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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a structural explanatory view showing one
embodiment of a condenser type headphone device according to the present invention, and FIG.
2 atb is a front view and a side view showing the plug of FIG. 3 is a view showing a part of a
drawing path provided inside the plug of FIG. 11 ... capacitor type headphone, 13 ... cord, 14 ...
plug, 30 ... matching transformer. Fig.1-81-Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No.
51-95337 (2) Fig.2 (a) (b) Fig. 3 -82-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the tampering of a
condenser type headphone device. A capacitor-type to Tsudhon apparatus using a capacitor-type
electro-acoustic converter requires impedance matching between an input signal source and the
converter. For this purpose, an impedance converter for matching, for example, a dedicated
adapter for separately weighing a matching transformer, is provided separately, and a condenser
type headphone is connected to a headphone terminal such as an amplifier via this 7 adapter. It
is customary to use it. However, it is extremely inconvenient in handling to provide the dedicated
attachment separately from the condenser type headphone in this way. Therefore, it is
conceivable to store the above-mentioned matching transformer in the headphone O ear pad
portion and connect the circuits. In this case, if it is housed in one ear pad portion, the balance of
the weight between the left and the right of the headphones is broken, which is not preferable
from the feeling of wearing when the radon is attached. On the contrary, when the abovementioned matching transformer is housed in both ear pad parts, the weight of the headphone is
considerably increased, and the weight feeling of the attached part of the headphone wearing
person becomes heavy and not preferable. The present invention has been made to eliminate the
above-mentioned drawbacks, and is easier to handle than K when housing the impedance
converter in an arbitrary part within the range from the plug of the cord end of the condenser
type headphone to the predetermined length part of the cord. It is an object of the present
invention to provide a condenser type headphone device free from heavy burden when wearing
headphones. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail with
reference to the drawings. In FIG. 1, it is a 1- # i condenser type head phone, and an ear pad
portion JJK condenser type electro-acoustic transducer is accommodated. Then, one end of the
cord 11 is, for example, branched and connected to the transducer of each ear pad portion 12,
and the plug 14 is connected to the other end. For example, as shown in FIG. 42 (a) and (b), the
plug 14Fi has a side durl shape and nine cases 2f--a standard type plug bin 2 extends out from
the side and the seven side ones. The other end of the '-' cord 13 penetrates through it. In the
plug 14, for example, for each channel signal path, as shown in FIG. 3, for example, as shown in
FIG. G γ sister with a tap. Matching transformer 30 is connected. A switch 11 ° S2 interlocking
with each other is inserted between the secondary gf of the transformer 30 and the primary gf of
the transformer 30 and the secondary side of the transformer 30 and the cord 13. There is.
The interlock switch 31 ° JJO operation knob 23 # i is collected on a part of the case of the plug
14 and the outer peripheral side surface of the sheath 20, and can be operated from the outside
of the one plug 14. The output impedance (for example, 8 Ω, IK @ and the cord 13) of the
headphone terminal (not shown) of the ans tape recorder or the like connected to the plug 30 is
connected to the transformer 30 via the plug t494F-human. By matching with the input
impedance of the FIIIλ electro-acoustic transducer (eg, tl at 40 Ω), different impedance
transformation characteristics can be selected by interlock switching of the switch 31.32.
Further, since the interlock switches 31 and 32 are also used to directly connect the plug gauges
13, in this case, the output impedance and the input impedance match. As described above, the
matching transformer and the switch for switching the matching impedance are provided in the
nine plugs attached to the end of the cord of the Conden model headphone, and the operation
part of this switch is protruded IiK outside the plug to make the nine condenser type headphone
According to the device, the matching transformer is contained in the plug + h-lug, so its
handling is easy. Even if the weight of this plug increases due to the incorporation of the
matching transformer, it does not affect the weight of the headphone section because it is at the
end of the cord, and it does not affect the weight of the headphone when worn. If you want to
switch the matching impedance, plug Kl! It is convenient because it can be easily performed
simply by operating the operation part of the switch that has been taken out. Although the
matching transformer and the switch are provided in the plug in the above embodiment, the cord
may be thickened and provided in the cord instead. In this case, about half of the one from the
cord branch part to the plug branch part closer to the cord branch part greatly affects the sense
of weight at the time of wearing the headphone, so avoid this area and match the matching
transformer and switch to the cord part near the plug It is desirable to provide In the present
invention, the tatami mat may be housed in an arbitrary part within the range from the plug at
the cord end of the condenser type headphone to the predetermined length part of the cord. As
described above, the present invention can provide a condenser type headphone device which is
easy to handle and not heavy at the time of wearing the headphone.
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