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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are side views showing a conventional
example, and FIGS. 3 and 4 are side views showing two embodiments of the present invention. A
needle 7, a gold wire (or a gold ribbon) 8, a case (of a coaxial resonator) 9, a recording medium,
10 Non-conductive) bar, 11 ... (conductive) arm 12 ... (non-conductive) arm. Fig. 1 71a65481239
Fig. 2-1-52-18 001 (2) Fig. 3 Fig. 4-
Detailed Description of the Invention In the present invention, a relatively thin sheet of electric
sheet is attached to the surface of the plate, and the circular curve is used as the change of
electrostatic number from the recording medium recorded as V. No. is reproduced to improve
Tsuku 7 #], and aims to improve sensitivity 2. FIG. 11 shows a conventional bib quaff of this kind.
(11 is a metal arm, one end of which is a holder f3 via a rubber damper (2). Is bendably
supported. The distal end portion Ill in the arm is scooped from the lower side, and the cantilever
15 is attached via the front 4 damper rubber dampers (4). Kanpile p <-151 is made of frustinoc,
and its tip portion has a regenerating needle (h · fixed). Have a conductivity, and the recording
medium i9 + 1 is modified to act as a detector, − “filter electrode as a change in capacitance of
the 7 th tongue 1 convex signal”. Reproduction 9jlei and γ- · · · · · · · ξ 籟; い gold wire (71 or
electrical The boot is placed on the arm 11 and the center of the (8) is arranged, and the two or
one core 18 forms a coaxial resonator. By the way, since the above-mentioned Vino Quatno is
formed by the arm (j and gold J ij 7) and the center ii of the coaxial resonator is formed, the tip
portion α d of the arm + I + is branched, and moreover, the recording medium -9. The Q and
gain of the coaxial resonator are reduced by the proximity of the button. FIG. 8112 shows
another prior art example, in which the arm ill is straight. Instead, this Aryan mountain is
cantilevered in the case (8)! 5)-It is arranged diagonally so that it becomes a straight line. In this
example, the tip of the arm 11 (θ is closer to the surface of the recording medium (9) and the
portion 00 of the base 9 is slightly more than that case! From 8 + 1 approaching and 4 points,
the gain and Q become more rounded than the one shown in the figure. The present system has
improved gain and Q by eliminating the cause of the gain and the resistance of Q as in the abovedescribed conventional example, and the 瀉 81-4 has a small example of D41. Sumono: H-ru.
Damper with one end of a metal guide arm 0I 6 made of metal (? The bending nJ4H is held by
the holding body (S3) via the. The second arm qO is 2 爽 straight and is disposed in the coaxial
resonator case 18 ノ; The tip of the arm Iiυ + 1iIi is fixed to a non-conductive bent 欅 Q1 made
of plastic, glass, etc., and the non-conductive cantilever tD + MIMIHvt4 is further transmitted to
its tip via the damper (1). A conductive regenerating needle (6) is attached to the tip of 5).
This regenerating needle (6) is electrically connected to the arm (the tip of the eyebrow by a thin
gold a 1171). In the above embodiment, arm exhalation passes through the approximate center
of the case (8) 9 and is ideally separated from the brass frame (9 inset and the case (8), and no
branching occurs. A large gain and Q can be obtained compared to the conventional one. lI4represents an embodiment of the invention 2; In this example, the arm ll is composed of a
nonconductive scissors such as plastic. And the base end part is supported by the holding body
(3) also via the damper (2). This arm pin is located at the center of the case (8) and its foremost (is Z-. A conductive regenerating needle + 6) canned lever (5) has its base S-attached to the end of
the arm lls with a damper (possibly through a mass). Gold al (or a gold ribbon) (7) whose one end
is connected to the regeneration needle (6) is extended along the straight part of the arm @ and
directly connected to the case wall aS of the resonator through its base end 5 Be done. In fact,
the gold wire ()) is bonded to the straight portion of the arm 46, but the layer-tip portion 11 has
an appropriate slack. In the above embodiment, the gold wire (7) is the center electrode of the
coaxial resonator. And since there is no contact 41 in the middle, there is no increase in the
electrical resistance associated with the connection (an even better performance is obtained than
in the example of the cast-in Ill). Resonator case M of the end of the gold wire (])! Since it can be
connected directly to 儂 e, in particular, it is preferable to configure a l / 4 wavelength Oka axis
resonator. In the present invention, as described above, an arm for holding the regenerative
needle serving as a capacitance detection electrode in vibration or a conductor along it is used as
the center electrode of the coaxial resonator and the arm is held parallel to the recording
medium The center electrode was branched because the arm tip and the regenerating needle
were mechanically composed of a conductive conductive material, so that the center electrode
was branched 9 and the case wall of the recording rod or resonator. As a result of not
approaching, gain gain and Q can be improved, and a large output can be taken out, such as / 6.
4 and 1 Brief description 111 111 js and Rei 2 are the conventional examples, respectively. The
deflections 1 and 811 and 4 and so on are side-functions showing two embodiments of the
present invention. (2) ... Damper, (3 rivers and 11 carriers, (phrase ... regenerated needle, (7) ...
gold 1 m 1 (or gold ribbon), (8) ... (# 4 axis resonator ) (Case 9) ... recording medium, wedge ...
(nonconductive), 6 wedge ... (conductive) arm, wedge ... (nonconductive) arm.
Utility model applicant applicant Japan Victor Corporation agent Ito 貞 謹 図 Fig. 71a 8123)
6549 Fig. 2 78123 'la' lb / 654 1800 1900 utility model registration applicant Japan Hictor co.
Fig. 4 (12a12231 ') 541 ε 0 "one" body utility model registration applicant Nippon Victor Co.,
Ltd. Atsushi Ito
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