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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of a loudspeaker according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an enlarged cross-sectional
view of a damper (piezoelectric body) portion of the loudspeaker showing another embodiment.
E between E и support E и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и lead wire, 12 и и и и dustproof screen, 13 и и и и и и supply
line. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-53-
[Detailed description of the invention] N @ rhyme 1, the 4th electroacoustic transducer 2 of the
invention, the utility model modeling claim 0 IIIA garden cone O perimeter-and a film-like O
piezoelectric material mounted between the support tool, this OJE An electro-acoustic transducer
that is designed to obtain Moshi's False Tweet Grasshopper signal from the body. 1. Inventive
osmtksis O Inventive is an electroacoustic transducer that uses feedback (hereinafter abbreviated
as iMFI) to a motioner. If you make a large number of cones and cones of a speaker at a glance,
and if you look at one at the top of the cone, it takes some time for the vibration to be
transmitted to the periphery of the cone. Cone OSm freezes depending on the length of light
flame, but co-yo half S or 7 liquid length) silver-when it shakes together with the cone, it) 1 <in
turtle and cone t> S side ,, (O is known that the @VS ? -? position is drowning in In general, the
cone is self-II-I-I-I-I-I-II at a specific frequency, resulting in deterioration of transient
characteristics. In addition to the above transient characteristics, the speaker! Non-linear strain is
one of the causes for the deterioration of performance. This haze is self-generated when the cone
is largely f due to the non-linearity of i and 11 and the cone O supporting 0% in which the input
voltage or current and the sound pressure are in a linear relationship. So, the above transient 41!
l and Mfi 1 system is to cultivate the strain @ ** CO Li ? 110,000 Ed Speaker cone OSS of the
speaker is pre-clamped with corn flour # pre-cast on corn and this detection voltage is The
feedback was to the amplifier O-stage to control the vibration of the cone. OMOMF1 system ??
The above-mentioned ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 ?? ?
? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??If the #O mass 411 is added, it is difficult to produce, and even if the
crystallites are monovalent, the defect is OK. ? O ? m is not limited to the above-mentioned
drawbacks) 2) Snow 11 ░ ?? c1 Purpose ? Very easy and easy To provide an electrical
repeller converter capable of mounting a KMFB device is there. In order to achieve the above
object, this invention is a% e) in which a film-like piezoelectric material is attached toward the
outer periphery of co-7. In the following, referring to the drawings, an example 11 using the
present invention as a speaker and 11 examples shown in FIG. 11 is a cutaway view showing an
example of the present invention O speaker, and 1 in FIG. 1 is a permanent magnet. S of the
permanent magnet 1 is N pole and lower 5U 8 fi.
This os @ Hsmku 2,3t ? ? valve is magnetically coupled with KNIiK. It is magnetically coupled
through the small yokes 114 of the second and third yokes and the N pole. During this time, the
voice call 5 intervenes at @ 4. Sloped to the apex of a cone-shaped core / @ formed of O o voice
coil br L ? or cloth etc. III, the cone 6 is positioned on the tip of the support 7O fixed on the top
of the one-way yoke 2.3 via a soft and thin material O support. Since the support frame is a soft
and thin material of O ? ? ? C?C type, the cone frame has a large combination as shown in
FIG. In addition, a plurality of waveforms of concentric circles are formed in the supporting) 3--7.
I is a center support so-called damper, and the damper S of C has a voice coil 5 richly in contact
with the a-pole 1c between the magnetic poles 4 and 5 and in the permanent magnet 10 axial
direction (cone and cone It has a function to give fl adequate resiliency. The cone IK seven
hundred central hole in the vicinity of the damper Sm voice coil 5 is mounted, and the outer
periphery 11u is attached to the support beauty rK. In the vicinity of the O-damper 9, the
piezoelectric body 10 of the MPR signal detector asm, which is in the form of a film and has a
hole in the center S, is wound ML, and the outer peripheral portion of the piezoelectric body 16
is brazed to the # 1 supporter 1. The MFil signal obtained from the piezoelectric body 10 is
supplied to the IQ amplification S shown in FIG. 1 is dust between magnetic poles! 14 is a
defense screen for preventing intrusion into 14 and a supply line for supplying audio current to
the 13 resistive voice coil 5. An audio current is supplied to the supply 611, the Otm mineral
voice coil SK is supplied. This 02 voice carp body S is shifted in the permanent magnet 10 axial
direction by the voice 114t voice-current and the a-pole and O influences. 4-4) Cone sm vibrates
and an audible sound is obtained from the speaker. When the cone cone @ is shaken, the
dampers 2 and 3 are shaken along with it, and the damper line cone @ is given a suitable
restoring force so that the cone 6 is suitable. It is operated to restore the hemorrhoids. On the
other hand, the voltage applied to the cone 5OII- is generated in the piezoelectric body 1 and
causes the O-voltage to return to the unshown amplification i. For this reason, the piezoelectric
body 18 generates a voltage corresponding to the Kono IO vibration even when it is attempted to
generate a vibration rich in cone @ such as the cone 6 F-self-oscillation 1 II which degrades
transient bone property. At O, the amplifier is controlled and the cone 5ota ** tm line is
suppressed. Therefore, the performance of the speed iI can be sufficiently exhibited with -O
without transient characteristic line deterioration.
In addition, even if distortion caused by the i? co 70% non-linearity * a when there is no direct
current relationship with the voltage and current supplied to the voice coil 5 is generated as in
the case of the piezoelectric body 1 as described above. The strain above the strain is observed
due to the OII voltage. ? 2m is an operation of using the invention of jin as a speaker ? ?)--51,-, = ,, "i. Because, da / par IKI! It is a friend who can give birth to the damper and the
piezoelectric body 10 as an adult. -It is easier to manufacture than this. As for the above, ztn is
11 to tv real ms for speakers! Although it was brave, it is needless to say that even if it is a microho, it can be implemented similarly. As described above, according to the electro-acoustic
transducer 1flK according to the present invention, an L film-like piezoelectric body is mounted
between the outer peripheral surface of the cone and the support to obtain a motional feedback
signal from this piezoelectric body. With O, it is possible to improve the overrun and distortion to
large @, and 11 easy to easily attach the piezoelectric O, and easily tail the sensational fly-butter
system-9 cheap am There are various excellent effects such as being able to obtain a
pneumoacoustic transducer. 4.11 Self-O Brief Description @ III is a speaker according to coinvention ? A cross-sectional view showing one embodiment, and 2Iill is a speaker i ? + 6-nooiy-par (piezoelectric body> 1141) 0 enlargement showing another embodiment I'm going to
take a break. 1 и и и ? ^ 1 stone, S, S и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и voice twill, и IIo и y. 7 *** a
support, S:--support,---fist,--gooper, 1 ..... piezoelectric body, 11--?-lead wedge. 12----Dustproof
soot 9-7. IS иии 11 Supply-0 Utility model registration applicant Nippon Musical Instruments
Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Assignee: Yamakawa Masayoshi i) 1) ?) 7-N 1st II 682 13 013 2g 0162.
82g 11 ? 2 = f: Snow 6 Other than the above Agent Koshisho 111 10111 Tokyo District T Dede
2 2nd 4th No. 2 Shuwa Tameike Building 8F Yamakawa International International Office n
Telephone 1961 (President (6713) Patent attorney Hirokawa)
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