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Patent Office Secretary Saito Hideo 21 same as inventor Applicant ■ Japan-China Patent Office
■ JP-A 51-58901 Specification 1 Title of the Invention
Audio program / ram correction method
3. Detailed Description of the Invention In the recent development of acoustic systems, much
effort has been devoted to creating devices that improve music and speech reproduction.
However, these efforts are generally directed at improving fidelity. I have been doing something
as similar as possible to live playing the sound of the moon. By completely modifying the original
progery material as desired, it has been found that a completely new and pleasing form of sound
reproduction takes place, which brings a new dimension to the hearing field. The object of the
invention is to give the listener a whole new kind of enjoyable musical experience. Another object
of the invention is to provide a system for correcting the recorded normal sound. is there. Yet
another object of the invention is to make the sound from a pair of spaced apart speakers come
from an apparent sound source that is either sounding from one of the speakers or from one to
another. And moving the sound source left and right between the speakers.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing an apparatus for
reproducing sound according to an embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 2 is a circuit
diagram of a part of the device 4 shown in FIG. 3A and 6B show an embodiment of a signal
distributor which forms an integral part of the invention, the same being connected to the circuit
of FIG. FIG. 4A is a top view of an example of a mechanism for generating control signals used in
the circuit of FIG. FIG. 4B is a side view of the mechanism of FIG. 4A taken along line 4B-4B. FIG.
5 is a block diagram of another embodiment of the invention similar to that of FIG. 1 but having a
control signal selector which obtains control signals from a recording medium. 6A and 6B are
waveform diagrams that serve to illustrate the operation of the embodiment of the invention of
FIGS. 5 and 7; FIG. 7 (d shows an example of a control signal selector used in the apparatus of
FIG. FIG. 8 shows an example of a transistor distribution circuit which can be used in place of the
mechanical signal distributor shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 and in particular in detail in FIGS. 3A and
3B. FIG. 9 is a table of the potentials at each point in the circuit of FIG. 8 useful for explaining the
operation of the transistor distribution circuit shown in FIG. FIG. 10 shows another embodiment
of the present invention useful for each musical instrument. FIG. 11 is a block diagram of yet
another embodiment of the invention which includes preselected patterns and, accordingly,
means for varying the gain of the audio amplifier. In the figure, ten nirecord 12: pinocano Nop
14: preamplifier 16: power amplifier 18: electric wire 2o: control signal generator 22: control
amplifier 24: signal distributor 26: speaker 28: speaker 60: speaker 60: listener 52: fixed resistor
34: variable resistor 65: electric wire 3-6: connection point 68: five pole tube 38a: control grid
'38b: anode 40: coil 42: armature 44: contact point 46: resistance element 48: electric wire 50:
contact point 52: electric wire 54 Reference point 56: power supply line 58: base 60: base '62:
leaf spring 64 double bracket 64 a double bracket lower part 65: base 66: mechanism 67 double
bracket 68: arm 69 double lever 70: shaft 71: contact member 72 nido rack forming member 73:
Groove 74: Structural member. EndPage: 1175: Horizontal end member 76: Aperture bracket 77:
Pin 78: Helical spring 10 'direcord 80: Control signal selector 82: Lead 84: Inductance 86: First
capacitor 88: Selection switch 90: First 2 capacitor 92: detection diode 94: load resistance 96:
capacitor 98: lead F1: control signal F2 of 1: second control signal 101: control signal level 102:
control signal center level 106: control signal Level 105; envelope of control 11 signal 101 ':
level of control signal i02': center level of control signal 103 '-: level of control signal 111:
envelope of control signal' 0 + II, '2 +' 3 + '4 + 15. 'Io + t11 + t12: time' O'lt4'lts' + '6'!
t, /, ta 'lt9' + t1 self t1 self t12 ': time 22' :) transistorization control amplifier 24 ':)
transistorization signal distributor 112: NPN transistor 112e: transistor emitter electrode t12b :)
transistor base electrode 112c : Transistor collector electrode 114: variable resistor) 16: fixed
resistor 118: resistor 120: bypass capacitor 122: load resistor 124: power source 126: PNP
transistor 126e: transistor emitter electrode 126b: transistor base electrode 126c: transistor
collector Electrode t28: NPNI transistor 128e: transistor emitter electrode 128b: transistor base
electrode 128c :) transistor collector electrode 130: emitter resistor 131: emitter resistor 132:
emitter resistor 163 Power supply 134: Transformer "136: Transformer primary side 1 to 8:
Power source 140: Transformer 142: Transformer primary side 144: Power source 146:
Transformer 148: Transformer primary side" 150: Transformer secondary Side 160: electric
guitar 162: microphone 164: board 168: point 6'6 'knee mechanism 170: recording medium
172: audio amplifier / spreader 174: preamplifier 176; signal distributor 178; right speaker 180:
left speaker 182 : Power supply 184: F wave device 1 B 6 Si F wave device 1 as: P wave device
190: P wave device 192: volume control selector 19 · 4: volume control signal amplifier-196:
electric wire 198: distribution control signal selector 200: indicating coupling Line 202:
distribution control signal amplifier 204: manual gain control 206; manual gain control 208 two
manual gain control 210: balanced control (7i 27) patent attorney Yosuke Gotoh (1-1 view of
drawing) (No change in '+ If') EndPage: 12 (1) Request 1 copy (2) 1 specification (3) drawing 1
(4) proxy and q translation 1 each 6 agents other than the above Name (7,127) Patent attorney
after-sales commission last-,-"weighing- 1, · · procedure amendment (method) December 2, 1974
White Patent Office Secretary Saito-Heroden 1, display of the case No. 129,658 No. 2, name of
the voice program correction method, the person making the correction same name (7, 127)
patent attorney after the original injection last-,-"weigh-1", · · · Procedure correction (method)
December 2, 1974 White Patent Office Secretary Saito-Hero's Hall 1, display of the case 1974
patent application No. 129,658 No. 2, name of the invention Speech program correction method
In the case of the patent case, the patent applicant address United States, North Carolina.
Durham, Chapel Hill Road 1808 Name Lam Genny Shamma Nationality United States 4, Agent 〒
1055, Date of Amendment Instructions Spontaneous 6 Correction Target Drawing EndPage: 14
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