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2. Inventor's name (6699) Patent Attorney Kanno Nobu-· · mouth / line remover 1 ■ Japanese
Patent Application Laid-Open No. 51-880010 Published Japanese Patent Application No. 51.
(1976) 8.2. 願 50i2'121 [Phase] Application dated Sho, 101 (197r) /, 3 ° Office serial number
734623, Specification 1, Title of the Invention
Sound reproduction device
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a device aimed at
expanding the optimum listening range in a sound reproducing device having at least one or
more speakers on the left and right in front of the listener. In a conventional stereophonic sound
reproducing apparatus having speakers on the front left and right of the listener, the equidistant
line from the left and right speakers or its immediate vicinity is regarded as the optimum
listening range, and when it deviates from that line, the sound image will be W to either one. It
has the disadvantage of not being able to listen to an appropriate three-dimensional sound. FIG. 1
shows the relationship between the arrangement of the left and right speakers of the
conventional two-channel sound reproducing apparatus and the optimum listening range. In this
figure, (1) is the left speaker, (2) is the right speaker, (3) is the listener, and (4; is the optimum
listening range, (5) is the center of the line connecting the left and right speakers and
perpendicular to that line The lines [hereinafter referred to as center lines] are shown
respectively. The optimum listening range (4) is very narrow as shown by the fp + line in the
figure. This is because when the listener (3 ') deviates from the center line (51), a difference
occurs in the arrival time of the sound from the left and right speakers to the listener, and the
sound image moves toward the speaker with a short arrival time. It is. As a method to
compensate for this defect, for example, when listening at a position closer to the left from the
center line (5), the level of the right speaker (2) is raised to compensate for the delay in arrival
time by level rising and the sound image It is done to keep it in the center of the speaker. While
EndPage: 1 has a disadvantage that this method requires a considerably large level difference
with respect to a slight time difference, and the balance of the three-dimensional sound field will
be distorted. The present invention directly compensates the difference in arrival time of the
sound from the left and right speakers by means of a delay time generator attached to the
amplifier, and makes it possible to greatly expand the optimum listening range without breaking
the balance of the three-dimensional sound field. It is a thing. The details of the present invention
will be described according to the illustrated embodiment. FIG. 2 is a block diagram showing an
example of the present sound reproducing apparatus. A signal source (6), a preamplifier (7), a
main amplifier (8) and left and right speakers (11, +21 are provided in the conventional sound
reproducing apparatus). The device further comprises a delay time generator (9) and a time
difference detector (G). The time difference detector QG has a mechanism for detecting the
arrival time difference of the sound from the left and right speakers H1 and (2+ to the listener 1,
and an example of the detection method is an ultrasonic transmitter (RO And the output of the
ultrasonic wave receiving time difference detector aO placed at the positions of the left and right
speakers respectively are sent to the delay time generator (9) to cancel the difference in arrival
time of the left and right channel signals to the listener Give to each channel.
In this way, the listener moves to an arbitrary position, or the arrival time from the left and right
speakers does not differ at all times, so the sound image can be kept approximately at the center
between the left and right speakers. You can get it. As described above, according to the sound
reproducing apparatus of the present invention, stable high-fidelity reproduced sound can be
obtained without movement of the sound image even if the listener deviates from the position
equidistant from the left and right speakers. Fat. The present invention requires the provision of
a time difference detector and a delay time generator, and the time difference detection method
and the delay time generation method are not particularly limited. Although the explanation of
the present invention has been made to the sound reproduction apparatus having two left and
right channels, the present invention can be applied to the two front left and right channels
forming the main sound field even in the case of four channel reproduction.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 is a diagram showing the relationship between the
positions of the left and right speakers and the listener of the conventional two-channel channel
sound reproduction apparatus and the optimum listening range, and FIG. 2 is a sound
reproduction according to the present invention. It is a block diagram of an apparatus. In the
figure, the same reference numerals indicate the same or corresponding parts, (11 (21 is a
speaker, (31 is a listener, (6) is a signal source, (7) is a preamplifier, (8) is a main amplifier, (9 ) Is
a delay time generator, αO is a time difference detector, (6) is an ultrasonic transmitter, and 82is an ultrasonic receiver. Agent Tono Shin-EndPage: 2
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