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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view showing an embodiment of a
ribbon type electroacoustic transducer according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 a is a line
A-A 'in FIG. FIG. 2 is an end view of FIG. 1 cut along the line B-B '. 1 ribbon vibration plate 2, 2
'magnetic pole 3, 3' fixed terminal 4, 5 rib. l Fig.-89-J-52-39 138 (2) Answer Z Fig. (0, 1) 1 C 1
one corner 5-90 1
[Detailed Description of the Invention] The present invention is disposed between the magnetic
poles! ! Ribbon-type electroacoustic with a ribbon ringing board! The I + Bon diaphragm of the
conventional 1-bon type electric sound converter, which is a book to be converted, is a mere flat
plate. A standing wave of a predetermined frequency is generated on the plate and a split
dominant is generated. Therefore, the frequency response of the output sound pressure in the
ribbon lllll region is caused by -IIK peaks and valleys, and the sound quality is significantly
degraded. 雫 W 榎 榎 榎 K K ll ± ± ± ± ± え 膜 (え 念 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点))))) 欠 点 欠 点 欠
点 欠 点 欠 点) 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠
欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 41 Also for good reason. This discussion sFi is made on the basis of the
above-mentioned, and the split Jl motion f11 does not occur, and the mechanical strength f is
large. For the purpose of offering electro-acoustic 彎 尋, the following discussion? Fig. 1 is a plan
view iii of a 1-men 11 m air-acoustic converter of the embodiment, Fig. 1 (a) (1)). Shows an end
view broken at 111 g of A-em '@ and BB' lines respectively. 11 Bonn vibration 叛 1 is made of
gold jjI foil olfactory, etc., between two opposing magnetic poles 2.2 '! A boundary is applied
between the magnetic poles 2.2 '. When the magnetic field is busy, the solid 9.1.sub.1 3.51 is
made to be in the opposite direction in the perpendicular direction, and it is held by the quantity
constant terminal 33 'by the # J @ -liporibone diaphragm 1. The input signal current is constant
kf from the constant terminal 3.3 'direction from this, and this [Roment force due to the magnetic
field self-intersecting with the page of' J membrane vibrating plate 1ffi 1N is not in conflict with
the page of the paper sheet is there. (Rumors-1 metm m work 1 [1 upper Ktj 1 shaped 萼 4 、 4
、 さ ら s s s 2,2 2,2, ′ 2 ′ 2 ′ 啼 I-Ill edge K Fi sergeant IE mosquito wavy lip 5 豐It is acid
(2nd picture l1ll). Here, the lip 4 makes the mechanical strength of the 41 sides of the
rectangular diaphragm 1ift and the long bricks large, and the shape of the dapson vibration 1 [1
divided region marked by the lip 4] Let the triangle be a good thing k), and the standing wave
tube has a central part pc << s split vibration to suppress. Furthermore, the rectangular 1 mn
oscillation [1 long side is generally several times longer than the short side, I! llK long side
direction strength lll め め 萼 萼 5 よ う よ う 槍 槍 方向 槍 II II! The According to the 1 & n wet
snow air acoustic conversion 11 of this embodiment, no split vibration occurs in the slip plate 1
due to the lip 4 and the frequency bone property line becomes almost flat and the sound quality
Since the mechanical strength is large due to the groove 485, 4 @ mechanical hold is effective
against excessive input during impact. Furthermore, the response time to the input 411) K does
not deteriorate (3) because the Kl vibration [1 or heavy does not become heavy #i, and the good
power frequency which is the base length of the Ij-Pon electroacoustic converter L It does not
impair the characteristics or excessiveness. Although the above explanation has been made with
respect to the speaker, the present invention is applicable to a ribbon type microphone even if it
is applied to 1)! It is In addition, as the 9-ring grip-barb, it also includes a diaphragm in which a
plurality of electric paths are formed on one film and connected in series II. The LWJ surface
simplified ** Light 1111 shows an example of the ribbon electric wave electroacoustic cost
converter according to the present invention 1 1 1 1 1 2 11 Fig. 2)) 11 m 111 in the moom '& ll
I2 @ (Toughness is @ 1 -Cut it with B-1 '曽 so it's cut. 1-. Dapon vibration 1! 22-· · · · · 3, 3, 3-fixed
terminal 4.5-1 applicant applicant Sony Corporation Attorney Attorney Attorney Yusuke Arai (4)
11 countries 2 @ @ z 9g AA 'JBt @ @ blur Z Figure 2 (Α) 2 toe tapping Z (It)? -Falsehood-field
138 applicant Sony stock company representative Yusuke Arai-Kei-376 I # creator outside of w:
1 ~ "" a! タ タ フ タ 1 タ オ シ address Yokohama City Asahi Ward 2 俣 1 for 75 soya! Hideo
Matsumoto Hideo
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