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Address (Location) Meguro-ku, Tokyo 1- 4-1, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Name (sol) Pioneer Corporation
Representative, Eizo Ishizuka Shinso (6069) Patent attorney Hideo Nobuo ■ Japan Patent Office
■ JP JP 52 283130 published Japan Japanese 52. (1977) 3.3 Internal Code No. 732655,
Specification 1, Title of Invention
Motional feedback method
Detailed description of the invention This part #J forms an electrode on a uniaxially or biaxially
oriented polarized polyvinylidene fluoride polymer film, and motional feedback in a speaker that
transmits when an audio signal is applied to the electrode. It relates to a method of applying a
rate (hereinafter referred to as a rate KMIFB). Conventionally, as a method of applying MFBf, a
microphone is provided in proximity to a diaphragm of a speaker, a method of applying MFB
using an audio signal detected by the microphone as a feedback signal, a detection coil is
provided on a voice coil bobbin, There is a method that detects the magnetic field change of the
speaker magnet and applies this detection signal as a return signal to the MFB + t-method, there
is a transmission medium in the middle of falling down, and the manufacturing cost is also
expensive due to m cost. Also, it is difficult to obtain a faithful 1-toe because it does not directly
detect the vibrating state mt of the vibrating membrane. As yet another method, EndPage: 1
direct attachment of piezoelectric material to a peristaltic plate is one that obtains a feedback
signal. Although this method has the advantage of being able to detect directly the sail of the
transmission plate, the attachment of the piezoelectric material resulted in an extra space, an
increase in the number of steps, and a change in mass. The present invention has been made in
view of the point on the boat, and its first object is to detect the vibration of the vibrating body
directly and to make the shadow W to be applied to the vibrating body almost perfect, forming
the detection electrode at the edge portion So, it is to provide a motional feedback system that
can also function as a damper. Further, the second object of the present invention is to directly
detect the 伽 @ of the vibrating body. Therefore, if the position and position of the detection
electrode are properly set, the dynamic range of the transmission characteristics of the feedback
roof can be enlarged. Motional feedback system that can be improved to the width? It is to offer.
Furthermore, the third object of the present invention is motional feedback that enables high Q
emission if a negative feedback loop is formed using a single frequency as a drive signal if the
position and surrounding product of the detection 1iL pole are appropriately set. The scheme is
to provide. Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. (11 is a rectangular film in the first and second sections and a circular shape in the
third section due to a uniaxially or biaxially oriented polarized polymer film such as poly
(vinylidene fluoride) with polarization treatment. Then, the polymer film of FIG. 1 (with a large @
product being formed on one side of the crucible to form a drive electrode αυ, and a detection
electrode (2) having a smaller curvature at the upper or lower or outer periphery of the drive
electrode αD is formed ing. In addition, on one side of the polymer film 117 of FIG.
On the other hand, an electrode is formed on substantially the entire surface of the molecular
film (on the other side VC of FIG. 1 and FIG. 2), and a non-piezoelectric plate of Mylar Town is
adhered on FIG. 3 VC. These polymer films (1) are designed such that the periphery is adhered
and fixed to the support frame and appropriate tension is applied by means such as% -curve.
Further, as means for applying tension to the shield 1 molecule film jl +, it can also be carried out
by bringing an elastic material into contact with one side-(2) by an amplification tube for
increasing the signal from the signal source as appropriate Akira network + 31 and vertical
movement turtle 擲 are connected as a vibrating body. + 51 Fi The feedback electrode is
connected to the detection electrode (] b) of the vibrating body (4), and the output is inputted to
the amplifier (2). Next, the operation will be described based on the configuration in which the
soil is disposed. Now, when the signal from the signal source is amplified by the amplifier (2) and
the audio signal separated by the network (3) is marked on the drive electrode all, the stretching
or bending of the polymer film (1) is piezoelectric The bending vibration is excited by the effect.
Similarly, the IC bending vibration is excited in the same manner even in the case where the fc
third bad c-nosymmetrical bimorph is formed. The portion of the detection 11E & (2) on the
polymer film (1) in which the An vibration is excited by the drive electrode α ll IC generates a
strain corresponding to the movement of the portion of the drive electrode α 2 from viscosityone. Since this distortion rc is reverse F + :, a voltage is generated at the detection electrode by
11L juvenile, a negative feedback loop is generated if this generated voltage EndPage: 2 is
applied as a WII feedback signal to the NI feedback amplifier f51. Is formed. In the above, the
area and the position of the detection electrode @ are the polymer film (the shape of the
detection film 11 and the vibration structure is J! But according to the deposition hand J1k
detected electricity & (2)? It can be easily formed in the area and position that is J. Therefore, the
dynamic range of the transmission characteristics of the return loop can be greatly improved,
and if a rate-frequency drive signal is used to form a negative feedback loop, high Q oscillation
can be achieved. In the present invention, as described above, the drive electrode to which the rcf
voice signal is applied on the polymer film, and the detection electrode tF &, which generates a
voltage by excitation of the polymer film, are used as the feedback voltage 1b. Since the vibration
of the vibrating body can be directly detected and no other detection member is required, the
structure is simple and inexpensive to manufacture, and there is almost no influence on the
vibrating body. In addition, the detection electrode can be used at the edge of the polymer film,
which is a peristaltic body, as it can also function as a damper. If the position and area of the
detection electrode are properly set, the transfer characteristics of the return roof) dynamic The
range can be greatly improved, and a single-frequency January negative feedback loop can be
formed as a drive signal.
It has an effect such as the light image of
4, a simple illustration of the drawing is not E! FIG. 4 shows an embodiment of a motional
feedback system according to AVc, wherein the first to third problems are front views showing
the embodiments of the lively object, and FIG. 4 is a block diagram of the trust circuit. (1) ......
polymer film .alpha.D ...... drive electrodes ■ ...... detecting electrode applicant pioneer stock
Corporation Attorney Takino Shigeru維 EndPage: 3
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