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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of a conventional
piezoelectric transducer, FIG. 2 is an explanatory view of this embodiment, and FIG. 3 is an
explanation of a trapezoidal resin vibrator in another embodiment. FIG. DESCRIPTION OF
SYMBOLS 1 ... bimorph, 2 ... vibration body, 3 ... square-plate bimorph, 4 ... support stand, 5,6 ...
trapezoid resin vibration body, 5a ... recessed part, 6a * · · Holes. Female 1 η 3 E similar / a ~195-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
transducer using a trapezoidal resin vibrator having a recess or a hole. Heretofore, as a
piezoelectric transducer, a cuff / like # shown in FIG. 11 has been manufactured. However, since
the piezoelectric transducer with the conventional dK2o-based conventional structure is fixed to
the bimorph l in the most severe central part of the curve ffRa, the target frequency is not stable,
I! A lot of Q time was used for 4IIt number adjustment. This consideration '# is an improvement
of the drawbacks of such a conventional piezoelectric type transmitter-receiver I & device, and is
a trapezoidal shape in which a recess is provided on the trapezoidal top of the shaft, & portion, I!
Il fat vibration body and trapezoidal shape with a hole fl) on the 1st shaft core, resin ll!
Piezoelectric transmission and reception of constant frequency by following the center of the
square plate bimorph with the mass transfer body f! The purpose is to provide an i device. The
example of the husband Ij @ of this invention will be described according to FIG. In FIG. 2, 3 is a
square plate bimorph, and the bending vibration of the dotted line is fx '>. A support 4 supports
an angular ffL-shaped high-alf 30 nodal point. 5 is a trapezoidal tree B ¥ 1 振 III! The I body is
provided with a recess ba) at the trapezoidal upper bottom of the shaft core portion, and the
trapezoidal upper bottom at which the convex portion 5a is provided is facing down, and the
central portion Wc of the square plate bimorph 3 is attached I'm sorry. The circumference of the
concave fI 65a of the pedestal-shaped resin-made vibrating body 5 is shaken in place of one
center of the one square of the bending vibration amplitude of the square plate type bimorph 3.
In addition, although the trapezoidal resin # peristaltic body 5μ of FIG. 2 and four parts 5atprovided on the trapezoid upper bottom, the trapezoidal resin-made sound absorber according to
the present invention is, as shown in FIG. Even if the hole 6a is made by Tomoya, it is processed.
As described above, according to the present invention, a trapezoidal resin # vibrator provided
with a recess in a trapezoidal upper bottom (2) of a shaft core or a trapezoidal low-fat resin
vibrator t1 square plate bimorph provided with a hole in the shaft The frequency is stable
because the rim of the recess or hole of the trapezoidal resin vibrator is in contact with the circle
9 of the largest center point of the square plate type bimorph's flexural vibration ring. 9, the
transmission and reception sensitivity is greatly improved.
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