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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional braking
body, FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken along the line II--II in FIG. 1, FIG. 3 is a perspective view of
the braking body according to the present invention, FIG. These are perspective views which
show the damping | braking body which concerns on this invention, and the part of a conversion
element. 4, 11 ... braking body, 5 ... round hole, 6, 1 ... notched groove, 8, 9 ... conversion element,
10-. . アマチュア。 1 1 2 1 1 1 52-1920i (2) 3 1 1 2 47 1-1920 1 (3) 7 8 = 3 =
Detailed Description of the Invention Since the present invention is a cartridge of a pickup
cartridge for stereo, it facilitates the manufacture of an integral unit for supporting a conversion
element for taking an electrical signal and a sense of integration of a needle, and also for a total
rise. Improve the uniformity of work and work efficiency. (1) A stereo for stereo! It is normal for
the proximal end of a pair of transfer elements with armatures fitted at the tip to be supported by
the braking body 1: conventionally, but in the prior art parts fabrication of this part is
troublesome There was also a problem in terms of uniformity and work efficiency also in
assembly. The damping member 1 is formed into a rectangular parallelepiped from the elastic
member C2 at the first factor and the second factor. There are 9 wedges of 8 shaped slots 2.6,
and this slot 2.3 is two tII with a tip C fitted with a niamate! The element (not shown) is #jl
supported to support it. The braking body 1 is a book supported by an arm or the like at its outer
peripheral portion. In order to form a damping body of such a shape, a gold amount is used, or
this gold amount protrudes as a part of slot 2.3 or a bin, and depending on the size of this bin,
one bin may be used. It could be broken, and the durability of the gold amount was hurt. (It is
difficult to make a pair C11 vs. rod type C11, and it tends to be bulky in dimension storage, and
this is a characteristic of the crosstalk characteristic as a performance of a pickup cartridge for
stereo in the line. In addition, there is a disadvantage that the electrical output difference may
occur between the two signals-this device is intended to fold a large bib cartridge for stereo
which eliminates such a defect. Hereinafter, one practical example of the invention will be
described with reference to FIG. 6 ν and FIG. 4-, in this case, it is 5Iilt in a rectangular
parallelepiped with one integral 44 elastic material in this case, and a circular hole 5 is formed in
the central part thereof. It is generally drowning. Then, this round hole 5 has one hole in the
portion of the round hole 5, and the other mst mt m tot f) corner 11 + two tsft incisions @b, y are
broken. The conversion element 6.9 shown in 441 m is a plate-like member to which optical s1
near-mat air 0 is attached and which is formed with an angle of 90 ° to each other. j 1411 I is
the one to be inserted in the cut-off -6 ° (a) 7. IllSdIAl 2 11 is a circular rod-shaped inducer,
which is split into 3N by the same material as the loop 4 and is made of the same material as I),
and its diameter is equal to the round hole S. .
Then, this full size book 11 is inserted into the notch # 6 ° 7 and then transported to the round
hole 5 so that the conversion element 8.9N # is pressed down. Since the present invention has
the above-described configuration, it is possible to t # save the savings-without causing the
above-mentioned drawbacks. In addition, by integrating two separate bodies in a circle 14 by l11,
these combined positions tsl are freed in the circumferential direction, and therefore
advantageous in terms of assembly uniformity and cutting saws It becomes. 4-One simple
explanation 81 Figure 81 is a conventional one-piece 廚 414 Figure 2 は 11111id Rei-鳳 一一, IL
3 Figure according to the present invention a perspective view Fig. 4 and Fig. 4 show 41 t-which
shows the distribution of the '4' (= related single seat and variable * element). (4) No. 4.11 ...Integral 5 ... Round hole 6.7 · · · Cutting ・ ・ ・ 8, 9 · · · Changed bulky 10-· Amateur real Mlfil 1
M Out-human Nippon Kodenso shares Company · (、, 代理人) agent lawyer 譬 \-7 \ J (2 people)
(() Fig. 1 · □ 3 Fig. 2 □ 3 1920'l: /! Attorney Mr. Yumi 2 years old to 3 years 477 □ 4th ¥ 17-),
1/1 sheet, / II! 7-7 (-1 ~, 9-7 / / <\ \ \ 0 δ 4 ,,,. 1 Mi agent 萼 外 外 2 people / directly other than
the above 鳳 代 代 区 6 6 駿 6 1 6 housewife's friend building, 1 j, 伶 1-□ □-8 name (41 $ 41)
譬 鏝, ', +,', l, <·, package name (7560) expenses ff%-. 'Di □□□□ 1 (mean) □
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