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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 are systematic diagrams showing prior
art examples, FIG. 4 is a perspective view showing one example of a speaker apparatus used in
this invention, and FIG. FIG. 6 is a schematic diagram for explaining the operation, and FIG. 6 is a
perspective view showing a modification of the skier device used in the present invention. 11, 12
· · · · · · · speaker box, S, -S4ysP1tsP2 and 1 to 4 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · stereo left signal, 1 L · · · · · · · antiphase signal of stereo left signal, R · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · reverse phase signal of the signal to the right of the stereo, R ■ `R4.
Figure 1 L & -3- actual opening 51-79302 (2) Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 5 (L)-4 actual opening 5179302 (3) Figure 4 Figure 6 -M---+----Fig. 7-5
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a multi-channel
reproduction apparatus suitable for reproduction and five-channel stereo reproduction. As a
conventional four-channel stereo system, there is a pseudo four-channel system as shown in FIG.
1, but this one is a Tatami 02-channel stereo signal, and R is as it is. , Respectively, and produces
a stereo signal via matrix circuit A, and produces difference signals L-R and R-L of R, and these
signals are taken out from rear output terminals 10 RL, R 、, and these respective terminals are
The above-mentioned listening room is supplied to the left and right front speakers S, S, and rear
left and right speakers S, S provided at each corner of the listening room 15 m as shown in FIG. 2
respectively. Listener k of 10 yen is true 04 channel nel stereony approximation and it is square.
*、、え□□4. ヤ7え1. ・ ・ 75i (, (2): 1, 嬌 1 嬌 1 leo can hear the sound wave. There is
also an i-trix four-channel stereo system shown in Fig. 3 separately from this, but this is a signal
1! Each signal of L, R and stereo rear left and right signals RL, R, is converted to a binary stereo
left and right signal and a signal of R and subcarrier SC by encoder 5-D, and each of these signals
is recorded in stereo record And a signal transmission system F such as an FM stereo broadcast
network to be input to the decoder D and output terminals T, T, T and T, 1 ° T from the stereo
front left and right signals L + * R, R + α LTh and stereo respectively The left and right rear
signals R and R-β L are taken out, and these signals are respectively applied to FIG. Listening
1A-AtOp 9 °, □, by feeding to S, and stereo rear left and right 15 beca S ,, S. 4. You can listen
to the sound wave full of presence by Ya y 44 X f Leo; can C! "Ac", -5 en 6 degrees. The encoders
in the matrix circuit are used to electrically combine the signals of the right and left signals and
the sum and difference signals of the respective signals. , Decoders and so on must be relatively
expensive 1%, so there is a drawback that can not be easily implemented c5 Therefore, in this
invention in order to make it possible to easily play JIK 4-channel stereo reproduction, While
adding a plurality of speakers to the rear speaker box so that the stereo left and right signals are
opposite in phase to each other to each speaker, the level of each of these anti-phase components
is adjusted 10 In order to obtain the rear sound wave of 4-channel stereo by combining with the
sound wave by the signal and spatially, to the plural speakers in the speaker box for the front of
the magic light Each of the stereo right and left signals 15 is added in phase to adjust the levels
of only the signal components in opposite directions, and the sound waves based on these signals
are synthesized to obtain a front sound wave of 4 channel stereo. Su!
る。 Next, (4) will be described in detail with reference to the embodiment shown in FIG. 4 and
the following. In the next four figures, reference numeral 11 is a speaker box, which is provided
with a first speaker SP and a speaker SP of @ 2 inside the front plate 11 ′. The electroacoustics
of these five first and second speakers The characteristics are the same or similar, and in use, as
shown in FIG. 5, both the left and right and rear left and right corners of one listening room 10
have respective loudspeaker speakers 1011A, RIB and IIC. , And distributed distribution of the
IID and 4 (for convenience in the illustration, sp,!: Sp are arranged side by side), uC out of each of
these boxes IIA-11D. First speaker SP in uD, (L), SP. (R) are respectively disposed on the front left
and right 15 of the listening room io, and the first speakers SP in the left and right speaker boxes
lIA and 11B for nine stereo fronts (L). Each of the terminals T1... T1 is connected in phase in
parallel (or in series) to SP and (R) respectively. T, L, L] Each 2 channel stereo left / right signal,
R20 · '1 ψ 駕 par also supplies 10 :. 1) Further, in the speaker box IIA, 11B, the second speaker
SP, (R), SP, (L) in the stereo right and left signals R, L respectively pass through the variable
resistor R3 ° R2 and each speaker SP, (L), SP, (R) and -15 phases of the supply, and the second
speaker sp in the rear speaker box 11C, 11D. The stereo right and left signals R and L are
respectively supplied to (−R), sp and (−L) in the opposite phase through the variable resistors R
and R respectively (in the illustration, the rear second lO speaker The connections of the voice
coil of SP, (-R) and SP, (-L) are reversed). In this way, when the 11a speaker is used, its sound
effect is as shown in FIG. 6 as the distance t between the first speaker sp and the second speaker
Sp * 15. Between each of these speakers to the listening point P and 10! . If there is a relation of>
t, t (i (i is the wavelength of the sound wave of the listener)), at the listening point P, the left
signal L (or the right signal R) and the reverse-phase signal −R (f9) of the right signal Sound
wave by the difference signal L-R (or R-L) of the spatially synthesized stereol and loc, which can
not be heard separately from the 6's and 1's separately. Q11 is taken, and therefore the listener
M # i in FIG. 5 can listen to the realistic 4 channel nel 5 tele sound with the acoustic effect
equivalent to the conventional method shown in FIG.
That is, the front speaker box uA. From uB, adjust the input levels of the speakers SP, (R) and sp,
(x) respectively by operating the variable resistors R1 and R2 and adjust the (L + α R) and (R +
α L) 10 4-channel stereo front left and right signals , And variable resistors R, R from the rear
speaker box IIc, IID. Control the input levels of speakers SP, (-R) and SP, (-L) via (L-.beta.R) and
1.1 (R-.beta.L) sound waves by the left and right signals of the 4-channel stereo In the
conventional system shown in FIG. 3 above, the expensive decoder circuit incorporating the
complicated electric network, and the real 420 which is rich in presence even if it is completely
unnecessary.訃 '1' 1 channel stereo sound で き る can be obtained. (5) Furthermore, the front
and rear speaker boxes uA to IID used in the present invention are not limited to those shown in
FIG. 4. For example, as shown in FIG. Four left and right loudspeakers, 2.3 left and right sides L
and R (2.3 and 4 respectively) and stereo right signal R, and their reverse-phase signals -R ( The
friend can use the left signal or its reverse phase signal -L) to supply, in this case Ii $ p!
Compared to one box circle W shown in Fig. 4 (one containing two speakers, the sense of-1
separation is further reduced, and it is possible to enjoy 4-channel stereo reproduction with a
natural feeling. In each of the above embodiments, the absolute values IL-RI and IR-Ll of the
spatially synthesized wave obtained from the rear speaker-5 are obtained from the sound
reference output when the same signal (in-phase signal) is added to the two speakers. It is also
fairly small, so it is a conventional fixed-pattern 1 「two identical 20 omnibus in one speaker
box. 18 only · 1-. It is not necessary to keep the common sense that the volume of the speaker
box is twice as large when incorporating a speaker with a characteristic of 1, jl or company, etc.
"in the rear speaker box uC and IID of the present invention. An effective volume of 1.0 to 1.5
times 11 m of is sufficiently five. Further, in the above embodiment, the second rear speakers SP,
(-R) and SP, (-L) are opposite in phase to each other because the voice coils of these speakers are
connected in the reverse direction to the other speakers. Although the case where the sound
wave is obtained is described in the case of 10, if the right signal and the left signal which are
phase-reversed by other circuits or electricity are respectively added to the above-mentioned
speakers in advance, the speakers sp, sp, All connections can be made in the forward direction.
As described above (in accordance with the present invention, the stereo rear speaker box is
provided with a plurality of speakers, and each speaker has stereo left and right) signals added in
opposite phases to each other. The phase component is adjusted in level, and spatially
synthesized with the sound waves from the left, right, 2nd, 9th, 9th, 2nd, 19th rear signals (1),
rear sound waves (L-βR) and (R In order to obtain β L), the stereo left and right signals are
respectively added to the plurality of speakers in the front speaker box in phase to adjust the
levels of only the signal components in opposite directions, and the sound waves by these signals
are synthesized In order to obtain front sound waves (L + gR) and (R + αL) of 4-channel stereo
from K, the conventional one shown in FIG. In contrast, 10 electrical matrix elements,
complicated and expensive networks such as encoders and decoders are not necessary at all, and
two amplifier channels can be practically used, so it can be implemented at extremely low cost
and in a simple manner. it can. In addition, in this device, since the space is mixed acoustically
and sound interference is used, distortion is inconspicuous, and the effective volume of the rear
speaker box can be reduced as described above. There are many advantages such as being able
to spare the tank stereo reproduction, and to be able to set values such as a5β 20 · j '(' 0) · コ
according to each person's preference, and the acoustic effects thereof. Is really big.
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