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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are cross-sectional views in the
manufacturing process of the speaker diaphragm of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a half
cross-sectional view showing one embodiment of the Svaker diaphragm of the present invention.
It is. 板 board. Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3-47 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, it is possible to control
the heating temperature in a heating press after forming a sheet by controlling the color of the
dye applied to the material. Speaker diaphragms are generally manufactured through a process
of beating material → mixing materials → papermaking → heating press drying. The diaphragm
for Vibisaki manufactured by this aK is highly productive, with good quality variation. There is an
advantage of less. The main factors of the variation of the diaphragm for speaker O are the
material, beating degree, press pressure, Iti thickness, * 1, press temperature, especially press
pressure, press S degree [which is at the time of pressing after the diaphragm is completed] It
was impossible to analyze whether it was Li-2 or something that could not be analyzed. 6 (Press
6 lil [hardness of diaphragm, influence on internal loss, soft at low temperature, soft, large
internal loss If it is high, it will be hard and have a small internal loss, and even if it is rubbed in
any way, it will be inappropriate between products and 1 and it will be a large scratch in terms of
characteristics L / 1 ±. The present invention is intended to eliminate the above conventional
points. Hereinafter, the uninvention-A 桶 1. 1 will be described with reference to FIGS. 1 to 3 of
FIG. What is shown in FIG. 1 is yjZ in the mixing condition of the moving plate material, and the
water 2, the pulp 3 and the dye are mixed 4 in the tack 1. This dye reacts between 120 and 220
G, and changes color depending on the temperature. For example, direct dyes C0! , Direct plastic,
evening. C, I fillet brown, C, I, direct grino and t1% combined. More specifically, KFi + C, 1, direct
deep plastic as direct black, R XA (Sumitomo Kagaku-gaku @ ML), C, 1, direct brown as direct
brown SGA, direct brown MA (both Sumitomo Chemical 1111), C, Direct Dark Green BA
(manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical Kenki Co., Ltd.) is mixed as a direct dry 7 in the ratio of
H1, ss: o, ss: 1, respectively. Such a mixed solution is formed into a cone shape by a sheet metal
forming steel, and as shown in FIG. This upper and lower mold 4. IIK pad heater 7 is attached, the
amount of vertical movement 1114.5! I'm trying to heat. When molded in this way, usually, this
molded rod f is 120 ° to 220 ° C. Iia? Therefore, at 130 ° C. in Etoe, the oscillatory wave body
8 is I11 amber, pale yellow in ISOoC, and brownish green in 170′C.
As a result, the diaphragm 11 obtained in this manner is bonded as shown in FIG. S with 7 square
seconds, and the color of the m-plate 9 becomes different depending on the temperature when
the substrate is wet. . 4 Therefore, if it is dark green, it is around 130 "C. It is found that this is
soft and the internal loss is large, and if it is brown, it is hard after 170 ° C. 1II and the internal
loss is small. つまり、Ii!! iI! Sometimes this color! By adjusting lf, it is possible to
obtain the diaphragm 9 having the characteristics of the foot. As described above, the lifting plate
of the present invention of the present invention is colored with a dye having a different color,
saturation, or hue at a time, so that the adjustment of the molding temperature is performed at #
speed. In the case of tf + constant loss, it is possible to use a diaphragm of circular loss 4 to make
the variation on the characteristic surface extremely small and to make it possible to achieve
high quality. It is
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