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・ ・ ・ 4 ・ ・ ・ Soc. Hideo Maehara 2, inventor's address (whereabouts) d same as patent
applicant 3, patent applicant 4, inventory summer of attached documents ,. [Phase] Japan Patent
Office 0 JP-A-52-468120, published Japanese Patent Application No. 52. (1977) 4.14 Japanese
Patent Application No. Shojo / / (No. / / Office internal reference number 7: /, 21t, the
specification 1, the title of the invention
Condenser type speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention seeks to provide a condenser type
speaker having a novel structure. 0Conventional Ma, the condenser speaker is mainly, Cite, single
type, push-pull type, but the former is simple in structure, but not suitable for bass curing, the
latter is suitable for the whole range including the bass range However, there are problems such
as 5 that are difficult to produce and suitable for mass production. The present invention is
intended to solve such problems sufficiently, and the details of one embodiment will be described
below with reference to the drawings. The figure shows the whole of the speaker according to
the present invention, 1 being a fixed pole and conductive, and configured to receive an audio
current by a known method. 2 may be a vibrating metal film having conductivity, a metal film
deposited by metal deposition on a plastic film, a plastic film coated with a conductive material, a
polymer film having conductivity on its surface and processed into a vibrating film, or the like.
An elastic body 3 is made of sponge, polyurethane, rubber or the like, and is fixed between the
fixed electrode and the vibrating membrane to apply a damping force to the vibrating membrane
and to maintain a fixed shape. 0 Since the present invention is configured as described above, the
t-vibration surface can have any shape such as a flat surface, a spherical surface, or a cylindrical
surface. 2Conventional condenser type speakers have a problem in structural strength, but this
type of S5 beaker is simple and durable. 3 、 Can be used as a wall-mounted speaker with a large
vibration area by using the indoor wall surface. Moreover, the wall surface can be remodeled into
a speaker as it is. 4, good quality head 7 on, can be used for microphone EndPage: 1 05. The
ability to obtain respiratory sphere vibration can be achieved by forming a spherical vibration
surface. If a plastic film with a large internal energy loss is used for the 6 diaphragms, abnormal
resonance can be prevented. There is a problem in that the damping at the time of regeneration
of the low-frequency band of Condenser Speakers Inc. in the conventional * is weak. Since the
speaker of a system uses sponge, rubber, etc. for damping material, big damping can be applied.
8, f111 Because the moving material is soft sponge, it is possible to obtain a large amplitude, it is
possible to reproduce the bass range. Since a large vibration area can be obtained, the power
factor 5 is good.
4 is a brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is an exploded perspective view. 1-Fixed electrode
2-Vibration surface 3-Elastic body Patent applicant: Yutaka Anno 2.1! Figure 11 EndPage: 2
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