sliding plate (movable electrode) 25. -71 fixed
electrode z 6 @ tightly sealed (, 0 AEE milk such as compressed air in sealed space g sealed milk
(consisting L7 'l 0, both types of moving plate (movable electrode) ? ???? When the xh
resistance is applied to the high pressure medium against the electrostatic force (biased)
attracted to the fixed charge and discharge side at the time of static pressure, It's better to hold
stability in the neutral next state. Therefore, according to the present invention, as described in
detail above, a twin-n-glul type 0 sealed shape and a high-quality medium for the distortion
compensation Hp in a sealed space are used. In particular, together with the Toho style 6
together, point tMk K11 I! It is extinct 7) I have a special l & in the play L 7 C also forest
saponing membrane small attack and so on etc extremely excellent Jiu Jie electric certificate
electric ring plexus change-1 L is 7 ? b to L "! ??? It becomes. In addition to the above
embodiments, the present invention should be able to implement e) honey molding as far as it
does not deviate from the gist of the present invention. And, the present invention as described
above is suitable for use as a tweeter speaker, and c, O pigeons-at-a-yabinnet O directly on the
outer surface has advantages of small size. 4 and Fig. 1to Brief description Fig. 1 shows the
configuration of conventional O single type and positive O type electroacoustic transducer, and
Fig. 3 shows the present invention in contrast with conventional one. Curve diagram showing an
example of observation of the electro lid electroacoustic conversion aO sound pressure and
distortion, 41st! In the present invention, the electrostatic-electro-acoustic conversion l11vembodiment Ii-impact configuration diagram 6 ru * "1 m constant electrode, JJJ, JJJ ... back
electrode, zxx, xxx ... electret, xx, xa ... Space, Moon, zg ... Vibration plate (movable electrode 1, g ...
Sealed space. Applicants ? ? ? j bj fang 1 wi age 2 WB 12 567 4 Figure 023 lower 24 ? -A-,B-99212, 222211 '2212324 ? -27; 32 =-,-1 J, 98c4cal, applicant Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co.,
Ltd., Daisuke Suzue Takeshi Figure 3 (a) Di) Kufushi type (Ku East N-(-2 + 2 + 25 20 20 25 20 20
20)-Frequency Maki (to H 2)-Shu Yoru Aki (82) (b) ) -7-, /, 5-7-), vg (LL ') "Screaming-de ? 102
15 102 Q 25 ? ? ? (? H2) ? for the fire town (to H2) (C) и ??? ? ? full A (to work)
[? 325 325 10 20 25 20 20 20-same-L number (to H 2) ? for s dong (to H 2) words и A 48 09
0 1;
Applicants Tokyo ? Ura Electric Co., Ltd. Own agent Cloudy W saponish и 1 и list of j5 attached
documents 3 ░, ?, ?) ? =
1 ?? 1 proxy-1 (4) Application form 1 copy 6, the inventor
other than the above, the utility model registration applicant or the agent (1) the inventor, No. 88
Shinjyukocho, Ayako-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd.
Sound factory Miyuki Irie (B) Agent address Hill FF-F-4 full name (5743) attorney in Shiho
Nishikubo, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo, 2nd, 17 names, Takeshi 2-3 three-piece ((. и Address same
place name (6694) attorney 1 Komiya Yuki "Go, t-7;" Address same place -1,-1 name (6881)
Patent attorney Atsushi Tsuboi: Pa ? ? 1 address same place и, 2 second names (7043) patent
attorneys Shoji Kawai и -310,000 Shin и и и 4 units Go, ') \ procedure amendment, li ? 4 ? 9 и ?.
Patent Office Director 1 Saito Hideo 1 ░ an ? ? ? ? ? 1 g Nord cQ'g '/ j Utility model
registration 1 m (42) 2 of August 81, sweeping out, title of the invention electrostatic type
electro-acoustic transducer 3 , Relationship with the person making corrections Utility model
registration applicant (R07) Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. 4, agent ? 105 telephone 03 (502)
3181 (large representative ? f,-one-?),: +, j: '-,? PA Name (5847) Patent Attorney Suzue Michi *
m-1 * 5, Spontaneous Correction 6, 11-7 of "Detailed Description of the Invention" in the Target
Statement of the Supplement City, Content of Correction (1) Specification IE page 5 Rp6a ? ?C6 ? ? E6JK? ?
иииии SJK (2) In the light Th11 line 6 m, lines 9 to 14, [also from the above-mentioned il1 formula
within the range of the above-mentioned formula (1) ... ... ...] ... The effective mechanical
impedance Z M in the above F (1) is ka (l (where = ? / C-2 rf / c, where C: sound velocity) and 1
of the [> fo (where fo is the joint frequency) ZM for the mass M of the vibrating membrane,
which will be described later in the section. It changes depending on the angular frequency so as
to be-(M + 2Ma) и ?, but it is corrected from the above equation (1).
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