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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a characteristic diagram showing the
frequency spectrum of a conventional discrete 4-channel system, FIG. 2 is a schematic block
diagram of a recording apparatus according to the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a discrete
according to the present invention. It is the characteristic view which showed the frequency
spectrum of 4 channel signal recording apparatus. 21 ... matrix circuit, 27 ... variable frequency
circuit, 28 ... adder, 29 ... filter circuit, 30 ... modulator, 31 ... output terminal. 1 year old? Fig. 3Real Opening 5l-42002 (2) Rhythm Figure [North] 4-
Detailed Description of the Invention Title of the invention Discrete 4 channel signal recording
device 2 utility model registration-category of the request-2) the sum and the difference of the
two signals) means, and this hand jl! Filter means for interrupting a signal of a predetermined
number II or more i depending on the 4 9 difference signals, modulation means for FMmodulating transport fatigue by an output signal from the filter means; Variable-wave number
means to keep the signal level below a predetermined frequency that intercepts the difference
signal of the sum signal constant and keep the peak of the signal constant, the output of this
variable interval wave number means and the output from one step per step And an adding
means for performing a discrete 4-dot yan- nel--signal bone mass device. Detailed description of
the iλ device Jl 1 This device is a discrete 4 channel signal noise device 44, especially the
discrete 4 channel signal compatible with the conventional discrete 4 channel system and can
improve the 4VC 187 N 1 (1) Yannel signal bone mass measuring device. In the discrete 4channel system, the sum signal directly modulates the carrier of the difference signal H30KH2
by, for example, taking the sum and difference of the two signals on the left front and the left
back, and this sum signal and the FM modulation By weighing the difference signal, there is a
stuttering system that records on one wall of one sound of the record. That is, FIG. 1 shows the
spectrum of the sum signal and the difference signal, and the sum signal and the difference
signal within the range of θ to 15 KHz do not add the signal within KO 15 KHz to the sum signal
within 20 Kl'i'hi 45KH2K30KHttKll11i. ) FM modulation as a carrier signal. However, such
discrete four channel systems have the disadvantage that ri + 81 and distortion are extremely
large. The cause is that since the sum signal and the FM-modulated difference 4s are
superimposed and recorded, the difference signal is subject to phase distortion due to cross
modulation with the sum signal. Also, given the steering force of the cartridge, the distortion is
greatly increased 2) when it is generated at 45 KH21, and the level of the 30 KHz carrier signal is
lower compared to the noise ruble by the record that is the transmission system. Because of K8 /
N 9 not good. Also, the harmonic component of the sum signal which spreads widely in the
FMjllll number band of the difference signal enters the band of the difference signal and exerts a
stupid effect, and the noise contained in the vicinity of 20KH2 is reproduced in the case of FM.
Sometimes it is a signal with a large degree of detuning, and it becomes extremely thick rx as the
noise 41-by the reproduced sound.
In this way, when the frequency characteristics of the sum signal and the difference signal are
reproduced by bells and tones with exactly the same weight, the distortion of the difference
signal is large by all means, and the S / to the entire rounding reproduction Unavoidable to the
deterioration of the sound quality of the sound. Therefore, the sound quality is degraded as
compared with the conventional two-channel record. It is rl in view of the point like this more
than Sa, and the frequency characteristic a of the modulation signal which is the difference signal
is not necessarily equal to the sum signal, but the degree of auditory sensitivity is not enough. It
is an object of the present invention to provide a recording device capable of improving the
quality of ceramic and 8 / N by reducing the frequency band (3) of the difference signal and
performing FM modulation, focusing on that it can be taken. Details will be described below.
When the sum signal and the difference signal recorded in the transmission system record @ are
reproduced, the signal delay by the cartridge is about lθμ @, and the delay by other circuits is
+! As the number goes up, the degree of separation of the signal becomes extremely worse.
Moreover, according to the auditory measurement curve of the auditorium of the cabinet, the
sensitivity of the human ear from around 5KH2! It is attenuated by 20 dB10 at. And in the 定位 (l
& 波 region of the reproduction signal, the sound localization is performed with the phase
difference not with the phase 趨 with the level difference, so the signal of the sum and the
difference with the same weight as the current at the current @ 晋 · reproduction In this case, the
degree of separation receives one phase difference between the sum and difference signals 1-1
and level fluctuation, and in this four frequency domain, the delay of the phase of the difference
signal increases the degree of separation. Don't let it go down, you can't get enough level
difference t-you can't take it, the sound will be enough r (r-). Well, in the low frequency range K,
the (4) potential of the sound depends on the phase difference and level difference of the sound,
but the error of the phase lag in the low frequency range is relatively (increases to the separation
because it becomes smaller I understand that. The invention will be described in detail with
reference to the drawings. Fig. JllE2 shows a schematic circuit configuration according to the
present invention. That is, of the four channel signals to be recorded, for example, a two channel
decompensation for the front left and the rear left! Input terminal ト リ of Trickles circuit Q 噺!
More than 46 feeding K. A sum signal (left front + left rear) or a difference signal (left-left rear) is
obtained at the output terminal 15 cmK. Then, this sum signal is added to the adder @Kllll via the
cIT award 11a number circuit surface having the high-pass characteristic. Also, the difference
signal is connected to the adder 1 through the filter Qs and the variable 5US. In this way, for
example, a signal with a ma number of 5 KH2 or more E is cut off through a filter that attenuates
by 20 dB 10 ct with can be turned off by 5 to 5 for the difference signal, and the output (1!
I'j1 is applied to the adder 1 by F (5) M modulation of a 20 to 45 K) transmission wave with 30
KHz as a carrier by means of a converter iII. Also, the sum signal has a high-frequency descent
characteristic. To the adder Ca, by lowering the band level higher than the predetermined wave
number for which the difference signal has been cut, by a fixed level, for example 3 dB, Configure
to apply. Then, the output signal C3il is superior to the signal in which the μ sum signal and the
difference signal are weighted. Such a signal can be recorded on the sound groove wall of one
side of the recording disc, which is a transmission system, and reproduced to be superior to the
signal maintaining compatibility with the two channels. The IEa diagram is the frequency
spectrum of the sum or difference signal according to the invention. That is, the difference signal
superior to the output terminal (d) of the matrix circuit Qu in FIG. 2 has the same 7) frequency
band as the sum signal received in FIG. 1, and this signal is passed through the filter (d) As a
result, the frequency band (d) shown by the broken line in FIG. 3 is obtained. By using this signal
as a carrier and performing FM modulation with 30 KH 2 as the carrier, the difference signal
(most) is superior. The difference signal is a band J in which the modulation signal is cut off by 5
KH2 is narrow signal w), and the FM signal is obtained as an FM signal having no black high
frequency part (6) 1 in FIG. it can. Further, the sum signal ri obtained at the output terminal 129
has the same jlN number band as the sum signal shown in FIG. 1, and the level of the signal of a
higher frequency than the number of interrupted shoulders of the difference signal is fixed. The
sum signal (d) shown in FIG. In this way, the signal of 5KH1 or more is blocked among the table
48 of the difference of No. 48, and the signal 1c @ of the high frequency band exceeding 5 to 5 is
the sum signal (included and transmitted by- Can achieve a sufficient degree of separation and
improve the 8 / N (7 playback sound can be returned. That is, since the difference signal within 0
to 15 KHI is subjected to in-band VCFM modulation within 20 KHz-45 KH2! 25 K upper band in
the conventional discrete 4 Tyan Nern stem, distortion due to signal delay at the time of
reproduction by the cartridge is high. It becomes bigger as it becomes. However, according to
this device, for example, the attenuation cutoff at 5 KHz or *> 20 dBloc 71! In the modulation
signal of 1140 to 5 KH 2, PM modulation is performed by the same circuit as the conventional
modulation circuit.
According to the modulation frequency band of the large difference signal, the half frequency
and t9 high Il! It becomes a signal of which one wave number band μ line is removed. Therefore,
if the delay of the signal at the time of swallowing by the cartridge 7 becomes 10 m 5 K, I c will
cause fluctuation of I KHz at the I 1 transmission station wave number. However, according to
this invention, for example, the core line of rl (0 to 5 K) lz, which has been attenuated and cut off
at 7 to 20 dB10 ct to 5, is converted to PM. The delay of the signal due to the cart +7 wedge is
10 μs K, which is extremely reduced to the difference m of the difference signal which is a oneto-one year, as it caused the return movement of the Ill transmission wave number lKH2. In real
wA, the modulation index does not exceed 1 at 6 KHz considering distortion curve applied to the
boundary modulation method so as not to cause distortion, and secure dynamic range at
recovery 1li 1141 11 for tl6KH2! It is necessary that the No. C is about 4 dB less than that of the
original one, but the theory &- If it is glossy (8) from the difference in the case, 2 dB will be
enough. Therefore, if it is attenuated by 20 dB at 10 KHz, if it passes through a filter that
attenuates to 10 KHX with about 40 dB 10 ct with SK 7 cut off, 4 t of strain of t strain without
losing dynamic range. Transmission is 6 ■ Noh. A signal of 6 KHz or more of the difference
signal, which is a modulation signal, may be FM-modulated to improve the S / N ratio of about 12
d8. Therefore, distortion due to cross modulation with the sum signal can also be reduced. In
particular, high-wave distortion can be reduced by removing the high-frequency region of the
FM-modulated difference signal, and this K and 03-th harmonic distortion can also be reduced.
Record and play back with this kind of recording device and play back 9! Considering the t 簀 of
the issue, the instrument's 5aita range is less than 6 KHz, which is also a problem in a piano IC
that is said to be an enemy and a player with one common ti [ii +. In addition, although it is
sweaty in a relatively brownish directional wave number range with wind instruments etc., it is
included in these fμ species elimination numbers, and the signal of the peripheral fluid number
is output from the front and rear speakers. Even if f, 鼻 -9) the nose is generated without
affecting the localization of the source. As described above, according to the present invention, a
matrix means for overcoming the sum and difference of two signals, and a filter means for
performing a signal of at least a predetermined il @ wave number of the difference signal
obtained by means of hon A modulation means for performing FM modulation by the output of
the filter means, and a TR wave number means for decreasing the signal level above a
predetermined number of wave numbers obtained by interrupting the difference signal Q by the
matrix means And adding means for superimposing the output from the variable frequency
means and the output from the complementary modulation means to obtain the rj squeezed fourchannel signal recording apparatus, so that the conventional discrete four nary system can be
obtained. The sound quality can be improved to 4 when the S / N of the raw signal can be
improved again as compared with.
4, a brief description of the figure (company) rA1 a characteristic diagram showing the frequency
7 vector of the discrete 4 nyannussis 1 system of promotion in Fig. + @ 2 Figure is a schematic
configuration diagram of the recording apparatus according to this invention, 3 Fig. R Fig. 6 is a
characteristic diagram showing the circumference da spectrum of the discrete 4 channel + I
channel signal recording device provided in the present invention. 21 ... matrix circuit, 27-Ri
strange 1111a number of circuit 28 ... adder, 29 ... filter circuit 30 ... modulator, 31-output
terminal attorney attorneys Akira Tomioka (and three other people), 's 111Tasu old 11i El [da]
1043 (Q '5' "2)" Good 1026 JIG 40 [KHF] age zg 111 づ 4 1 1 乞 Ei 1 E =; (surface 1 4 ears = 7-7
tf-f 229 JO 3 figure (D15) Ei-n · 02 ° 3040z (kNP) A 200 目録-list of attached documents (1)
One letter of attorney (2) one specification (3) one drawing (4) request Supplementary copy 1・
・ ・ ÷ ÷ (-Inventors other than the above, applicants for utility model registration applicants
or agents *, 4 jgqi (1) Inventors' storehouse, Σ □ t □ 〆 agent Shibanishi Kubo Akiramachi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo) Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. Toranomon Branch Room 1 1 4 (7317)
Kenshi Shibetsu Kin-ta-“-1 Ku V same place (7567) patent attorney Takashi Mine 1 ',! At) 阜 2 +
(7568) patent attorney Takehana Yoshihisa
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