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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are conventional ALC circuits, and FIG.
3 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of the present invention. Explanation of main
figure numbers 23, 26 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и input terminals, 29, 30 и и и и и и ALC
transistor, 31. 32 и и и 7 transmission line, 35 и и и и и и Smoothing circuit, 37
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии They are a
smooth circuit.
The present invention relates to an eye movement level aimu circuit ffrllAL0 circuit of a tape
recorder, and more particularly to an ALC circuit of a tape recorder having a plurality of
channels. The popular type Chi-Pe Coater has the foremost level of automatic LO-SE circuit -et: i1.
Each of the two systems of the A10 circuit is known, but the general scheme is as follows: the
circuit shown in FIG. 1 is known. Mashiko, (3) is an amplifier. An ALC transistor 461 is connected
between the signal transmission line (4) of the input power of the amplifier (3) and the ground,
and the base I of the transfer star (5) is derived from the rear stage of the amplifier 3). A
commutator It is multiplied by nn times by a tie auto (6) and a co p'i scissor (7). In this way, the
circuit which has received sI (in the case where the bell of the signal to be applied to the input
terminal (1) is small) is small: A base C1, l] of J-Sister (5) is added The level of the signal is small.
The ipisance between collector and emitter of Lp-LSI (5) is large, the input signal is not bypassed,
the input terminal (?I: magnetic tape is saturated) When a high level signal is applied, the ALC
tiger 'J, the signal applied to the base of the star i51 becomes large, the transistor (! 1) conducts,
and between its collector and cutter I: Jl :? -The tasis is reduced. As a result, the level of the input
signal is recorded on the suppressed fL magnetic tape without distortion 5 or more (allo circuit
operates but then the stereo type with two channels)-ALC Circuit C: FIG. 2h is a diagram of a
conventional general two-stage fLf, AL0 circuit, and FIG. 2g is a circuit of (8), (9) and-are the
inputs of the right-hand IP: J-channel. The end insert, the output terminal and the amplification
#i, t11% 4 and I] J are the left channel input terminal, the output terminal and the output
terminal @ I-. ? and usFi respectively on the right channel, on the left channel and on the left
threshold) ATC transistor 69 with the miter l mitta path interrupted, its bases are # passed
through each other, Ty Oto-and "Nchi: J Sir ? 9 pg is smoothed out in a smooth flow circuit. ? R
?? # j j j 1: j rectification straightened ? A-LC ?: control signal line applied to the base of J
ster 441 ? ? ? derived from the back of the amplification 1 river 11 spoof Ru. The derived left
and right channel signals are synthesized by the synthesis circuit (2), then amplified by L # and
added to the smooth smoothing circuit ? c # J.
When a large level signal 4 is applied to the input ladder value) song in such a structure jIjln
circuit, the pace C of the ALOI-racist d410: the level of one autopsy signal 1111gn- increases,
those ?) ALC! l-Lacidister d Autopsy 1 conducts. Since the impedance between the collector and
the 11391 of the ALO transistor (B) (B) is reduced, the levels of the left and right human power
signals are recorded without attempting to suppress the f'L magnetic tape t. In the circuit of the 6
masters, the following +71 j has the following disadvantages: the right bit P: 7 marked in the
blank, the sword li number 1 in antiphase with each other ALOI-Rashiji star d ? ? Although the
level of the output bond of the pa pa ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? + + + + + + + + + + 1 I'm
going to do 4 ". Therefore, input 4) 8) C equalizing phase with magnetic field 9] field piece 1d 8
of the incoming light n is applied to the field piece after that is the level t H pressure 6 this is the
magnetic head (adding Shida i 2.) In the air-deep, it will be recorded in a distorted second state.
The present invention is intended to provide an ALO circuit which eliminates the abovementioned disadvantages and the following disadvantages, and one example of the five present
inventions shown in FIG. 5 will be described below. In the same figure, the right and left
terminals of the right and left terminals, the output terminal and the amplifier, and the left and
right input terminals of the left channel p: J power, It is a booster. 4) and A) ALC transistors with
a collector e emitter path fJ @ n between the signal of the left channel P channel and the channel
@ channel left channel and the ground of the left channel P channel, and their paces are each
other! : # Through M, ? ? ?? and ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? compares the level of the
control # signal derived from the second stage of the amplifier ? amplifier; 1 is a level 1
comparator, and is divided by ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I . Said signal
level #! J wall device (b) compares the levels of the n-signals obtained from the left and right
pylons and sends the signal of the large 1b direction as the output of one thousand to the '1j
amplifier a. Amplifying # @ IJI: The control signal amplified by the rectifying / smoothing circuit
is smoothed by the rectifying / smoothing circuit all "after being smoothed, then the base f of the
ALc5 system is applied. If the level of the signal to be added to the eye J is small in the case of F
(to explain the operation of the present invention which has been momentarily made to 0 human
power insulator 4), the signal level comparison ?, amplification ?-and!
One-step smoothing circuit 1-1] Add to the base of ALC transistor through a 1-stage smoothing
circuit ?-Because the level of storage area is small, nuclear ALO) Rungis 3-quadruple collection
9. The X-ray 1 ') 9 Ishiheatasis is a big deal. As a result, human power No. 3 in the right channel
P channel left channel is led to the magnetic head without suppressing its level. 0 Next, a large
level snow issue is applied to the input 1 child (support). In the case of n, the case where the level
of the signal of the 2i right channel is the signal and bell rT of the left-hand cescinel will be
described. In this case, the right side y channel which composes the signal level comparison 4 ::
The output of the J side circuit ? is biased in the reverse direction ? because the level is larger
than the output edge of the left side cescinel . The control signal derived from the right hand p: J
channel is applied to the amplification MID through the sled result ioid- and the Koshi Shishi-ser,
and the rectifying smoothing circuit ? j! After the flow smoothing, it is applied to the bases of
the left and right ALOI-Landister sn-therefore the 7-way ALO trasicister four complements the
input signal as the incidence between the conducting 9 'collector angle decreases. The magnetic
head is suppressed by f suppressing the noise. Also, the power of the signal of the left chi Pnnell
is right chi? If the level of the signal of Sinel is large, the quiesto! Since the bias current is applied
to the diode visit, the n-ratio control signal is marked by the diode Z and the capacitor Z-f
seinerium J which has one diode ? and a capacitor Jj). 1 118 statements [also in the Ipii of Ip of
waterfowls] I used Toshi as a C-Tanspa metamorphosis i "Tofushi" "star, but use it as the other
partner Contra-young Juvenile Tracy Sister or Taioh etc. It is a matter of course #apJ. Also, 2ch
1) Sinere with stereo apprehensive "-?, (,,,,,,, f f f f f f f f f f f f f ? ? f J-R) To get the effect Fi-X.
Since the words to control the Isispithis town element in the waterbird hair & 1ALO circuit to 7Ij
') are compared to the bell comparison' # Sini)), each signal 'l)): signal 8 of J channel is 5 each
other Even if there is a two reverse phase HA cabinet clerk 52, the operation as ALO can be
surely made two lines. 4, Figure-g) w5 table a-light FIGS. 1- and 2 are conventional ALO circuits,
and FIG. 3 is a schematic diagram showing water fowl tea ? fFljv. 14 Description of the figure
No. -1) ... 1 person, 1 ... 4 ... ALC trans 5 sm, ... ... No. transmission line, ... ... ? ?, ?? ... Signaling
bell comparator.
Utility model registration applicant Sanyo Kureki Co., Ltd. Daisuke Susetsu-и 1 person L Fig. 1 4Jl
3-211? 2211 '7T13, ? 14 ~ 1 IR ~ Utility model registered Yamanashi и (Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.1 Representative Ie Jie 1 outside 1 person 138231-Figure 3 $ 3J 84-2 24 blades 1 1 1-, T7, jlt t
1 Lj-11-746 1111 i-1 '-11 ? II x Ill I'll 272 ? "11-II 311II ? Jj ~ ~ Application for utility model
registration \ Sanyo i, Ltd.,. Representative well planter-pruning 2.3% outside 1 #
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