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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing one practical
example of the electrostatic electroacoustic transducer of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a
front view for explaining a specific combination of the connecting portion of FIG. FIG. 11, 12 и и и и
и и и и и Fixed electrode, 13 и и и First first feather link и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и movable electrode (diaphragm) 16 иии One third spacer ring, 1 T иии и и и Fourth
spacer ring, 18, E и и и High resistance, 161, 162, 171, 172, 131, 132 и и и ... terminals. Fig. 1-135Japanese Utility Model Application No. 51-576 48 (2) Fig. 2-136-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electrostatic
electric sound 41 converter, and relates to the improvement of the lead-out part in%. As in the
case of chest wisdom, the electrostatic type electric tonchi is converted into a single type or
push-pull type of gods or #I ? и ?, order is basically a pairing of intervals ? ?When a pair of
fixed t & and 11 W feed (m moving plate) is used, a signal voltage is applied between the two
poles and a bias voltage is applied to either one or the other, both The low-axis electrode (? ?
?) is attracted to the solid-reed-pole electrode by static lt ? @ 1 acting on -1, suction is
generated, and nausea-sound change by the vibration axis! ?????? ++ <Lt books. And it is
one band that VFE is added uniformly over the entire i18 as long as it is fixed to the fixed pot
side in such a turtle turtle electric power% sound collector, and it is followed by 4 pieces of
electrode The department is crouched to scrutinize the sentence #i is not worthy. On the other
hand, recently, turtles with an electret attached to the fixed electrode have been awarded to * J6,
which makes the cold pressure source impervious. Then, in this case, the compatibility with the
tree ?t for forming the electret and the characteristics of the gods to the resonance axial
property are examined in use in the tree ?t for forming the electret which is to be broken to the
back electrode with the back w pole. However, assuming that the lead-out portion is provided on
the fixed electrode including the 4 joint, the electret, and the signal source is busy, the condition
II (for example, in the case of soldering, in the case of wiring, soldering) The characteristics, and
also by mechanical contact &, in the case of corrosion, the chemical adhesion properties of the
rusting property in the case of rusting are not necessarily matched with the various
characteristic conditions desired for the identification 11 pole provided with the #P electret
There is also the feeling that some conditions (especially the deaf) are sacrificed. Therefore, the
present invention has been made in view of the above points, and is improved so that there is no
loss of characteristics or conditions etc. seen as a fixed rod ?, 1iil (suitable for push-pull type It
is an object to provide a very good boat-shaped electric-to-sound conversion d which comprises a
1 ? -derived part. The following is an explanation of one embodiment of the present invention
with reference to vitivF. That is, as shown in Mll, 1, it is a pair of fixed ones set by lapping a
11.12 Fi predetermined orchid-as a pair, and a pair of fixed rods 11 and 12 as a pair of leashes 1.
Aluminum only Of a polymer film such as a fluorine resin, etc. with an electret plate type member
t11 [a fixed electrode comprising an electret such as fluorine acid fat as a back electrode 1 doing.
And between this pair of fixed'@h611.12 l1iT? Spacer ring 13 of IIEI consisting of this combined
electrical conductor is formed on the outer peripheral portion for the purpose of forming a
predetermined distance, and constant electric power is supplied to both by the second spacer
ring 14 which is joined to the inner portion. It is located in the middle of the interval, and the
Riseki M score (equal movement plate) 15 is one serving. In this case, the first spacer ring 13
sandwiched between a pair of t constant heating rods 11.12 and having an influence on the front
^ 1 as a cold air conductor is a pair of #i] fixed in this case. The surface of each internal bond of
the electrodes II and 12 is itself formed of P, an electret that shoulders the acidity. In addition,
each outside glaze of a pair of 1 U electrode 11.12! , And the outer ring Kwl conductor of inner @
number 'kR, spacer ring V4 of V4. JF'i-Bonded holding joints 1g, 19 such as moisture-proof are
oppositely drawn. ? Protection of the kernel @ Rg, IE # 8 consisting of #V electrical conductors
for 151 installation. The high resistances 21.12 are connected in series, with the signal source
20 electrically connected between the fourth spacer rings Then, the connection
middle point # 'i first spacer Linda ZJK of the two resistors zz, zx is electrically softened. The
above connection is specifically as shown in FIG. 2 for fishing. Connect the fourth spacer ring
11s, 17F or b with a bump fBth insulator Z6J, Jyz Ivl K 411 source 20 by soldering together
with% of these terminals 161. The projection position of I71: JIi II 1111 1 k1 so * is shifted from
the eighth or il [4 spacer ring Ibm11 by the angular length offset interposition of jIi II 1111 k1
so * respectively] for the terminal 16jl or for the Filll and the first spacer ring 13 for the terminal
131 Stitch the resistor 21.22 in a half fit with 132 rvl. The reason why each projecting terminal
is thus greened is to take an intermediate potential terminal with respect to a single piece Cinsulator 161 ░ Z 71 K, and an arrow-out terminal of the spacer 11 'of the' 1 '. 131 or 132 and
the eighth. ?? 4 spacer ring 16.11 with protruding terminal 162 or 172 and Ae antibody 2J,
22r: lklk ? r I'i 1 1t & (! Active water) It is a licking point of 15 electric points. Reference
numeral 231 to 233 in Fig. 2 are guides for assembly. Therefore, according to the present
invention as described above, it is possible to use the Gouwe pole provided with an electret
according to this [i! In order to form an i ? ? UD bar 0)-As an example, a laminate of a polymer
film and a metal machine is examined on electret voltage characteristics, adhesiveness, and
resonance characteristics, and it is l1cI5Ii!
As shown in the example, it is used in combination with fluorine tree h1 и aluminum, and the back
surface N & ? ? ? ? ? ? aluminum or the vibration damping rate originally possessed is one
advantage such as small specific gravity b The surface can be oxidized when it is soldered and
soldered when passing through a Ka ? lead terminal, so that it is possible to prevent it from
being scratched due to a defect such as poor unsmoothness of the '3' weak cherry sleeve
characteristics. . In other words, lfl fixed 1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? fl fl fl fl fl fl fl fl fl fl fl fl fl lfl fixed 1 llll l l l l l l l l l l l l l ll l l l l l l l l l l l l
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l The terminal projects from the spacer member and 1 electric conductor @ i ?
soldered as this member by using iron etc. with good characteristics. This is a book with an
improved electrode lead-out part, such as a book (in this case, + IA of the upper string aluminum)
1-a cover I-1 sleeve (и). In addition, there is also the advantage that it is possible to make the part
more flexible than the $ 111 spacer ring and the ? 8.114 spacer link and t # in the case of a
push-pull type. There is an advantage book with a signal addition terminal Nikabi by Nakaha, and
a middle rank postage terminal is taken, and one temple becomes extravagant. In addition, the
above implementation f11 whistle ? electret-? sweat, using the 61 U city pole, but in the case
of the Pussinib type, four circles were enshrined in it, but it is in the city of Bibai # constant
constant II In the case of a pole, if an insulating thin spacer ring is inserted on the drawing side
of the conductive spacer ring in the case of an additional h, etc. [This is another application that
applies approximately N1 tightening, this book ? Don't go through the lies # Comments M m ?
? ? ? A ? 4] + is a matter of course.
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