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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS In the drawings, FIG. 1 is a plan view of the main part
of the product of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing the details of a
support. In the figure, 1 is a diaphragm, 2 is a rod frame of a drive coil, 3 is a short side of the
rod frame 2, 4 is a connecting plate, 5 is a small hole, 6 is a thread strip, 7 is a frame, 8 is a
groove Reference numeral 9 denotes a fixed plate, 10 denotes a bolt, and 11 denotes a long side
of the drive coil. Figure 1 Figure 2-85-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the method of supporting the vibrating portion of the planar speaker according to the present
invention. In the figure, Fig. 1 The company's book circuit was removed and viewed from the
back, and in the vibration made of 1 foam styder [/ (1)], the short side 3 of the two drive coils of
the rectangular drive coil. Each one is joined by a connecting plate and fixed to form a movable
portion. Small holes S and S are bored at both ends of the connecting plate, and these small holes
j + 3 pass through The warp thread strip 6 is passed, and the thread removal strip 6 has a shape
in which the connection plate 3 is sewn once. After the core thread piece 6 is engaged with the
grooved cylindrical rim 1 cut in the frame t, the direction is changed and it is strongly pulled. The
fixing plate is screwed to the frame '7 at both ends! And the nuclear frame? Between the two
sides of the work frame, and Fig. 2 is a perspective view showing the details of the support, and
the grooved cylinder A frame that governs the form Nats? にとりつ(コ)。 'Because it is
screwed to screw 10, and by turning said nut t, it moves along said nara) fd bolt lO, thereby the
length of the drive coil to be in the magnetic gap The position of the side portion // can be easily
brought to the best position in the air gap. In the present embodiment, since the thread strip 6 is
not tied as a means for joining to the cleat portion, it is only pulled in the direction of the length
of the sewn continuous cedar and the continuous connecting plate 3. No matter how hard the
cable is pulled, the movable part is shaped like a wedge 1 with no breakage at all 0 or the thread
strip 6 is a single piece with left and right $ il, tension is always KIIL <% (1) The movable part can
not always deviate from the correct position-The thickness of the connection plate Jlj synthetic
tree area system 0.3 vam @ thin (J) of magic devil (F) 1 · plate or the thread strip 6 is a small hole
Between the small holes S and S and the thread strip 6 by pulling the thread strip 6 because it
forms a stitch from the back surface to the front surface of the connection plate 3 through j + j.
Friction is increased, and slippage of the thread strip 6 does not occur, and stable support is
possible. Largest feature 4 of the form of the present invention The weight of the supporting
mechanism hardly adds to the movable part as compared with other supporting methodsthereby, the dark wave number characteristic of the speaker can be largely remodeled It is the
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