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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of the
laminated sheet of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a partially cut enlarged plan view of the same
above, and FIG. 3 is a side view showing the manufacturing state of the laminated sheet of the
present invention. is there. 1 · · · · · · · · · · · · 1 1 7-173-real opening 47-33 276 (2) 174-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic
sounding device using a piezoelectric vibrator such as barium titanate, which is used, for
example, as a buzzer for a car (including a forklift). The conventionally known configuration is J!
As shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, the container 6 of the diaphragm 5 in which the composite
consisting of the piezoelectric vibrator 1 and the metal plate 2 is bonded is fixed to the container
6 as an elastic member (1) ) Or a sponge-like vibration absorbing material such as polyurethane
foam or home bumper, thereby forming a piezoelectric sounding device. That is, the support and
fixation of the diaphragm S for the conventional sound pressure amplification is the adhesive 11
or polyurethane foam of an elastic body. Since an adhesive is applied to a sponge-like vibration
absorbing material such as home rubber and the like, it takes time to be dried in its fixation, and
until the adhesive accumulates so that the diaphragm 5 is not displaced from the container 6 You
need to leave it alone. Furthermore, since the adhesive is used, the amount of use thereof must be
appropriately adjusted, which causes the problem of poor workability, and also the risk of the
diaphragm fixing portion being detached at the time of use due to the adhesive fixing. was there.
In the present invention, for example, an outer edge of the diaphragm is provided with an
arbitrary number of vibration absorbing projections, and a container serving as a case member
for accommodating the diaphragm is provided with the same number of fixing parts as the
projections. Support-! The purpose is to obtain the excellent effect of being able to That is, (1)
protrusion 1 of the outer edge of the diaphragm 1 m K11! However, the diaphragm is capable of
amplifying the vibration of the composite without blocking the vibration of the composite and
providing free vibration. , J! Since the diaphragm is fixed without using an adhesive, assembling
and assembling is simplified, and the detachment from the container at the time of use is also
eliminated, thereby providing a highly effective piezoelectric starter tit-. It is the purpose. An
embodiment of the device of the present invention will be described below with reference to the
drawings. In FIG. 6 to FIG. 5, vibration is applied to the composite SC which constitutes the
vibration portion by bonding the disk-shaped piezoelectric vibrator 1 to be held and the metal
plate 2 having a larger shape and becoming nine electrodes. In the central part of the diaphragm
5a made of, for example, polynithder film for amplification, in the case of a noble metal, as shown
in the HS diagram, the outer edge i1 of the diaphragm 311 is provided with an arbitrary number
of vibration absorbing projections 4 One support hole 5 is provided.
The same number of heat kanome projections (5) 7 are provided in the support holes 5 from a
part of the container 6 'of the synthetic lil oil, which is a case member for accommodating the
diaphragm hm. The support hole 5 of the diaphragm 3a is combined with the protrusion 7 of the
housing 416 so as to thermally fix the protrusion 7]. The diaphragm 3a is firmly fixed. Also, the
container 611 is assembled by heat caulking the metal mesh 10 for foreign matter inflow
prevention to the heat caulking projection 8 and the sound emission hole 9 is provided on the
front surface of the container 6a to emit the sound of the sounding body B. Since the composite
5t is driven by a ladder circuit, the drive circuit is assembled to the printed board 14 and the
input is obtained from the power supply connection wire 19. 19a. Also, the printed board 14 is
housed inside the case 15 and attached to the screw 1 i 1 [case 15 via an insulin V-type junction
17. The case 15 is mounted on the case 15 by attaching a projection 16 by projection welding to
the case 15 in a piezoelectric manner, i: /. In other words, the above-mentioned sounding body is
accommodated in the container 4a-5 °. The operation of the present invention will now be
described. Piezoelectric vibration, child 1 and metal plate 2 (electric! The complex (composed of
@ 薫 supplementary material and vibration transmission member) is moved by scum to make a
sound (4), but the sound pressure is low by itself and the vibration is amplified to make it larger
Make a winding voltage. That is, since the sound pressure increases in proportion to the vibration
effective diameter of the neck and the vibration of the composite 3C is amplified, the target
sound pressure is selected to have a gold diameter, and the above-mentioned metal plate has a
small rustability. The composite 5c is pasted on a mouse dial loop 6 @, the vibration effective
diameter is broadened, and the sound pressure amplification is measured. The diaphragm 5a
must be made to vibrate as much as possible in fixing the synthetic tire to the container 6 of the
regular tire tire Hummuro 11. Therefore, the outer edge of the diaphragm 61 is used for the
appropriate length of the container 6a. Also, an appropriate number of vibration absorbing
protrusions 4 are provided. The projections 4 serve as a substitute for the conventional elastic
polyurethane foam or the like, and play the role of a spring. Vibration prevention by fixing the
diaphragm 6a is further reduced. Thereby, the diaphragm 5aO) vibration field rl + can be
charged. Therefore, the fixing of the diaphragm 6m to the container 6a is carried out by
combining the projections of the same number with the supporting holes 5 in the supporting
holes 5 of the synthetic resin in the supporting holes 5 provided in the projections 4. Can firmly
fix the diaphragm 3 'to the container 6a. Although this is a vibration absorbing portion provided
at the outer edge of the diaphragm 3a.
If the shape of the container 6a (J) can not be enlarged, the projection length can be reduced by
providing a notch 12 of an appropriate length on the projection facing side of the diaphragm 3a
as shown in FIG. An effect is obtained. Also, in order to overcome the spring property of the
projections 4, the projections 4 may be formed in a wave shape as shown in FIG. Here, 16 is a
corrugated part. In addition, Q) fixed to the container 6a of the diaphragm 5a J l /), J: not screw,
rivet 4 υ) fixing parts, not by heat. Using a metal container, bending a part of the metal
container, holding it in the hole or groove of the projection 4 and firmly solidifying it. Also, as the
diaphragm 3a is in phase with the container 61 from above and below, even if it is redundant, it
is of course a pJ function. By using the structure of the present invention, the conventional
bonding structure may take a long time to dry it, but the fixing time can be shortened, and
conventionally, the diaphragm 3a may be shifted after bonding to the container 6a. Yes, there is
also a risk of disengaging at the time of use (but there was also a risk of having one, but the one
of the present invention can be fixed to the container 611 completely or 0 firmly without this
further deviation). By improving the quality, it is possible to improve the reliability of chewing
and fixing. By using the present invention, as described above, many effects can be obtained, and
the piezoelectric sounding device which can be practically used with great effects without losing
the efficiency of the vibration of pressure 'Wr, @ moving element 1 You can get Thus, by
providing a vibration absorbing portion having a diaphragm 3 m [protrusion, and fixing a part of
the container, for example, by heat caulking and fixing], it is extremely convenient in designing
and designing. Note that 1 generator oscillator is driven by, for example, alternating voltage (AC,
pulsating current, pulse voltage, etc.) K from ****. iた。 In the above embodiment, an example
of a metal plate serving as an electrode and a diaphragm 7 for sound pressure amplification as a
substrate for bonding a piezoelectric vibrator has been described, but an electrode is provided at
the center of a diaphragm made of synthetic resin without providing a metal plate. A conductive
paint that is 0 may be provided with a vapor-deposited metal thin film as a substrate, or a thin
metal plate may be used to make the diaphragm clear, and vibration absorption (a substrate
provided with a collection of Jti protrusions is adopted In other words, the substrate vibrates by
the force of vibration from the insulator to generate i- and the outer edge jffK (peripheral edge:
Jj;) is fixed to six cases, for example, a case comprising a container or case. In the case of an
issued plate, a plate in which the plate is integrated with (in the same material as) the vibration
absorbing protrusion, A, in particular, the diafurano, is described as shown in FIG. Stopper (with)
is made of elastic synthetic wood plate)) Install the Q projection 4 and provide the squeeze, toe,
and the capital (or adhesive part) 4a at one end, and connect it to the sleeve and at the other end
the kerf 4b connected to the case member or the elastic effect In order to increase 0) even if the
notch @ 4 C is provided, as described above 艮 b 0 or more, the piezoelectric penetrator is
integrally joined on the substrate as described above, and the number of elastic lines is formed
on the outer edge of the substrate. The carr et al. Provided with a vibration absorbing projection
of the present invention and the projection fixed to the case member can use the projection to fix
the wedge &.
Also, it has better dyeability than U using long rlA, 2u guretansoo etc. which have zero elasticity,
etc., and the elasticity of K7 with pear does not meet the vibration efficiency of the IEt oscillator. .
) (8) Because it is possible to amplify the free vibration and perform free vibration. The color
darkening pressure is good, and the effect is high that it is possible to obtain a piezoelectric
sound generation f & position where mechanical strength is strong.
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