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Brief description of the drawings: 1 aluminum cloth with glass fiber cloth base, 2 fireproofed
cotton lining. 21171−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention uses a piezoelectric vibrator
such as pariwam titanate 9 '# in connection with a single-shot apparatus 6 for convenience as,
for example, a self-desk (including fork lift) buzzer. The configuration of this conventionally
known sheathing d is, as indicated by Jl-, a composite of a piezoelectric vibrator and a metal plate
2 smaller in diameter than the composite. ) Piezoelectric sounding device by sticking the through
hole 9 to the central part of the diaphragm 6 and fixing the shoulder edge of the su's diaf 'x v (1)
ram 5 with the case member Km adhesive 1. II was completed. Is this conventional device smaller
than the central S <composite of Dia. 6? C) and breakage from outside, due to the structure 9, if
water adheres to the contact part between the diaphragm 5 and the composite 1.2, the adhesion
may be degraded and separated. The father, the external force acts on the central part of the
union, and it is pushed (If it is stopped, the vibration of f4 body is killed and the person who said
that the vibration gets better 75. があった。 In order to eliminate the above-mentioned
drawbacks, the woodwork machine processes the central part of the diaphragm for sound
pressure amplification with a convex mJA or 1siii at a place smaller than a composite of 4m
pressure and 4 gold plates. Thus, an air chamber is formed in one pair of the complex and the
eye and the diaphragm at the inner part of the complex, and [the combined product is protected
by the outside,... Yes, immediately, the diaphragm is convex or no sphere *) i is applied to the
complex to cover the complex-(1, x, 7) 2 water now directly to 4 · coalescence , A composite with
a diaphragm C), an agent f (J), and a blade capable of preventing deterioration of the third base,
or a convex or spherical surface / I'J contact with another element In the case of '複合 A −-man
(“also for the complex, its load is close to the joint of the complex (ie, the joint between the
complex and the diaphragm)). It is possible to vibrate without blocking the combination of “S”
and “L”), and it is also possible to obtain an Al one-like (J · 111 raw water resistance Gli has
excellent water resistance and piezoelectric type The purpose is to provide a j-report device. The
following is a description of the implementation side numbers and details shown in the drawings.
In FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 showing the first coating 1 / j, particularly the disk-like pressure-relief microresonator 1 and the metal plate 2 having a larger b-shape than this: CC 振動 I 成 r 夏 '' '4' R fd ダ
イ ヤ ((7 7 7 7 7 7 て て て て て ヤ ヤ ヤ ヤ ai ai ai It is processed in a convex form smaller than
the written board 2 in δ-shaped blurring, and it becomes a row i · body having a grass chamber
4 between ° (、, ~ 17 genus board 2 and Q).
The amount of the acupuncture point is determined by using a part for preventing the influx of
gold r18 and storing it in a container% 5JaQ) as a part of the protrusion for heat-swept and the
heat-cano combined. The sound is emitted from the body of the roar from the number Y hole 7a
which is f: it to the punishment L... In order to move the joint 44- at one stroke, the dynamic
circuit is connected to the non-stop plate 12 (3) '1! Built-in electrode wire 17.17m) get an input.
12 is a printed board and is supplied into the case 13 and attached to the case 15 with the
screuli 14 through the in-y, y-sh3 and y and 15 fists. In the case IAK, the mounting of the vehicle
body is performed by bringing the stay 14 into contact with the deta jeta vays. Therefore, the
sounding body is housed and assembled in @ 5a: Case 15r: assembled. The operation of the
present invention will now be described. Diaplum ssI supports the complex 1.2 and enhances the
conversion efficiency of the flexural vibration of the complex 1.2. Wholesale, sound pressure
increases in proportion to the sound generator, but on the complex surface nI:: e 套 神 、 ', the
vibration S not attached to the diaphragm S self-adapted) Since the combined shooting dynamic
diameter is expanded is there. The piezoelectric sound generator is wi or dust depending on the
use environment. Attaching to the place where mud etc. adheres is also considered], the
conventional diamond 7953a K 41 L (The 21H1 No. is provided, and when rain, dust, mud, etc.
adhere, deterioration of the adhesive strength of the adhesive is possible. Because of the
detachment of the gold body, the composite body 1.2 is covered with the diaphragm 5m as in the
present invention to prevent the deterioration of the adhesive strength t-. That is, in the case of
the conventional #I construction, the adhesion between the diaphragm sa and the united body
1.2 is made by direct contact with the outside because the folds are either directly or 114 tight
(when it is kept by the cover ◆). The power is degraded. There is a risk that the dinonobu muro a
and the composite stop 2 will be m *, but the one with # I /) 4 has a water-consolidating effect on
the water because there is no hole t- provided in the diaphragm Am. Next 21st! An example of
noodles will be described with respect to rice cake 5-. This is a lens consisting of a diaphragm 6a
made of lens type #imall Eshie's composite body consisting of a pu-power ship 1 and a metal
plate 2 to be one of the electrodes is funded by the diaphragm j & apos; The air weir 4 is formed
at the threshold with the diaphragm 6a. As described above, in the present invention, a
composite comprising a medium-fired sK piezoelectric vibrator of diaphragm and a metal plate is
disposed, III composite and the above-mentioned diaphragm rubber dark K (an air chamber is
provided, From the distance circle, the composite is in fixed contact with the diaphragm at its
mark J), so that the diaphragm vibrates freely) without disturbing the perturbations, that is, 66 °
or so by the eye , 14 coalescing part)) ・ ・ ・ part is 11 members maximum width, and when
the center part is pressed j member width is 4 · · · · · · 9 sounds no more or the sound is reduced
to 1 degree However, by providing the air chamber, a good 1-1 function can be obtained.
In addition, the diaphragm can be stacked on the composite by a diaphragm, and the waterproof
function is maintained by P, A1 aggressor. j) If you can take the device, it is 大 42) large. 4 Figure
1. 1) Description 1) j) and 42 show the prior art devices: internal correct 1 and 111, and A from
111 j, S location 31 m, -5 and 41 are not suitable. Skin pressure (11 expression side of the
equation 1 t> XffjiVll7L (Js, jfj yo Jllh-iJsJ # mJ. s51 is am * of only one person per minute
showing 42, 4 mA of the device of the present invention. 1 · · Pressure-INN forceps 2 · · · metal
plate, 5 + 1 · · · · · · 1 2 (4) tomb, 4 · · · air chamber. 賽 弔 l l! Takeshi Yoshito Representative Japan
Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.-43 Representative Takeaki Shirai (, 71 N '--river-) (7) Fig. 7---,
layer, /,--, \-/ / \ \ \ λ '/ \ \ 1/1. +1。 、, 17 / \\, \ ゝ,-/ 7, \, / Fig. 2-+29 ^ I! 7 【“丁” 7 01;
01 01 1 昌 4! ・ ・ ・ ・ White d 1, I + 'Di H, stock Fig. 3 Ken's monk Fig. 4 1' '5 Fig. -6/21 S to /
64- Noor 2' 2 ゞ · \ -j Gen -1, Buddha L / <1. "! y! = ',-C,'-T-seed, da · t + 1 ° t! y4ia”°′
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