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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view showing a conventional 4-channel
controller, FIG. 2 is an external perspective view showing a 4-channel controller with a locking
mechanism according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. The cross-sectional
view showing the internal structure of the four-channel controller shown in the figure, FIG. 5 is a
plan view showing the lock body in FIG. 4 taken out, and FIG. FIG. 11 ... Hanel, 12 ... Operation
lever, 13 ... Hole, 14 ... Support plate, 151, 152 ... Volume, 16L 162 ... Lever, 171, 172 ... Member
, 18 ... lever receiver, 191, 192, 193, 194 ... projecting piece, 20 ... lock body. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-1-5136301 (2) Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6 23
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a 4-channel
controller with a slot IaS which can be modified to hold the set state to all in any 411 d child. A
4-channel controller is used which can set the sound field arbitrarily by boosting the output from
each sneak F's power in a 4-channel stereo reproduction bond. This four-channel controller has
41 m volumes facing each other as shown in FIG. q The levers are connected by a lever
5.6, and the control lever 1 is provided on the L5 perpendicular to these levers 5 according to
the center s + of the levers 5, 6 Is configured. And Cf) Polyneim l through each lever 5.6 by
making 4 production levers 1 work. J ,! , 4 is adjusted a4. At the same time, the operating lever 1
has a drawback that the variable a position is widely and one turn so as to be turned round and
vice versa, and the nine positions are easily moved. The It scheme is intended to ameliorate these
drawbacks and provide a lock-flash 4-channel controller that can lock the set position reliably in
any m adjustment state and always hold the 1% set state. is there. In the following, the invention
will be described with reference to the drawings. As shown in FIG. 112, the control lever 12 is
provided so as to project from the panel 11 of a box-like shape and + iHg as a whole. And an
inside is comprised as shown to the 3rd am. That is, a support 1 [14 having a hole 13 in the
center and a square in the center is disposed at a predetermined position 1111 in the panel 110,
and 11-1 volumes 161.152 (the remaining 2-sanding is omitted in the drawing). And between
the axes of the paired volumes xst and tsz (including other polymes not shown), the center part
protrudes in a manner that the center part protrudes from the surface of the wedge-support plate
14. The other lever l # 2 is omitted in FIG. 9. The lever 161.16jl of the kernel is shown as 114
mK from each pair of parallel members 1y1t1yz. Where each lever 161.1620 father, each
member Jf? J, JFJ's + 4 to pass the 11th lever 12. The operation lever 1204 [1 is mounted on the
lever receiver 11] and is rotatably supported.
That is, a spring etc. is stored inside this lever receiving body 18, and JP! . When the operator
depresses the operation lever 12 and pulls it out, it feels to the operator like click clicking. It is
configured to give l and t4. Then, the lever receiving body 18 and the levers 161 and 162 are
made to be in phase with each other as shown in FIG. The lock body 20 which is folded and has
four projecting pieces When the lock body 20 is operated / <-JJ is pushed into the V
/ (-receiver 11), it comes out of the levers JllJ and JIlj, and when it is pulled out, its central piece
191 to 1 # 4 is the lever J11J, J # In the condition in which it is pushed into the lock lateral 4
channel controller a, tJk's vA-sz1 tv receiver 18 configured as described above, as it is interposed
in j 14! l! By performing l # h, the lever 161.161 becomes IIh, so that each volume 151, 181
is also field-protected. Then, after the control lever 11 is at the best adjustment position and is
dead, if the control lever 12 is pulled toward the front, the lock body 20 moves along with the
movement of the control lever 12, and the projecting pieces 191, 192.193 ° 194 intersect It
will be inserted into the link of each lever 161.161. Therefore, each lever 1111.161 is held so as
not to move in the current state, and the best Msm-like Il! It can be held in a stable manner. Then,
when 4IIL is corrected again, the projection pieces 191 to 194 of the lock body 20 are pulled out
from between the levers 161 and 1alO by pushing the operation lever 11), and the d4 alignment
bow state is achieved again. Since the click-stop-like feeling is obtained by the operation of v / (receiver 18 when the operation VA-11 is performed, the operation is easy to perform. In addition,
this operation / (--JJO click stop like one touch ""--receiver "one out! 5KL '1' 66 '' · It may be
configured not to be immersed in this and to perform in panel 7111 minutes ζ 1 コ 1 − − よ
う よ う よ う − 簡 単 簡 単 簡 単 考 案 考 案 考 案 考 案 考 案 簡 単 簡 単With this configuration,
it is possible to continuously and reliably hold the best setting position set at a glance, and to
provide a 4-channel tundroof with a lock and a bridge which is very convenient for the handling
of the ■. Brief Description of 4, 6 mlli FIG. 1 shows a conventional 4 channel j /) loaf FIG. 1112
is an external-perspective view showing a 4 channel controller with a lock 5II according to an
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. The #rm diagram showing the inside S structure of the
ninety-four channel controller shown in FIG. 2, the flat m diagram showing the lock body in FIG.
4 with the throat shown in FIG. 4, and FIG. It is a figure which shows the connection state of.
11 · · · Panel 12-· Common lever 13 · · · Hole 14 · · · Support plate 151.152 · · · · · 161 · · · Lever J7
J, J72 · · · 18 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 19M, JIJ, j # 4 · · · · 20 pieces ... Lotta body-Takehiko Suzue, 珊 j
jIPHha1 · · + 5: 12 · 1 ;, 176 o 2m! 1iI //-31Il 1151 · 〆 已 → 52 52 t, W4 years sllfal! 191, & → +
to + 12193317119472377360711 applicants Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. 741016'14 <q
鈴 101 "101 /-i; list of J5 attachments. 27. ,-) De 2--(1) Power of attorney (3) Drawing (1) (4)
Application form Sub-copy 1 (1) 6 Inventors other than the above, utility model registration
applicant or representative agent Address, Minato Ward, Tokyo Nishikubo Sakuragawacho 2, No.
17 Mori Building, "-," -t + name (5743) patent attorney Takeo Miki ;,-: 1. E-shi address same place
(-officer name (6694) patent attorney Yuki Komiya-one note 1. Look □ 5 5 ν Name (6M1)
Patent Attorneys Tsubogetsu · · · ':, -7 Address same place · · Ayu voice · Name (7 α I) Patent
Attorney Masaki Kawai Y, 1 dig) \ =,' i, 11 Procedure Amendment Working Formula)% Formula%
■, Indication of the case Name of the device 1 ° "1 m 4 111" 4 f! '' 1 °-213, 'Relationship
relationship with the case Utility model registration applicant (307) Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co.,
Ltd. 4, agent 〒 105 telephone 03 (502) 3181 (large representative)-Name (5 847) Patent
attorney Takehiko Suzue V 鰐 J5, date of browning instruction ゝ November 26, 1949
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