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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the present
embodiment, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are explanatory views of vibration modes of a vibrator. フ、4・
・・・・・コード。 ・ One figure also two eyes itj figure uN ・-171-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a molded ultrasonic
transducer utilizing volumetric vibration. Conventionally, as the super ffI beater of this kite, the
thickness of the JkR-pole is used in the case of reducing the thickness of the JkR-pole in the case
of reducing the thickness by 11-d. Needs to be thickened, or in a Langevin-type oscillator.
However, such a vibrator has a large shape, is inconvenient to handle, and is expensive. This
device is an improvement on the defect of the conventional ultrasonic tl vibrator such as a coin,
and by utilizing the volumetric vibration 111t of the vibrator, the small size, the light weight, the
low cost, and the excellent sensitivity 1- De 5 art wave tin + i offer 60 and a) one. In the
following, one dormitory embodiment of the invention will be described according to FIG. In FIG.
1, reference numeral l denotes a disk-shaped vibrator that vibrates in the radial direction or a
square-plate-shaped vibrator that vibrates in the longitudinal direction. 2 is a sound absorbing
material such as a sponge, which is l behind the vibrator 1 and t- * ffl. A reference numeral 3
denotes a protective body, which is made of an elastic material 1 'and a sweat absorbing material
2t-aai. , Fl ", tflFT" "+ DKm KIi" je H "" 6 "radial direction vibration lll! As shown in FIG. 2, when a
radial vibration X is originally performed on a disk-shaped vibrator that performs I, this radial
vibration @x is generated at one time, and a cross direction vibration Vix that is caused by an
undercurrent is generated. Also. In the case of the disk type vibrator, the thickness direction
copying component Wxi due to radial vibration is utilized at 66 °, and the square plate type
vibrator 1 to be subjected to the erosion direction * dk is originally long as shown in FIG. When
the longitudinal vibration y, zk is made, the thickness directional vibrations Wy, Wz generated at
the same time in the longitudinal vibration yb ′ ′ are subjected to four. The thickness (2)
direction vibration components Wy and Wz due to vibration in the longitudinal direction are
used for the erosion of the square plate type vibrator. As mentioned above, since this invention
utilizes the body-wrestling of the fR motor, it is small in size, light in weight, low in cost, and
excellent in pressure sensitivity.
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