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Address 22-22, Nagaikecho, Abeno Ward, Osaka 3. Patent applicant address 22-22, Nagaikecho,
Abeno-ku, Osaka Name (504) Representative of Sharp Corporation, Asahi Sakai 4, agent address ·
22-22 Nagaikecho, Abeno-ku, Osaka 545 Sharp Corporation (1) Statement 1 Through + 1 proxy
(R, ffi [phase] Japan Patent Office 0 JP-A 52-403 230 published N. Japan 52. (1977) 3.29
Japanese Patent Application No. 50- / 1674-'1 Office internal reference number 64-6 555
Description 1 Title of the invention 2.1 # # F Claim natural-t = ivo-zu σ Noslurry mixed with
glutinous flour and lk fibrous alpha (anhydrous gypsum, glutinous # powder filler) mixed with
firewood-based pyramidal agent consisting of melamine derivative mainly composed of
phosphorus and haloken Mixing agent such as polyethyleneimine S fat, etc. P, which is
characterized in that it is characterized in that it is characterized in that it is characterized in that
it has a flame-retardant speaker diaphragm σ) manufacturing method 05, @ detailed explanation
of the present invention It is about the hell. Following the addition of phosphorus compounds 1
and halogen compounds, etc., which use phosphorus esters as the living body, as a method of
flame-retarding such as natural pond rose fibers etc. As a means to promote the fort burning
effect), and age the palace 4 such as P (phosphorus), Br (bromine), CL (chlorine) and so on. (■
Combined use of inorganic materials. (3) Although it has been proposed that the molecular wk
structure of the compound should not be improved, the above O-insert φ) can not be easily
prepared in the preparation process from Rida, and the simplest method is to use avf in
combination. Most attempts are made. Antimony oxide as this mineral filler. Although fine sand
and alum 0 asbestos are considered. In the case of sardine, the same as the deflagration effect is
not expected at a small mixing ratio, and there is a disadvantage that the fan deterioration of the
stock is large when mixed in a large amount. Also, in many cases, modified antimony is used as
an effective inorganic material, or it is reacted with j (phosphorus), which is the main component
of flame retardant, with chlorine (CI-), etc. To produce such compounds (volatile glJ negative) and
promote the flame retardant effect7. However, since the degree of & of the result of Eri is
different from that of P, Br, and cI-, the antimony oxide itself does not exhibit the effect of all <*
g, and therefore, it does not contribute to the reaction with P, Br, and OJ- It is not only wasted,
but it also has the disadvantage of having IIIIilf to the human body because it is a sodium
bicarbonate material.
On the other hand, depending on the molecular structure of the flame retardant compound, its
EndPage: 1 degree of flame retardant rice differs in degree, and one structure of various
compounds has been tried. The compound to be said is that the incombustible effect is that the
11S compound T of the ester-based ester system causes binding or instability of the nitrogen
fraction or hydrolysis of the nitrogen component or it leads to deterioration of combustion with
time. there were. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention is to provide a method of
producing a mbei mI number which is superior to the above-mentioned defects, compensates for
the defects possessed by the flame retardants, and which has the superior effect of the erionic
combustion effect. The present invention will be described with reference to the actual example
of # 5 light 0. The present invention is a polyethylene powder to a valve slurry in the step of
making an inorganic alpha (alpha) anhydrous surface (solid) in a finely powdered vIl burn wound.
The mixture is mixed with a fixed agent such as imine, etc. and a sizing agent, mixed, heated, and
heated to obtain an ice wJ plate for scaker. In this case, the flame retardant V for which it is used
is a nitrogen component in the form of a phosphorus, which is obtained from a derivative of
melamine as a derivative. In combination with alpha anhydrite, this alpha (α) anhydrous gypsum
is a fibrous (100 to ZJOμ length, @ 2 to 4 μ diameter) mineral which is covered by 1 pylon 4C
of sulfur hydride and stone fire. It is an insoluble T which is insoluble in water. Also, because it
has a fibrous shape f, the valve m * fits well. At the time of paper making, it does not serve as a
ball of valve fiber. By the filter effect, 1 fine powder-like glaze particles are prevented from being
washed out with the water, and the slight upset is mixed. Moreover, the cost reduction of antburning can be achieved because it is inexpensive. As described above, the incorporation of alpha
anhydrous gypsum into the 4Iit # board for the speaker according to the present invention can
reduce sewing additives of Eri flame retardants, and can eliminate T employees' saving, and
moreover cheap '7' excellent flammability resistance A method of producing a flame retardant
sceer having sieving performance which is equipped with T. A center 0, ". ∼;EndPage:
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