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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a speaker according
to the present invention, FIG. 2 and FIG. 3 are partially cut away oblique views in each
embodiment of a support portion, and FIG. FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view of a part of another
embodiment of the support portion. E support member 12, ..... vibration coil. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-91 一
一 5.1-60235 (2) Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5-92-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker which
induces sound waves by the vibration of a voice coil, a peristaltic plate and a 1-lid coil-coil itself,
and in particular, the above-mentioned imaging coil is wound in a magnetic circuit. It relates to
the structure of the part to see. In general, in the conventional logic speaker, the movement of
the work + 1 coil is transmitted to the cone-like imaging motion by the voice (1), and the
diaphragm causes the sound pressure to be generated. When the frequency is increased, the
motion of the voice coil and the motion of the movable plate or a part of the motion plate become
true, resulting in generation of distortion of reproduced sound and deterioration of frequency
characteristics. And, in the above-mentioned electrodynamic speaker, the diaphragm which is
moved by the movement of the voice coil is primary! ! e In order to make motion of the voice coil
as a source and part of it possible, the imaging plate should be made of a lightweight, high
Young's modulus material such as duralmin, titanium, beryllium, or the imaging plate should be
related to the imaging of the voice coil. Apply the appropriate damping material so that there is
no vibration at the upper end, and change the characteristics of the material etc. to (2). History
devices are being performed. On the other hand, there is a ribbon field speaker as a method of
emitting direct sound. Since this ribbon speaker has a low impedance, it has the disadvantage
that it has to be equipped with a transformer at the time of use. Therefore, the present applicants
aim to emit a direct sound by vibration displacement of the voice coil without using an imaging
plate as in the past. Also, as with conventional speakers, K11lli is a speaker that does not require
a special device, nor does it need a matching transformer that causes deterioration of 4I
characteristics. The new warm speaker has a voice coil, a moving plate and a jacket (3) in the
magnetic gap of the DC magnetic circuit. 1. A round groove made by freely supporting a
vibrating coil with a flag. However, in the above-mentioned speaker, there is a drawback in
manufacture due to the structure. That is, the drawback in the above case is that it is very
complicated to directly support the hollow [11] IK dropout coil of the magnetic circuit, the
position of the directly fixed part is not constant, and the acoustics are also There is a large
variation in the characteristics. Here, the present invention aims at solving the above-mentioned
drawback by supporting the imaging coil so as to be movable on the support member which is
detachable with respect to the magnetic gap st-constituting member. Hereinafter, an embodiment
of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings.
In the speaker (1) of the present invention, as illustrated in FIG. 1 (4), the magnetic circuit is
composed of a magnet (2), a pole piece (3) and a top plate (4) as shown in FIG. A void (5) is
formed. The illustrated magnetic circuit is an external 1 lk Il, but it may be a mere insider. Then,
a support member (61 is detachably attached to the magnetic gap (5). This support member (6)
has, for example, a cap (7) and a collar (tree) as shown in FIG. And cap II + 7) and thorn 5 (81
and magnetism respectively! In order to fit inside the 1 l Isf 51, a pair of oppositely supported
supports [(9) α. Between the two support plates + 91 (in the meantime, a vibrating coil side hot
water serving both as a voice coil and a movable slope is freely supported by a suitable damper I
in a vibrating manner. Vibration coil side (@b '. In order to create a sound pressure induced by
multiple spiral conductive patterns on the substrate, apply an adhesive or the like to the steel
wire and coil the conductive wire, or apply the photoetching technology. Configure to occupy.
The lead wire (14) of the imaging coil t1 in this embodiment is the outer lead IIK from the hole
a4 of the pole piece 13. By the way, when the vibrating coil 'JIK voice current flows, the vibrating
coil 峙 is magnetically 21! Acting with the magnetic field of part a (5), it is displaced in the
direction perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field to induce an acoustic wave. In this
case, the ring-shaped vibrating coil 11a is displaced in such a way that it occupies almost the
entire area of the magnetic gap gf 51, and the air at that position is made to generate sound
pressure. . This is an example in which a positioning hole is drilled in the center portion (support
11 vf 6 in FIG. 3). In this case, as illustrated in FIG. 4, the outer periphery of the agate and the
collar (8) performs the function of determining the position of the equalizer +11 and the tree
.alpha..eta..eta .. In the embodiment shown in FIG. 4, two terminal plates are attached to the
opposite support plates (91 + 111, and lead wires 12 are led out through the terminals a-. Next,
in the embodiment shown in FIG. 5, the support member 6 is made of a material such as copper
and has a hollow structure, and a nonmagnetic material such as brass, aluminum, or plastic is
mounted on the upper surface. And, the support member (8) shown in FIG. 2 can be
manufactured by punching and drawing using a press.
In the case of using a supporting member (6) made of a conductive material, for example, steel
(9), generally speaking (7); the impedance rises in the ninth part of the inductance in the high
region, but when adding a copper cap Therefore, when operating at a constant voltage, the input
is increased in the high region, the response is increased by the decrease in impedance, and the
current distortion is reduced. In addition, horns (In and equalizer ae increase the load on the
vibrating coils U and enhance the acoustic wheel). In addition, the protruding part (d) of the cap
part (7) and the collar part (8) forms a neck S. In the present invention, there is no divisional
imaging movement which exists in a conventional speaker having an imaging plate made of cone
paper or the like, the piston vibration band is broadened, and the vibration coil is not used. And
the mass of the stone damper that supports it, ~, Can be significantly reduced compared to the
original, so that it is possible to reproduce sound with good damping characteristics, and since
the imaging coil is not cylindrical, it is manufactured in a single plane in a plane. And that there is
no need for an impedance matching transformer such as a conventional ribbon speaker. In
particular, in the present invention, the vibration-coil is sequentially attached with high accuracy
when being supported by the support S # in motion, and the support member is detachable from
the member of the magnetic path. Excellent effects such as 畿-incorporation of fibers, subsequent
replacement is a harmful bird, and if the support member is an annular conductor, the eddy
current can be shorted to reduce distortion in the magnetic circuit. Oh. (9) yff'-tin.
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