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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an embodiment of the
present invention, FIG. 2 is a front sectional view thereof, and FIG. 3 is a plan view of an example
of a piezoelectric substrate used in the device according to the present invention. | 13 ・ ・ ・ ・
・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ Electrode pattern. tib-165-actual opening 52-48374 (2)
FIG. 3 FIG. 4 correction correction 51.2. 25
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the construction
of a surface acoustic wave device, in particular to its assembly and packaging. Elastic l! In the
dark wave device, an input with a crossover S-shaped electrode) and an output F lance are
provided on a piezoelectric substrate, and a surface acoustic wave excited by the input
transducer propagates through the surface of the piezoelectric substrate to form an output. 0 In
the past, when assembling the surface acoustic wave device of the kernel, which is to be replaced
by the → デ ュ ー デ ュ ー → デ ュ ー. The electrodes on the piezoelectric substrate are
connected to the outside by wire bonding or the like (1), and the piezoelectric substrate is
enclosed in a case and assembled. Since the surface acoustic wave propagates on the surface of
the piezoelectric substrate, at least at least the propagation path of the surface acoustic wave
requires an empty space. For this purpose, the piezoelectric substrate is sealed in a case, but this
increases the cost and has the disadvantage that the number of processes is increased because of
the wire bonding. In addition, there is a drawback that the surface acoustic wave device itself
becomes large because of the use of the case. 4) There one J) Jj 1 has revised the method as a
simple surface acoustic wave device, and enlightened a method of enclosing without using a case.
これ1. On the piezoelectric substrate, a meltable material is 'I 11' coated on the surface
acoustic wave propagation path, and the resin of this busy winter porosity is d, の ち, and then
the meltable substance on the surface acoustic wave propagation path is eliminated To provide
an air gap. However, even in the case of Jin, a feeling is required to set up a demon space that
does not affect 1 to 2 surface acoustic waves. It has the disadvantage of increasing the number of
steps such as cleaning. The present invention ameliorates the above-mentioned drawbacks, and
has two or more elastic surface-suction devices in parallel, etc. MM 〆 〆 〆 2 2 2 鴬 鴬 鴬 鴬 鴬
コ ス 弾 性 弾 性 弾 性 弾 性 弾 性 弾 性 弾 性 弾 性 弾 性 弾 性 弾 性 以下 9 9 9 9 according to
the invention t 'drawings. FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an elastic surface direction wave device
according to the present invention, with a part of the explanation removed. Piezoelectric
substrate 11 藝 and 11AiJ are placed in such a positional relationship that the faces provided
with the cross comb electrodes a oppose each other. Each electrode of the cross comb * electrode
is connected to lead terminal 12 by soldering or the like. The pattern of the electrodes may be
formed such that the connection portion is concentrated on a part of the piezoelectric substrate.
Next, a well-known member 1s for holding a gap is provided between the piezoelectric substrates
11g and 11b. Although it may be a metal plate made by this company, in the case of the end face
Kfll in contact with the element 12), a heat dissipating material is used. The lead terminals may
be used together with the seventh member 13 which holds the interval.
This is adhered to the piezoelectric substrates 11 @ and 11b. Further, it is a front sectional view
of the apparatus of FIG. 1 and FIG. 1 in which the assembly and the package are colored by
molding the insulating layer with an insulating resin. As shown in the figure, two piezoelectric
single plates 11 @, 11A are ten (= 3)! □ Because it is separated by a minute, it does not affect
each other and can be used as an independent device 〇 The member 15 which holds the gap is a
metal plate, rubber, plastic, a wetting agent, etc. However, even if another one is used, 場合-社
when using a metal plate-company. It is connected with the reeds tide which makes this t-ground,
and it is beaten by having an effect of the wire for shields. straight&! An adhesive may be used, in
which case the 'unwanted bullet' av1 will be a wave-absorbing material 従 っ て so a 4-electrical
adhesive tM-. It has both effects. Also, these may be combined as appropriate. The elastic torsion
ma * device according to the invention may be configured to have a small number of lead
terminals. Fig. S 941 In one example of the electrode pattern, a common electrode to be
grounded is connected and a seal r electrode is also connected to the bottom, so a three-terminal
device can be made, even when two are used. Since it can be shared by the lead terminals to be
grounded, three terminals are also possible. * Also used in the case of using an elastic table dIJ
certificate device in series according to Fig. & * 1 Fig. R'J in case of turtle The part of the child
end (4) can be shared. The elastic bite wave device a according to the present invention can be
considered as described above. However, even if the t / S shift is made, the spacing member of
the piezoelectric substrate can also serve other functions, and the lead t A small number of
terminals will save one item of material. Therefore, the assembly etc. becomes easy and it can be
reduced to the engineering lks large wheel. Also, by integrating the two devices, IJ- also has the
advantages of small bubbles.
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