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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawing is an electrical schematic showing an
embodiment of the present invention. In this figure, 1 atlb is a head amplifier for entertainment
broadcasting, 2a and 2b are head amplifiers for commercial broadcasting, 4 is a head, 5 is an
automatic controller, 6 is a main amplifier, 7 is a speaker, 8 is a manual controller, 9 is a A
microphone is shown, and ayb and a ', b' and C all indicate a horseshoe circuit. −5
The present invention relates to a pick-up tester in a record player. When the user of the record
player or the player of the record player replaces the cartridge, it is necessary to confirm the
signal connection in the cartridge and in the record player. Conventionally, to check this wiring
condition, a test record is played and 1/1 fl is folded to a relatively long j (1) one hour, and the
needle point of the paper cartridge is worn by the record mK There was a problem of According
to the present invention, a vibrator is provided which vibrates in response to an audio signal
from an OR vibrator, and the vibrator is provided with a needle tip of a cartridge mounted on a
friend transmission member to make the vibration of the vibrator into a car The purpose of the
present invention is to provide a pick-up test I- for supplying a signal to the IJ flange and for
wiring inside the cartridge and carrying out a signal system wiring l1lt-confirmation inside the
record player. In the following, with reference to FIG. #I, in IE / FIG., Rei-- and FIG. 3, 1 is a
pickup tester! And 1 are half cases of the pick-up tester 1 and are respectively fitted into one to
form a main body case 4 and left end terminals 5, 51 and light channel terminals 6 at one end
face of the 1/14 ° main body case 4 The 6 ° is a protrusion. The left and right channel
vibrators 7 + lv and E composed of ceramic elements housed in the main body case 4 are not
connected to the left channel terminal st5 'and the right channel terminal 6.6j. The vibrator 7.
The reference numeral II is provided in the vicinity of the connection point with the vibration 1character plate (the sensor 7. 1) and is supported in the main body case 4 by the damper
material Also, the vibrator 7.8 is for the vertical line vK of the main body case 4
respectively! A transfer material io is provided at the other end of the vibrator Is the
transmission material 10 a vibrator? The fixed portions u and uj in which the other end of the II
is recessed and the efficiency of the cartridge of all the cartridges of the vibrator 7111 vibrate
(perpendicularly to the plane of the vibrator 7.8 from the fixed portion to transmit Each of them
is formed to be extended by 12 °! It consists of l. The respective transmitting portions 12.12
'are connected on fI 厘 IIv, and the needle point placement recess 13 is formed on the upper
surface thereof. Next, referring to FIG. 9, the left and right channel terminals 5.5 'and 6.6' gold ツ
R oscillators 14 of the taper up tester 1 are connected, and the #OR oscillator 14 is shown in FIG.
Plug the power plug into a power outlet.
Therefore, the transducer 1 of the pickup tester l. When an audio signal / θ OH of about θ volts
is applied from the OR oscillator 14 to the rich, the No. The symbol a is applied to the damper
material 9 as a fulcrum, (3) fulcrum to cause oscillation of a good signal frequency. The vibration
is transmitted to the needle point of the cartridge placed in the recess through the transmission
member 10. Also, the output of the record player is connected to the speaker via an oscilloscope
or amplifier, and the waveform inside the cartridge and the record player are measured by
measuring the waveform Il or the sound output from the left and right channel speakers by the
oscilloscope. Check the internal wiring condition and the degree of crosstalk between left and
right channels vsf. Incidentally, as shown in FIG. 5, the OR oscillator is housed in the case 16
which can be carried, and the tip of the case 1 @ can be taken off further by the pick-up tester 1t.
As described above, according to the present invention, the audio signal is applied to the vibrator
through the terminal, and the vibrator causes the vibration of the applied frequency with the
damper material as the fulcrum, and the imaging motion is transmitted through the transmission.
Since transmission is made to the needle tip of the cartridge, compared with the conventional
confirmation of the wire connection state by the test record, it can be performed easily and at
short time and between (4) and the needle tip of the cartridge by the record 壽It is advantageous
to be able to hold the life of the needle tip for a long time. In addition, the vibrator is disposed
close to one end thereof and supported by t-pieces of damper materials, and the vibrator part
between the other end of the vibrator, that is, the damper material on the transmission material
is long, so that the vibration is transmitted from the vibrator The vibration amplitude transmitted
to the material becomes large. Therefore, a vibration amplitude sufficient to confirm the signal
connection state inside the cartridge and in the record player can be given to the needle tip of
the cartridge, and the confirmation of the connection state can be performed accurately and
reliably. .
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