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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
and FIG. 1 is a plan view of a diaphragm for acoustic equipment, FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken
along the line A-A in FIG. 3 is an enlarged view of a portion surrounded by a dashed line in FIG. 2,
and FIGS. 4 and 5 are enlarged cross-sectional views of a connecting portion between a dome
portion and an edge portion in another embodiment. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Dome part,
2 ... edge part, 3 ... mountain shape part, 4 ... opening peripheral part, 5, 8 ... adhesive bond layer,
6 ... voice coil, 7 ... -Bobbin. Fig.1 Fig.2 Fig.97-Actual open 5l-40339 (2) 13 Fig. 4 Fig. 4! j Figure
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a diaphragm for
an acoustic device which has good sensitivity, frequency characteristics, and excellent durability.
Generally, it is required that the dome part of the diaphragm for audio equipment be hard and
lightweight, and that one edge part be tough and rich in port f flexibility so as not to be damaged
even if vibration is repeated for a long period of time Be done. Thus, in spite of the fact that the
dome portion and the edge portion are required to have different properties from each other,
conventionally, the dome portion and the edge portion have the same material j '(1) in order to
save the trouble of bonding. For example, it is integrally formed of a material such as duralumin
foil, aluminum foil, man-made bakelite, and a cloth impregnated with a filler resin. For this
reason, especially when the diaphragm is formed of duralumin foil or aluminum foil, the edge
portion is likely to be broken while the edge portion repeatedly vibrates, and a cloth impregnated
with cloth containing Bakelite or feather resin. When the diaphragm is molded, it is difficult to
damage the edge relatively, or it is easy to bite due to the thread of the cloth, and the diaphragm
must be molded to a certain thickness. It requires male and female molds and has the
disadvantage that it requires skill in molding operation, which makes it expensive and expensive.
In order to eliminate these drawbacks, recently, a diaphragm in which an edge portion consisting
of a surface-facing smooth circular 1 plate made of another material is joined to the dome
portion of the diaphragm □ is provided or this vibration is In the case of the plate, the durability
is relatively improved by □□, or the edge portion is smooth and flat, so that a partial distortion
occurs in the edge portion to easily generate the φ sound. The wider the area, the easier it is for
distortion to occur. Therefore, in order to prevent distortion, the area must be narrowed. If the
area is narrowed, the sensitivity will be worse this time. I had a problem. For this reason, in
recent years, a diaphragm having good sensitivity and excellent durability has been strongly
required. This invention is made in view of the above-mentioned situation, and the dome portion
is formed of a hard material such as duralumin foil or aluminum foil, and the edge portion is
formed of a polyimide resin film having excellent flexibility and high strength. It is intended to
provide a diaphragm for an audio device which has good sensitivity, frequency characteristics,
excellent durability, and can be manufactured at low cost by molding it in the shape of a shape,
that is, using the optimum material for each part It is a thing. The construction of this invention
will be described below with reference to the embodiments shown in the drawings. The
diaphragm for an audio device according to the present invention has a dural tone, 4''t'vi-') "-" L7)
-4 "1 and the edge portion 2 made of a polyimide resin film bonded to the periphery of this
dough portion 1 ° 0 by an adhesive (3) 11 agent. In the edge portion 2, mountain-shaped
portions 6.6 protruding radially in the tangential direction of the dome portion 1 are provided to
form a concavo-convex portion, thereby forming a so-called tangen soyal edge. Instead of
tangential edges, corrugations such as circumferential grooves may be provided, and it is most
desirable to provide tangential edges to effectively vibrate the diaphragm and increase its
strength. Edge portion 211 having an uneven portion-film formation of polyimide resin obtained
by condensation polymerization of an aromatic tetrabasic acid such as, for example, pyromellitic
anohydride and an aromatic diamine such as, for example, 4.4 diaminodiphenyl ether The
processed film is molded by heating and embossing. The edge portion 2 has an opening having a
diameter substantially equal to the outer diameter of the dome portion 1 at the center portion,
and the peripheral edge portion 4 of this opening is bent diagonally in the direction F to insert
the dome portion 1 into the opening. The lower end of the portion 1 and the opening peripheral
portion 4 are formed so as to be easily joined (4). When the dome portion 1 and the edge portion
2 are joined, as shown in FIG. 3, the lower end outer surface of the dome portion 1 and the
opening peripheral portion 4 of the edge portion 2 are joined via the adhesive agent @ 5. Then,
the bobbin 7 in which the voice coil 6 is wound around the lower end inner surface of the dome
portion 1 is bonded through the adhesive layer 8 to complete the diaphragm. In this case, the
edge portion 2 may be bonded after the bobbin 7 is bonded. In addition, as shown in FIG. 4, the
bobbin 7 and the dome portion 1 are integrally formed of the same material, for example,
duralumin foil (but it is also possible to bond the edge portion 2 made of a polyimide resin film).
It is also possible to bond the dome portion 1 made of duralmin foil or the like to the one
obtained by integrally forming the edge portion 2 and the bobbin 7 with a polyimide resin film,
as not shown in FIG. In this way, the step of bonding the bobbin or the edge portion can be
omitted, and the cost of the diaphragm can be reduced. As described above, since the diaphragm
of this invention is formed of a rigid (5) di-portion or a strong and flexible polyimide resin film, it
is broken even if vibration is repeated for a long period of time In addition, since the uneven
portion is provided at the edge portion, the edge portion is reinforced so that the partial strain is
not generated, and the vibration area of the edge portion is wide, so that the sensitivity is good. .
Further, since the dome portion is formed of a material having excellent properties such as
duralumin foil and aluminum foil which are conventionally used, the properties required for the
diaphragm are not impaired. Furthermore, when manufacturing the diaphragm of the present
invention, one bonding step or one step is required, or the molding of the edge portion is easy
and can be mass-produced. It has the advantage of being able to
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