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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an example of a
microphone device according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a plan view thereof, and FIG. 3 is
a plan view similar to FIG. 2 showing another embodiment. FIGS. 4 and 5 are perspective views
showing still another embodiment, and FIG. 6 is a perspective view showing still another
embodiment. 1 is a pseudo head, 2 is an anterior portion thereof, 3 is a posterior portion, 4J and
6J are left microphones, 4r-Sr are right microphones, and 61 and 6r are shielding plates. Fig. 1113-Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 51-82447 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 3-114-
[Detailed description of the invention] The purpose of the present invention is to make a
conventional multi-channel fIl ed 4th centenile stereo form into a single size with this speaker,
and therefore, when recording the stereo feature number, the plurality of recording microphones
The power supply is distributed in a state of plus and minus between the food, and it is made a
cask to record with “1M <1 point microphone)”. Therefore, if you play this horizontal
recording signal and take 1 by 4 hands Jannel Hed 7-on, the so-called 4 channel sound is met,
many combined monks have the drawback of being fixed in their head is there. The body S is 1 a
like this, clear with a 4-channel hd ilundofon + S Now, without setting its weight in the clear,
reproduces a sound field that approximates f 'L of a warlord It is a round thing to clean up nine
microphones and a rumor. In the following, for the closing surface, in order to push the
microphone W power by the visitor *, in the present invention, the cost resemblance (1) is
provided, and the front portion I21 and the rear portion 131 respectively have left-right and
right O- + r. (Chloa fy (44) (4r) (51) lrg (5r) Kei, 11! During this pseudo-width! (Ask, the sound of
the microphone @I and the sound after it is attached so that it can be bitten enough by one.)
There are nine mountings of i-rc (6r). In Figure 1 and Figure 2, the expense column (1) is formed
into an m column, and each of the left and right sides of its front part 12) and its rear part 13)
are respectively I ! Protruding ear (7J) (7r) and rc (81j) (8r), Te-shaped "7L, similar cost ear (7J)
(7r) & (84) (8r)! Ikuhoon (4J) (4r) IJ '(5J) (5r), and after the false ears (7J) and (8e) darkness, and
(7r) and (8r) respectively. @IM <611) (6r) is divided by (21φ's and there are nine). In this case,
artificial ears (7e) and (8β), and C (7r) and (8r) And I-j mutually! The microphones (44), (4r),
(54) and (5r) are provided in the interior of the interior. Therefore, the sound of both microphone
(4ρ) and 'c (4r) and cost (1) is recorded, and microphone (51j)'? The trge (5r) becomes a habit to
bite the sound in the rear almost, and in the front and back microphones, it becomes 'aL' before
and after the sound, enough to make a sharp →; In this case, 6 dR1 in the same wave number
band of the horse during the separation butterfly storage before and after: the amniotic power of
u he 1) Take a big dance of "醍" (6r).
Of course, in the practice of FIG. 2 and in FIG. 2, each of the foundation ear (7.beta.) C.sub.7 r)
receiving (8 J) (8 r) can sufficiently separate the front and back of the sound in the nine o'clock.
It is possible that the members of the Tokai-kai can make each expense similar to the price board,
and can omit the price shields (6k) and (6r) shown in FIG. # J + 91t'i shows 11111's support, in
which case 'the inside is hollow and the surrounding support rod 191 is a pipe base, and 441's
microphone (3) Wat-Loffon (44) (4r) (Fi / l and r (Sr) lead 鍍 place MI な す な す pair き. Also,
although not shown in the drawings, it is also possible to use one screw of this support tank 191
as a screw #A in a male screw hole to serve as a cost equivalent (11 lower 11 Kuf F). Of course Q
* 3 'tilt 1 <q 4% (LJ ears (7A) (7r) & (81J) (8r)? It is umbrella with a book to omit and to
constitute. 礪 4 pictures I! In the embodiment shown in FIG. 3, the shield plate is shown in FIG. 3,
although the corresponding part to FIG. (6β) and (6r) 's tip (6e) 11 b (6y') is bent in the form of
isthmus, and-this support-191 is J 憬 11 111! In the T1 part of the case, the case where it is a
habit to use by making it similar to (1; lower than 1 side) by using this support (9). '145 Figure is
the other! Since the example shows nine lines, the left and right @@@ (6J) chopsticks (6 ") are
each put on a pseudo-911 with a hinge number one, and they are put on the rotating indwelling,the butterfly m to the point m )! Therefore, @@ Ill 黴 t6-a '> and (6r') t'l addition are round casts.
Also, this pseudo head + n does not require water supply (4). FIG. 6 is a book showing still
another example of a sowing pigeon, so in this example, one covering (CRIJ) and (6 “) are
brazed through the numbering II respectively as shown in FIG. > (6r) 〃 J1 as shown 〃 <rear Vc
@ 九 、 、 榎 64 64 64 64 64 64 榎 64 64 64 64 64 64 64 64 64 後方 後方 後方 吹 吹 吹 吹 吹
吹It is an officer's kind. In each of the examples, a column-shaped one was used as the question-(1), but any shape such as a spherical father # -i square column or the like may be used. In this
case, r and r (the distance between the right and left microphones of the human body is smaller
than the distance between the left and right ears of the human body, and #i of both parts (2) of
the pseudo- (1) The town is to be beaten by the same l1li horizontal plane.
With the main body described above, the microphone (4k) and (4r) IC can mainly produce the
sound in front of the pseudo 11111, and the microphone (513) and (5r) can mainly collect the
sound in the rear The signals traced by each of these microphones are recorded, for example, in
the four channels of magnetic tape (5) and V, respectively. Also, this reproduced signal can be
distributed in correspondence with the position of the microphone at the time of sound collection
and can be increased by 1 by 4 rounds of a round channel, but as described above, without being
spread to 4 rounds by track The signal from the microphone position by IK in advance is
amplified and supplied to the nineteen-channel head 7 on, and one-fourth of the four-channel
signal can be added. It should be noted that the signals collected by the microphones (4J) and
(4r) are increased as so-called pinaural signals. Thus, in the reproduction of the signal recorded
by the microphone 41f according to the present invention, the distance between the left and
right microphones (4J) lr de (4r) is equal to that of the human ear, so that the distance between
the left and right microphones (4J) is (6J) Since it is not easy to hear the sound after the
frustration (6r) # 11 of the pseudo 11 + 11, it is possible to obtain the diffraction effect of the
sound by the auricle book of the human head, and the reproduction by the four channel head 7
on 1F? The dormitory is practically non-tic, but it occurs in the case of reproduction with the
conventional 4-channel signal with 4-channel head-on, but the localization in the volume of the
head is 81, PI · 2 g g I 4 消Do. WIJf's simple Q eye Fig. 1 is a book sketch showing an example of
a microphone actual tube according to the present invention, and Fig. 2 is its flat! W! Fig. 2
shows another embodiment of the present invention, Fig. 2 is a flat view of the open collar, Fig. 4
and Fig. 4 are an even view showing an embodiment of the pond; -Is a tillage view which shows
another Example. fll is a pseudo head, (2) is its heel, (3) is the rear, (4J) (5J) is the left
microphone, (4r) (5r) is the right microphone, (6J) (6r) ) Is a hot bunker. II! For the new
tatami mat 出 −- 人 Sony stock 珊 珊 伊藤 、 、 (7) No. Jr. 7 '4 Lt \ 21st! ! lz 414 r 616 ′ jl jar
° l Figure 3 ill4. ,. L, 5u 5 '4th 9th 586! 6r/5r−、J6r’−,−61−、。 "N6 r '261'
2/161 '80 1 DELTA l J rf yl 6 r 2 L J 373 r. Other than the above inventor へ へ マ h パ パ 住所
神奈川 鶴 Yokohama Tsurumi Ward Tsurumi Ward 14-14 Eegitadiene ◆ Susumu Sugita Kokichi
4 # l Yacoma Azusa Tokyo Setagaya Ward Komazawa 4-10-6 Hatori Shimabara # W one name
Nakajima Hirata part
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