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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an impedance
conversion circuit, FIG. 2 is a block diagram of the main part of the mixing device of the
condenser type pickup cartridge of the present invention, and FIG. Fig. 8 shows the configuration
of the main part, and the fourth cough shows another circuit diagram of the invidane conversion
circuit. In the drawings, 10 indicates a stylus tip, 11 indicates a cantilever 14 an electrode plate.
Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Anaoka Fig. 4-17-
[Detailed description of the invention] The fourth name of the specification / invention: I2 Denna
瀝 pickup cartridge (Ateinda device JL for new II! 請 先端 own stits ス 陵 カ ン チ レ バ ー カ ン
イ ン イ ン イ ン イ ン イ ン イ ン イ ン イ ン イ ン イ ン 2− 2− 2− 2− I2 ■ 賂, head Amps
and other parts of the OWr are divided into nine stations, see above, *) '? Tunde ylll bitter up cart
edge O (a for-tee / da device) characterized in that the lever and the electric w @) switch device is
configured to represent the no-e * when it is not. -Remarks II IO details * Wa Ming book * 1 ma
tunden t W bitter up ★-also regarding the telegraphic device of the trick O '' e & r · Generally
Tsuna denna ・ Bitter up 11-Totsujuji example r If electret formula 薯 l de yt H bitter up -Trick,
fa bias type dampener wet chip *-Output * in Tritch * * When 46 leads require Invida yxH
conversion path, ζt) 4 '/ Bedance conversion ■ 賂 will be discussed in tl- Bite-up field tL 9 8 1
0-1 1 input 1 and child 7 iap, yx layer 1., (field effect layer transistor) J6 dart contact aS, 皺 1 N
lever gate 紘Dt Mortgage Jt Hs through the North Land, Fml! JO drain is via negative wIl +
Ginseng + l Station pin jKI! II, and through cond / 6, there are "0" members 40 "t" "" "" "" "" "" ".
The impedance conversion circuit constructed as described above uses an h-tenna layer pickup
cartridge K or the like using an impedance conversion path, and performs impedance conversion.
Convert Mνl? JO Dart is connected to Yard paper, tJK No.-Bandage, Dart leaked current due to V
current, etc. 0 IB. II! Ling 10imy + wyJea layer to produce plaster, 倦 OIl plaster 1, 鋤 11 KIIKIF
za po, fire, □ Ue. The present invention is used in the rounding to illustrate the disadvantages as
described above tJ & * yfy flll + 'y / a, aka-492 ,. . It relates to an island-tainda device. When the
muting device of the home plan O cono denna ■ bitter up cartridge is lightened with t /-at-andE1 m, the condenser of the present invention, the bitter up cartridge O on for-te y da 羨 tJ-■ 乃
As shown in the third cabinet 1c, as shown in the figure, the stythes tip lO1 is connected to the
semi-circle 5oii contact groove / J in contact with the stythes tip lO1 ascendant to the tin.
Support base / J is dielectric constant O small jlA insulator fry Ifll Clean up with Bini Incubate
Neil Shi kll Mist etc. Mount the electrode-/ II at the mounting position of the support / JO gutter
/ J cantilever / / j7 Dens!
Pickup ★-If the cantilever / / style tip lOK needle pressure is not added to the shield case / SO
inside the SORT / SO, the self chain cantilever / / is arranged so as to contact the support base /
JO upper contact groove / Jetal plate l s Kll Impedance conversion circuit shown in Fig. 1 for
impedance conversion to the electrode plate / 41 of the support 16 holding z, y01i 111 111 / J?
: 3 □ layer taO Dart (at 1 year end--point point) y y y 4 y (1 point at 才 / IIK or-) connection, and
the above 12 telebar / / 7 W WIG / ス イ ッ チ) switch Configure the device h% · ih. In addition, a
seal metal / J, work 1111 / J, electricity transfer If / 参-1 番 個 シ ー シ ー − − チ ャ チ ャ チ ャ
め 丸 め 丸 め 丸 め 1にみ、tえIJ−KM%? /“1″′−“1 。 As mentioned above, I
think about the car I II 薯 y de y? T t □ □ [タ ア − 櫂 a − a yy yy yy 置 @ @ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ 1 1 1
1 1 1 蓄 ビ 豐 ビ ビ ビ ビ ビ 1 1 1 ix peixy chile ma / l-l earth electricity tK dropped and bite 1
bite, oak fbl par / 10 ^-test 10 pieces 10 days of sail IE-even even electricity-2 self, Sawa Chiichi
一 * y? w / switch / JO capsule groove / JO capsule groove lJ · 叡 参 l 参 参 ** ** ** ** y y y y y −
− − − − 膜 膜 膜-1 1 ■ -Iy B machine Rm Wa @ 4 y v-I te I 1 · 1 p 1 紘 y v y 畜 畜 蒙 y ビ ー y
y 畜 ビ ー y y y y 冑 鶴 鶴) No noise is generated 1 & Because. 11 stylus tip l0fC needle pressure
is reduced, and at the time of 2111% 111 playing iIy telebar l / 紘 support 會 / JO 慟 1! A switch
device composed of It / JO electric wire / II and cleaned by II cantilever // and electric price plate
l is configured 1, Iy Vida IX II! Converted 047 Beedance 用 for 璽! 20! -) Dressing or Dray y
not grounded, Normal umbrella-Working condition and tha lifting mm-Clearing-Isobiance cost
conversion-IIO impedance conversion layer system? J ゲ ー ト Gate arrival or landing on the
drain to ground the extra cost to the abutment ー Tichi: Bright circle, impedance ll! In the same
way as described above, as shown in 倹-を-に-(才 / Il and −-m + with the same bone mass) as in
the above. Convertible? layer! O ground (0 point in the reference-0 point), in order to hold the
medical plaster ζ 自 自 マ マ マ マ 2 2 2 II 2 2 2 2 2 2 イ イ イThe impedance conversion layer
FIITJO de V in 【【】) fi)) (fi) The abutment may be conducted on a trial basis, and it may be in
11 to the Oka 11!
It is also possible to use replacement -S as a scroll and lower winding. In the above description, tk
et al. in the case of C in the impedance conversion-11611 resources ground to ground, the
bandage "1" to the metallized coil ")-m bright circle, the head amplifier shunts the mischievous 0
strain, miscellaneous Even if the blue eyes are removed, it is possible to set the rate to 0% by the
switch device by the cantilever / 10 operation by making the switching point 0% good and 0%
separately. Since the present invention is configured as described above, it is possible to perform
each operation / time tm and-simply, and the configuration is very simple and has a decision
point. 99 Figure i [Brief Description of I Figure 1 shows the impedance f--path. tJIla 考 本 本 t t カ
t t t t t t t t t * * * r r r r-r. In one plane, 10 is a stylus tera 1. // / ★ ★ Ichi Lever lever / / 41 Fista board Number of people who threatened the fence Fushii love FJ if f '. One □ · '-to off II * 2 In +
8 / / A' Q '-76 y V years old, Fllk 414 applicant shear 7' $ 14 to 厘 * aAO?
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