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2 Inventor 3 Patent Applicant 4 Agent ? 571 Address Kadoma City Ogata Kadoma 1006-[Faace]
Japan Patent Office-? JP-A 51-89 1990 Published Japan. (1976) B, 4 ? Desired application 50/ 38 '? '7 Office internal reference number 2/125' 7 '13: 26551, и ? S ?, 1, the name of the
invention ? electret 1! Constant electrode bulkhead 011i11711a, Wfm fm t) mWIA gold XI! l
Electric power-S-dried electret material value powder coated with Il- or heat-through coated with
Nitrate to form a horse and then electretize this electret film with C A method of manufacturing
electret solid-state charge 41 ij 1 child as the time. Detailed Description of the Invention The
present invention is intended to make it possible to use 11l of the electret fixed electrode
element for use in an electrostatic electroacoustic transducer or the like. When the application to
electret ot * ms + is divided into hot heat, X molecular electret film is used as a handle and a fixed
electrode and a fixed electrode. In the past, many attempts have been made to use electrets as a
vibrating membrane, but from the polymer electretite material O dynamic special wax, in this
type 1, production of a blue tatami mat device having good circumferential wave-1 station
moment Is very ? и и 7) и и / / because it is no. K11i, because electret is used as a constant
electrode, the choice of the material of the body is free. The production of the extremely excellent
electret cost OSS with the lap imitating sensitivity characteristics is 111 years old and 1 to 0. The
present invention is the elm Iblet sound ? II III To r or other Ereta) ? or etathesy used in
applied equipment The alt7 is one of the ten offerings. In the past, electret fixed electrode
elements are manufactured from an electret material by attaching an adult film with an adhesive
to a gold-fixed electrode Kl 1 circle, but according to this method, an organic solvent to be blued
to the adhesive, aw Or because of the defect that the electret characteristics, especially the life
characteristics deteriorate due to the action of the adhesive itself. This rounding, gold 1lli! (1) A
method in which an electret material is to be in contact with a constant electrode is most suitable
for manufacturing an electret fixed electrode element. In the past, this coating used a solution 1
dispersion solution of electret material, because it is in the coating film of the elect) let obtained
by these) because EndPage: because it is present as a knee fabric, the life span It is extremely
difficult to obtain a nine-n-one-Ired constant electrode assembly which is deteriorated with time.
The present invention uses a fine powder of K-dried electret material instead of the s-liquid 1
dispersion solution to prevent the mixing of impurities, and to obtain a highly stable and reliable
Eretlet-Kan electrode device having excellent life characteristics. We provide the method of 1 to
The present method @f:) * is carried out by the two steps of adhesion of electret material bonding
end 2 to metal fixed electrode 1 as shown in FIG. 1 and heat I & luck shown in FIG. In one step,
this electret fine powder 'R2 is deposited in layers on the metal fixed electrode 1 by means of
electrostatic am, fluid immersion or the like. Since electret materials are excellent in
chargeability, static IKa observation can be performed relatively in ml &, ms immersion is electret
fine metal powder O floating and heated metal identification electrode IM in the air, IM! The
metal constant electrode 0IIA heat of the persimmon, which is performed by putting it, is
performed by the turtle m, the external heat fan, and the scale fan -? which are resistant to
direct ? through the ?OI & area. Metal 1! m1llli ? ? ? eret) and let it be softened above the
softening point of the material. In the second floor, a fine powder of ? ? 1 / ? ? ? ? tread
material is attached to a surface of a gold-1 constant electrode 10 and sintered to form a film 2 '.
The firing temperature is above the linearization temperature of the electret material and below
1 decomposition temperature. If the viscosity is too high at 1 degree -1 and air bubbles and
pinholes occur, 71Q heat in vacuum! ????? Eleg F redecisization of the completed electret
fixed electrode identification is carried out according to the 4 ordinary polarization method. As
described above, the mfi 'jj method according to the present invention can form an electret film
on a gold I4 constant electrode without using a solution 1 dispersion solution, so that impurities
such as a solvent 1 dispersion medium enter the electret layer Without deterioration of the lifesaving characteristics due to impurities without t fi! It is one thing. Fig. 11 is a sectional view of
the electret crest electrode collector in the middle of the process according to the present
invention true speed 1 method, and Fig. 2 is a sectional view of Seki Koji] & llO. 1 ииииии Metal Ii! i1
constant electrode, 2 ...... electret symptom, W powder, 2 '...... Eredatore' 1L allowance ?? name
valve - ▒ 41 ?? punished and one other - Is; 5) N. End page: 26 The inventor and the agent
other than the above (1) the presenter (1) the presenter (2) the agent address Osaka Prefecture
Kadoma city Ogata Kadoma 1006 address EndPage: ?
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