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■ Capacitor type transducer Referee Akira 48-32300 Japanese Patent Application No. 44643398 [Phase] Application Akira 44 (1969) August 15 mortar @ inventor Shoji Watanabe Shoji
Watanabe 70 Yanagicho, Kawasaki-ku, Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. Nobuo same drug temple
in Yanagimachi factory The same office 0 applicant Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. Kawasaki
City Kawasaki-ku Horikawacho 72 ■ Agent Attorney Akira Tomioka 3 people outside
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are diagrams for explaining an
embodiment of a capacitor type transducer according to the present invention, and FIG. 1 is a
capacitor type pickup having a capacitor type transducer according to one embodiment. FIG. 2 is
a side sectional view showing the cartridge, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing the inside of
the circle of FIG.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a capacitor transducer used in a capacitor pick-up cartridge or capacitor microphone.
Capacitor type transducers apply the nature of capacitors. When a pair of electrode plates is
opposed to the capacitor and a voltage is applied between the electrode plates, charges are
accumulated between the electrode plates. There is the following relationship between the stored
charge Q (coulomb), the applied voltage V (volt), and the capacitance C (farad cok-tron / volt) of
the capacitor. Q = C-V (1) where C is a relational expression of the effective opposing area S of
the two electrode plates facing each other and the distance d between the electrode plates It is
represented by. That is, [111111] C = L 2 1... (2) ε represents the dielectric constant of the
dielectric between the two electrode plates. In order to construct a so-called transducer that
converts mechanical vibration into an electric vibration signal by utilizing the properties of the
capacitor as described above, C is to be changed mechanically depending on the equation (1). I
know that I should do Furthermore, in order to specifically change the capacitance C, ie, the
capacitance of the capacitor, the distance d between the two electrodes constituting C is changed
or the facing area S is changed as seen from the above two equations. Ru. In general, in the case
of operating as a transducer, it is usual to change the facing area S. This is because, by using one
of the two electrode plates as a fixed electrode and the other electrode plate as a movable
electrode, the movable electrode is vibrated by mechanical vibration, and the facing area with the
fixed electrode is obtained. In response to the vibration. Thus, mechanical vibration can be
converted into an electrical signal. There are several types of capacitor transducers. A so-called
frequency modulation transducer or capacitor, which operates as a capacitor of a tuning circuit
in a frequency modulation and oscillation circuit to cause frequency modulation, for example, as
mentioned above, is a kind of impedance for alternating current by its nature It is an impedance
modulation type transducer that works, and also a DC bias type transducer that applies a DC bias
voltage and extracts an oscillating voltage. As described above, it can be divided into the attached
circuit and the transducers of various systems according to the way of operation, but in any case
the capacitor itself changes the distance d between the two electrode plates which are the
constituent elements. Alternatively, the object can be achieved by performing any one of Schange type in which the facing area S of the two electrode plates is changed.
[111111] EndPage: 1 By the way, the conventional capacitor type transducer is configured to be
provided with a movable electrode by simply approaching the fixed electrode. However, in such a
capacitor type transducer, when the movable electrode vibrates greatly, it contacts the fixed
electrode and generates noise. In addition, since the mass of the movable electrode is small, the
movable electrode vibrates even with a noise signal, noise is generated, and dust is introduced
between the electrodes to cause failure. Furthermore, although air is used as a dielectric in this
case, this dielectric constant is greatly influenced by humidity, and has various disadvantages
such as adversely affecting the capacity change. Therefore, liquid oil is conventionally interposed
between the electrodes to prevent the ingress of dust and the influence of humidity, but there is a
drawback that an oil leak occurs. The present invention ameliorates the above-mentioned
drawbacks, and the vibration of the movable electrode due to the contact between the electrodes
and the noise signal. It is an object of the present invention to provide a capacitor type
transducer capable of preventing noise generation, dust ingress, humidity influence and oil
leakage based on the above. Hereinafter, a case where one embodiment of the present invention
is applied to a capacitor type pickup cartridge will be described with reference to the drawings.
That is, in FIG. 1, reference numeral 11 denotes a cartridge housing, and a through hole 13 is
formed in the front end side of the lower surface plate 12 in the cartridge housing 11. Further,
the rear end portion of the cantilever 15 is swingably supported by the damper 14 in the
cartridge housing 11, and the tip end side of the cantilever 15 is drawn out of the cartridge
housing 11 through the through hole 13. The record needle 16 is attached to the tip. Further, the
lower end of the armature 11 is integrally connected to the rear end side of the cantilever 15,
and the movable electrode 18 is integrally provided on the upper end of the armature 17. The
movable electrode 18 is formed in a U-shape as shown in detail in FIG. 2, and a fixed electrode
19 similarly formed in a U-shape is provided on the outer side of the movable electrode 18. The
fixed electrode 19 is fixed to, for example, the inner surface of the upper surface plate 20 of the
cartridge housing 11. A cementing oil 21 such as silicone gel is interposed between the fixed
electrode 19 and the movable electrode 18, for example. Further, the movable electrode 18 and
the fixed electrode 19 are connected to external terminals 24.24 which are provided to project
from the rear surface plate 23 of the cartridge housing 11 through lead wires 22.22. [111111]
That is, in the capacitor type pick-up cartridge configured as described above, when the record
needle 16 vibrates, the movable electrode 18 vibrates integrally via the cantilever 15 and the
armature 17, and the movable electrode 18 and the fixed electrode Since the capacitance
between them changes, the capacitance change is converted into an electrical signal.
By the way, in the capacitor type transducer according to the present invention, the cementing oil
21 is interposed between the movable electrode 18 and the fixed electrode 19 and this gluey oil
21 has a damper effect. That is, the cemented oil 21 is, for example, a silicone gel made of
silicone oil rubberized using a catalyst, and has appropriate elasticity and flexibility. By
combining the appropriate elasticity and flexibility, an effective damper effect can be obtained
even for minute vibrations. Since the cementing oil 21 having such characteristics is interposed
between the movable electrode 18 and the fixed electrode 19, the damper effect prevents the
movable electrode 18 from being in contact with the fixed electrode 19 even if it vibrates largely.
Noise is prevented. Furthermore, due to the damper effect, the movable electrode 18 is prevented
from vibrating due to a noise signal, and generation of unnecessary noise can be prevented.
Further, by interposing the cementing oil 21, dust and dirt can enter between the electrodes 18
and 19 and the influence of humidity can be prevented, and in this case, oil leakage can be
prevented because of the cementing oil 21. is there. Similarly, the shapes of the movable
electrode and the fixed electrode are not limited to the above embodiments. Furthermore, the
capacitor type transducer of the present invention can be used not only for capacitor type pickup
cartridges but also for capacitor type microphones and the like. As described in detail above,
according to the present invention, a capacitor type transducer capable of preventing noise
generation, dust ingress, humidity influence and oil leakage due to vibration of a movable
electrode due to contact between electrodes and a noise signal. Can be provided.
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