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1,-Name of invention
Domed speaker and its device
3. Detailed Description of the Invention In the present invention, a semi-hemispherical diaphragm
is used for the annular edge member! In this case, a sheet material for the layer 7 is used for the
speaker 7 for pressing the φ layer on the edge member, and n: J plate is applied to the edge
member. In conventional stereo systems, a dome-shaped speaker is used for sinking to improve
the frequency characteristic of the separation. Then, based on m, tt-FIGS. 1 to 44 of a
conventional dome-shaped speaker. l1ll! Light up. The dome-shaped speaker t-constituted yoke,
permanent d-stone, etc. are omitted. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the main part of the domeshaped speaker (1). The diaphragm (2) having a ball-like shape and the edge member (3) having
a loamy shape are integrally formed. In the above edge member (3), a part (4) of a semicircular
end page: spherical shape is integrally formed as if the exciting (2) is uniform -rt. Then, the upper
end of the cylindrical bobbin (6) is brought into contact with the inner peripheral surface portion
(5) of the bending position of the above edge member (3) and the diaphragm <2), and the outer
surface of this bobbin (6) The voice coil (7) is turned to gold. In FIG. 2, the hemispherical
diaphragm (8), the edge member (3) and the bobbin (6) are separately formed, and these three
members are formed by the inner peripheral surface portion (5) of the edge member (3). Fi to
weight! ! Voice coil (force is turned gold) on the bobbin (6). In the third figure, 7 flanges (8a) are
integrally formed on the outer side of the open end of the hemispherical diaphragm (8), and an
edge of the 7 flanges (8a), for example, an upper surface, is formed. . Increase the inner
circumference of member (3)! In addition, the lower end of the above-mentioned 7 lunge (8a) is
coated with the open end of the Etsu-wise sleeping voice coil (9). In addition, the upper eye selfwinding wound voice coil (9) is a material t of a rectangular section. It is easy to wind, laminate,
and fix using a layering agent, and a 6 L bobbin or the like is unnecessary. Thus, in the domeshaped loudspeakers constructed as described above, in any of the loudspeakers, the bobbin (6)
and the voice coil (9) are directly φ-layered on the diaphragm (2) or (3). Therefore, the
compliance (the soft name of the spring) t between the diaphragm and the bobbin or bobbin coil?
It can not be chosen arbitrarily, and it can not prevent the bad shadow 1 # of the division
vibration from tR ship to a bobbin or a voice coil, and it is a friend. Therefore, in the prior art, socalled "avale soul comfort" is generated on the multiple frequency pattern due to the interference
between the am plate and the edge member, and this is caused by the sudden increase of the
height d at the height as shown in FIG. There is a direct damping.
It is unnatural to buy a sound. The invention does not invent the defect 1 of the above-mentioned
item, which is invented by Himesho. It is an integral part of the method, for example, forming
integrally a spherical bulging portion made of rubber material on a cloth. The shave part of the
part has a Y + *-like shape, for example, a diaphragm formed by forming an aluminum basement
in contact with the diaphragm type, so that a voice coil is wound by winding a voice coil. And a
dome-filled speaker in the vicinity of the connection portion with the above-described edge
member, and a spherical-shaped output having a semi-spherical surface and a top cut off for
producing the dome-shaped speaker. A device for relatively JJQ pressure-bonding the abovementioned edge member having a unique shape in which the “b” portion is integrally formed
on the inner and outer peripheral portions, and the 儂 Ta plate having a to ′ ′ i-spherical
surface, A plate is placed on the lower die which has a circular disc-shaped diaphragm receiving
surface and the outer periphery of the lower die. A middle noodle having an end member
receiving surface of the above-mentioned edge member td & a relative pressure of the periphery
of the top of the bulging portion of the edge member against the periphery of the diaphragm; Of
the upper plate having the pressing surface, the upper plate of the upper plate and the edge
member in the lower plate and the middle plate, and the upper plate with the upper pressure of
the upper plate in good condition. The bulging portion of the member is made to have a pressure
of 1 more, and it is 5 nt = s * direct of the friend dome hollow speaker. Next, a nine dome speaker
(IJ and its construction) will be described based on FIG. 5 to FIG. The same reference numerals
are attached to the same # 1 road portion as the conventional weir, and the explanation thereof
is omitted. First, the structure of the dome board speaker (1) will be described. FIG. 5 shows the
first embodiment, in which an edge member uI wire cloth such as cotton, silk etc. is impregnated
with a rubber material and phenol resin h **. The ball 9 is formed into a concession using tl-, and
the top is notched at the inner peripheral portion thereof, and a bulging portion I having a y
hemispherical shape is integrally molded. (In this edge member, a half hemispherical damper 5
(4) is molded to one weight. The outer periphery of the damper part (4) is 0 in 7 runways. The
peripheral portion of the hemispherical diaphragm tta is image-layered on the inner surface of
the apical periphery of the bulging portion I, and both of them form a # PPb0 dome-shaped
speaker (1). The vibration 112 is formed using a metal, for example, an aluminum alloy, titanium,
or beryllium additive. One end of the cylindrical bobbin (6) has a hard layer name n on the
circumferential surface of the bending straight line with the edge member (kl (2) bulging portion
This Boppy / (6) is made of paper, metal, or an integral molding using Kosei resin temple, and a
voice coil t 'is wound on a predetermined iM: & of the EndPage: 21111 surface. It has been
turned. The open end of the diaphragm 0 and the-喝 of the bobbin (6) are separated by a length l.
For adhesion of the edge member to the diaphragm @ and the flange 6, for example, a synthetic
rubber adhesive is used. In this way, the sound of the friend dorm speaker (1) is sent to the voice
((7) and the signal 流 is 1 JL f 'LA, and this 46 No. 4 corresponds to the strength and weakness of
the vibration & (L4 is up and down It vibrates in the direction diagram, and thereby generates
the f voice. At this time, divided vibration and the like transmitted from the diaphragm to the
bobbin (6) are transmitted by dividing the bulged portion 1D of the edge member. Therefore, by
selecting the material purchase of the edge member uQ, it is possible to select the compliance of
the bulging portion (11) with great care and extremely easily. And thereby, the transmission of
the above-mentioned divided vibration etc. is reduced to pressure, and the resonance
circumference i! ! "It's changed, and" Abare soul smashing "appears on the frequency when it's
suspended. This company, for example, 12 + 11 shown in FIG. The 7 rat laps of 1 Iiil I range, 畝
性 性 性 性 性 性 性 性 性 性 性 性 性 性 傷 傷 傷 傷. In place, the diaphragm 1 is bonded to the
quotient of the bulging portion oD. FIGS. 7 and 8 show a third embodiment and a fourth
embodiment, and these-酋 are at the first center. m? The bobbin (6) shown in the IJ and 纂 2
real #A example is a ll-in-one voice coil (9), and these Wise-wound voice coil t91 is stiffened by
the edge edge member 4 There is. The manufacturing apparatus of the dome type speaker (1) of
the above-mentioned supplement will be described based on FIGS. 41O and 11 below. The first
central m-column all tenth factor of the armored ved is described. The bulging part dwells and
the diaphragm (14, the upper mold m x for pressing t and the upper mold m ×, the edge
member − and the diaphragm Q − are directly connected with the town iD , The diaphragm ttat,
and is constituted by a lower bet that elastically delivers the middle lj 1 4. In addition, the abovementioned upper Mi four, middle noodle tt'rI, and the lower employment range will explain the
shape to 69 or less in a large bowl type. The central part of the upper surface of the lower
surface is formed with a concave portion ill in the shape of a semi-hemispherical surface, and the
cow 11B is equal to the diaphragm @ and the bulge (the P invasion of ill is y. In addition, the
shape of the medium-sized q な す is that of a so-called cylindrical shape, and on the surface
1111 thereof, there is formed a concave portion QD in the form of a concession.
The width of the recess eυ is equal to the width of the edge member Q (the width of I is the
same as the width of I, and the depth thereof is the same as the depth of the part (4). On the
upper surface of the 7 flanges α 謙 of the edge member u 呻, a guide link α4 of a buttock shape
is wedged in advance. Also, on the upper surface of the inner circumference 'end of the middle
man, there is provided a convex portion (2) of a predetermined width, and the width of this
convex portion (c) Plagio-stratatosis with it, that is, the above-mentioned quantity l is defined.
The lower side μ 4 is formed in a convex shape, and the upper side surface of the convex
portion − is formed into a hemispherical surface (24 m) to make the diaphragm I 14 11. The
above convex mAJ is inserted through the middle m 4 hollow part, and the outer peripheral part
(2) of the 壕 9 lower type I 神 is flat and he has 1 spring)), + aiuntm Next, I will describe the fiber
of the domed speaker tl). First, the vibration #, [り] is corrected on the middle spherical surface
(24a) formed on the lower IjIi 4 and on the upper surface of the convex ridge (2). At this time, the
outer periphery of the diaphragm 0 is inserted into the dtJ 11 to become fc-like, in order to be
added to the inner peripheral surface of the annular protrusion 5 (2) of the middle noodle (I eta).
There is no That is, the diaphragm @ is thus determined. Next, insert the edge member-into the
concave part QU formed in + ma'r, and determine the position + by the guide link 2. In this case,
in this case, in the contact surface of the diaphragm and the bulging part uIJ. A so-called sensitive
adhesive (not shown) is previously applied. In this way, position the edge member Ql and the
vibration & dwelling that should be bonded to this city, to a large extent, and lower the BIi 4 on
the top with a specified opening pressure, and this roof 4 and The bulging portion 1D and the
diaphragm u4 are pressurized in a predetermined state between the lower bet and the lower bet.
The peripheral portion of the top of the eyelid bulging portion IO and the outer peripheral
portion of the diaphragm @ are mutually subjected to D-port pressure screw by the sensitive
adhesive. In addition, when the upper mttti is lowered and 7 'C, along with this, the inside 11a 尻
also bears on the spring (last) and lowers down EndPage: 3. However, the pressing work by the
roof-@ T @, and ascends this-at 1 o'clock, the repulsive force of the spring (surrounding) inside
4i! LL? ) Is also raised and returned to the original position vc reconnaissance. Then, at this
time, the edge wire portion and the bonding plate @ attached thereto are lifted up as a hook and
these can be easily pulled out from the middle IJit 17). The second example of VC production
Ma'u 51 is described by the eleventh offense. Above!
The central lower part of the i lower surface 111 is provided with a convex part with a circular
cross-section, the top (lower part) of which is formed on the hemispherical surface (30a) ・ The
middle noodle 17) is cylindrical An annular step portion C1υ is provided on the top surface of
the object f61, and the edge wire portion is positioned. And in the fourth threshold on the out of
Ji Ji η 長 length! The arc-shaped notch @Sta of is formed, and the contact portion of the bulging
portion I and the swing m * ta is determined. under! A convex S ridge is provided on the upper
side surface of the central portion of the ridge, but the award portion has a concave surface
formed of a hemispherical surface (33a) Q next is deformed as described above. An example of
the path passage of the dome-shaped speaker (1) by the α field is shown. First of all, it is formed
in the lower mold u8, and the hemispherical surface at the time of the convex S (33 り 鷹 鷹 鷹
鷹 鷹 鷹). The wedge diaphragm 0 positions the edge wire portion on the middle (171) by the 0th
step 6 段 positioned on the inner peripheral surface (2) of the middle plate aD and the guide link
4. At this time, as described above, the sensitive contact agent is dispersed in advance on the
contact surface of the diaphragm and the bulging portion I. And the upper m 4 is lowered by the
pressure of the foot pressure as mentioned above. As a result, the middle m (L7) is lowered
against the elastic direction of the spring (d), and the diaphragm fla and the bulging portion tin
are the sensitive adhesive agent as described above by the lower mold Q11 and the upper Jlul. It
is pressure bonded 1 to each other. At this time, however, the bulging portion uD is a soothing
dog due to the outer periphery rJli (to) between the convex portions of the upper mold ut19. In
this way, the dome-shaped speaker (1) described based on FIGS. 5g 5 and 7 is defined in the
ninety-fourth road described in the lth embodiment of 襄: mJA (to), and Table 21ii Table T1 In
the case of #j, which is described in the four second central epilepsy cases, the dome-shaped
speaker (1) explained based on the epilepsy 6 and 48 is proliferated. As described above, the
contact position I between the bulging-@up and the swinging IIb board @ is extremely 1 w!
Adjustable to the fist. As described above, the present Aqtv dome-shaped speaker is integrally
formed on the inner peripheral portion of the edge member which is a spherical surface and has
a top portion cut off and has a bulging shape with a top portion, as described above. Is a semispherical S-plate with a layer of 1ii, while a bobbin or a voice coil is applied to the edge member,
and S! Since the 11ll plate and the bobbin or voice coil are connected via the edge member, both
of them can be selected by arbitrarily selecting the material of the edge member which transmits
divided vibration etc. of the diaphragm to the bobbin or voice coil. The compliance between the
two can be selected at will, and the frequency dh is higher than the v4r [an (symbiosis, Jtlprevented, the good is bought for good).
In the above-mentioned manner, the top and bottom surfaces of the dome-shaped speaker of 9 *
* Ming's doubly-shaped, with the lower and middle molds positioned the end of the swinging end,
Since 2% of the members and the bulging portion of the member are pressure-bonded to each
other, the above-described effective dome-shaped speaker can be manufactured simply, with high
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIGS. 1 to 3 are cross-sectional views showing the structure
of a conventional dome-shaped speaker, and FIG. 4 is a frequency diagram thereof. 5 to 8 show
the dome eye of the present invention. FIG. 8 is a front view showing the # g4 center m row. Fig.
11 shows an embodiment of the speaker according to the present invention, Fig. 10 is a sectional
view showing the embodiment of Fig. 11, and Fig. 11 is a sectional view of the second
embodiment. It is a sectional view showing. In the nine symbols used in the drawings, (1) is a
dome-shaped speaker, (6) is a bobbing, ', t9J is an endwise wound voice coil, four is an edge
member suU a bulging portion, and lLa is a hemispherical loss IIJ4! L1 is a straight, four is a
shed, 117) is a medium size, and a bet is a small size. Agent birth l # 1 @ Han Tai Wei EndPage: 4
ヱ 0 櫟 EndPage: 5 notes 6. Inventors, patent applicants and agents other than Forerunners, (l)
Inventors (2) Patent applicants (7235) Patent attorneys Iisaka Yasuo (7605) Patent attorney
Hiromi Sakasaka (7814) Patent attorney Matsumura One-character correction EndPage: 6
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