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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of a conventional vibrator,
FIG. 2 is a frequency vs. impedance characteristic view of FIG. 1, FIG. 3 is an explanatory view of
the present invention, and FIG. It is a frequency versus impedance characteristic figure. 1, 3 · · · · ·
· Piezoelectric porcelain, 2, · · · · · · · · · · · rigid body load. Also 1 zone i / mK di tIKZ 'z lθ θ (A) 2 2
Figure 2 / r shoulder CK fl)) -165-real opening 51-81676 (2) also 3H rise 4 ports J?
’”’l#R”H ■ツ−i66−
Detailed Description of the Invention Nj This Jj に 関 す る relates to a 3-cycle San-span type type
of umbilical which is used for fish # Hochi-mochi, miso soup 1- head-washing m and the like. The
conventional Langevin type ladder is straight 4a1 as shown in the road five figure. As shown in
Fig. 2 in the figure, as shown in Fig. 2 as shown in Fig. 2, sasm, one at pressure t @ aX with 15
intestines with itch, lIL mak 35 ■, thickness c 133 ■ It was used by 79KHz 02 laps of 028KHz
and high-order 嶺 鋪 111t1 match. However, the 蒔 R 嶽 IIB # 1 crest with 該当 was a storm-a) R
1 @ frequency value falls. This V is an improved version of the conventional Langevin-type
forceps, and it is a straight-line version of the dung shun type armature for meeting the pigeon
silver for flight ll1li. The purpose is to provide a 31114 M Langevin 磐 a S child that conforms to
the regulation flight skill level. In the following, IZ) I will present an outline example of an
exercise boat according to a circle. In Fig. 3, 3 is a piezoelectric ceramic, which is 42 m in
diameter and 15 m in diameter. Compared with the conventional Langevin gkR reciprocator
shown in FIG. 1, the size of the piezoelectric ceramic 3 is large. This piezoelectric-speech 30-carIC is connected to an N-rod with a pressure of 1 porcelain 3 and a diameter of 14 mm and a
thickness of about 33 M. The co-preferences @ in the case of airless # will be like the dot spelling
in Figure 4, and the co-imulation with water will be like the pregnancy in Figure 4. The resonance
II 4 pattern g11 is 3111 # of 28 KIiz of the basic 嶽 -shoulder 、, 60 KH2 of high order = mmm
鍬, and 75 KHz. The direct transmission at these resonant pigeon wave numbers) The air
conversion f conversion rate is 85 to 89%. As described above, these four ships are directly sent
by copyist [Large to fk 劫 II 4 妓 enemy dove-use 叙 叙 得 る get a 3 # 4 crest with a 1111Q
crimper So you're four, in a non- 'cost Tawantonal.
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