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1 、 Name of invention
Speaker diaphragm and method of manufacturing the same
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention provides a diaphragm of high
mechanical strength without increasing the weight of the diaphragm so much. In a conventional
speaker diaphragm mainly made of natural fibers, split vibration occurs in a high frequency
range. There is a drawback that the frequency transmission characteristics have peaks and dips
and the transient characteristics deteriorate. This is due to the following reason C2. It is well
known that cone-like or dome-like (when two non-flat diaphragms give rise to vibrations, C1 and
B2 vibrations occur together with 1 bending). In ordinary fibers, this elongation deformation is
much more than bending deformation, so that it can increase the mechanical strength of a cone
or dome shape (in other words, effective six-pole diaphragms). However, the goodness of the
fiber is usually 15 mm or less, which is considerably shorter than the size of the diaphragm. For
this reason, a single slip occurs between the fibers', and the tensile strength of the entire
diaphragm is smaller than that of the fibers themselves. For this reason, the diaphragm EndPage:
1 has an initial target of which strength does not have a tendency to easily cause split vibration.
One 17? L> The problem is solved by using a fiber of the same length as the size of the
diaphragm and this problem is solved, but there is a drawback that the workability is
deteriorated due to the use of C2: 1 when refining or breaking up the fiber. A very large material
with a Young's modulus such as carbon fiber having the same length as natural fiber as the main
material of the fcm near vibration plate, a natural fiber (a mixture of natural fiber (5 to 20), a
vibration plate Mechanical strength is being increased. However, although the man-made fibers
of straw are almost linear in shape and natural fibers (-blended, there is no binding between
fibers like natural fibers, so it is very effective to increase the mechanical suspension of one
diaphragm. A diaphragm C2 integrally formed with a natural fiber which is a main material of a
diaphragm, and a mesh made of man-made fibers such as carbon fibers having a large Young's
modulus or metal thin wires such as steel wires for the purpose of increasing strength. Yes, we
will explain the work in detail in the following. FIG. 1 shows an example of a cone-shaped
diaphragm according to the invention-(1) is a natural paper as a main material--cone paper-(2) is
an artificial fiber or a gold-plated wire integrally formed on this shell It shows a mesh consisting
of FIG. 2 is a view showing an example of a cone-shaped diaphragm according to the present
invention as well (FIG. 2). However, the shape of mesh is different from that of FIG. As shown in
FIG. 1 or 2, the whole diaphragm is covered with a mesh-like long nine-dimensional fiber or
metal a thin wire so that each part of the diaphragm is between fibers))) When it is going to
cause an elongation deformation, they are jeopardized by mesh.
In the case of diaphragms that are not flat plates, since parting vibration and elongation 4
<vibration always accompany each other, suppressing the deformation of the elongation is not
only preventing bending vibration but also preventing vibration (as a result, the machine of the
diaphragm It becomes possible to suppress the division vibration, resulting in The mechanical
strength of the diaphragm can be increased by increasing the density and / or thickness of the
diaphragm, but it is also possible to increase the mass of the whole vibration-moving plate, along
with the speaker's electroacoustics. Reduce conversion efficiency. In this respect, the diaphragm
according to the present invention is very advantageous in that a large increase in mechanical
strength can be obtained with a small addition of mass. Next Sini As a method of manufacturing a
diaphragm according to the present invention, a method of forming natural fibers by using mesh
made of man-made fibers or metal fine wires as a base and integrally press-forming them, and
making up a two-step making-up process It is conceivable to use a method in which the above
first mesh is laid on top of the first layer and then the second layer is extracted and they are
integrally press-formed. The effects of the invention can be sufficiently obtained. FIG. 3 shows
the result of comparison of sound pressure frequency characteristics of a speaker using a
diaphragm according to the present invention and a conventional diaphragm, showing that the
divided vibration is suppressed at a high frequency, peak and dip of. A decrease is seen. As
described above, in the diaphragm according to the present invention, an increase in mechanical
strength is obtained more than a mass increase C 'of the mass, which greatly contributes to the
improvement of the speaker performance. In the embodiment of Fig. 1-82, mesh is inserted
almost all over the diaphragm, but if necessary
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIGS. 1 and 2 are schematic views showing an embodiment
of a cone-shaped diaphragm according to the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a diagram of a
diaphragm according to the present invention C2 and a conventional diaphragm. It is a figure
which compared the characteristic, (1) is a cone which has a natural fiber as a main material, (2)
is mesh which consists of a man-made fiber or a metal fine wire. Agent Shinno-EndPage: 2
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