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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a graph showing the frequency characteristics
of the tone control variable resistor, FIGS. 2 to 4 show the tone control variable resistor of the
present invention, and FIG. The principal part top view which shows the one Example, FIG. 3 is
the principal part expansion explanatory drawing, FIG. 4 is a principal part top view which shows
other Examples. 2 ииииии Resistor, 2a, 2b иииииии Division resistor, 4a и R body 20 divisions, 8, 9 иииииии 1
pair of conductive contacts, 10 иии .... Conductive plate. Easy 1-97-Japanese Utility Model
Application No. 52-49840 (2) Figure 3-98-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The fourth category relates to a variable resistance
number for tone fist control used in stereos and the like. For example, in a stereo amplifier, a
variable resistor for tone control of two types of bass tone g: one for local tone adjustment and
one for local tone adjustment is used, and a bass is obtained by rotating a slider in each iiJ
variable resistor. Or to increase or decrease the level of the high-tone tone (sound [)], but to make
the middle tone и repehi-2-ll in the low-low-tone adjustment variable resistor 6, the variable
resistor When the slider of is set at the cleavage position of the resistor, its frequency
characteristics are low sound quality (B), as indicated by the solid line of the ? 1 graph
(horizontal axis is frequency, vertical axis is output signal level) , There is no increase or decrease
in the level with respect to the increase or decrease of the frequency ?, and that it depends on
the hedge! However, due to the variation of electrical components such as the resistors and
capacitors used in the tone writing control circuit and the variation of the resistance value
divided into the l-1 variable resistor, the resistance of the resistor is low. If the slider is positioned
at the position, the position of the slider is' not identical to the position of the electrical position
and the perfect six, as shown by the dotted line in the graph in the figure. There is a defect that
the characteristics are included and the sound quality is different. In the case of a defect, the
above-mentioned defect is eliminated, and the slider of the variable resistor is placed i, l 'L on the
resistance of the resistor f: Occasionally, the resistor and the terminal f: The terminal on the rIIJ
side and the intermediate terminal It is an object of the present invention to provide a tonecontrol variable resistor for making an electrical short circuit of the cabinet. Hereinafter, one
embodiment of the present four solutions will be described in detail with reference to the
drawings by P3-, as shown in FIG. 2, 1 (1) is an insulating substrate, (2) is a silver electrode (3),
(3) valve. [4] The horseshoe-shaped resistor connected to the terminal (4G), (46), which is located
in the middle position of the resistor (2), that is, around the middle of the sliding distance of the
slider (5) ) Is divided by a relatively wide dividing portion (6) into a dividing resistor (heart) and a
dividing resistor (two). (7) is a conductor formed by printing bone on the slide plate (1) so as to
deviate from the sliding locus of the slider (5), and both ends of the erroneous conductor (7) are
divided resistors ( 2a), (Conducted with one end of 2a, respectively, and bridge internal
expansion antibodies (2I &), (2h). (8) and (9) are a pair of conductive contact portions disposed
close to and opposed to each other at the center of the division portion (6) between the division
resistors (28) and (26), and the 10,000 contact portions (8) The silver electrode (3) is formed on
the inside of one of the dividing resistors Q on the substrate (1) by means of a semi-arc-shaped
conductive isotropy (?) printed in parallel with this. The other contact portion (9) is connected
to one end of a conductive plate made of a substantially arcuate metal plate or the like and an
eyelet Q1. In the length, the conductive plate 4 is a split resistor of a halo (a terminal portion
(108) disposed at the outside of the tens and provided at the other end is a base p, -4,--plate (1 -)
Fixed with an eyelet etc.-).
Here, the terminal portion (10B) is connected to the other terminal (4a) by the conductive
portion (6) provided in advance by stamping or the like. In addition, the conductive plate 4 and
the conductor (7) are provided with an air gap so as not to be in contact with each other. In
addition, it is 111s of the current collector which feeds to the intermediate terminal (46) and
conducts with the slider (5). Next, the operation of the tone control variable resistor having the
above configuration will be described. The slider (5) has its contacts (5G) (5 branched, for
example, an operation shaft (not shown) When the slider (5) is moved in the direction of arrow
(2) (refer to FIG. 2) in response to the rotation of), the slider (5) slides on the dividing resistor (2
L) * L , The dividing resistor (26)! When they are separated and positioned at the center of the
divided portion (6), as shown in FIG. 3, the branched contacts (5p) of the slider (5), (56) ha lif Im
contacts 111 (8), ( 9) Each contact ILL, the slider (5) conducted by the intermediate terminal (4
and the system current collector (6), the contact part (8) on the i side and the '+ i lead out part
(through the horizontal line) It is connected to the i terminal (4t) and connected to the other
terminal (4 &) through the other contact portion (9), the conductive plate (t) and the conductive
portion (2). Therefore, the terminals (?), (4t) on both sides of the resistor (2) and the
intermediate terminal (4) can be electrically shorted to ensure that the intended purpose is
linked. Further, the operating shaft is rotated to separate the contact contact (9) of the slider (5)
from the conductive contact @ (81, (9)) and slide it on the split resistor (2G) In this case, since
each divided resistor (each eight (2b) is the conductor (one-character insertion inserted)), the
middle terminal (4h) connected to the slider (5) to the yfT ?The resistance value can be
obtained. Further, FIG. 4 shows an embodiment of the present invention, and it is arranged
outward of the dividing resistor (core), and f: conductive plate cutting is further curved in an arc
shape, and the blackout plate cutting 14 Since one end of the contact is connected directly to the
terminal (?), as shown in FIG. 2, the terminal (dream) and the conductive 1j (11 m) are supplied.
There is no need to form the conductive portion (6) on the insulating substrate (1) to make the
connection. As in the case of the above, in the present proposal, in the dividing portion (6) of the
divided resistors (T) of (I), (2h) conducted to each other, the I pair of conducting contacts
contacting / separating to the slider (5) Conductor plate (8), (9) provided, less p,-,-fy---at least one
year old conductive contact portion (9) is disposed outside the dividing resistor (te) 7) tangent to
the terminal (4a) of the one-year-old dividing resistor (9), and the other conductive contact
portion (8) is a means suitable for the other terminal (40) When the slider (5) is brought into
contact with the first pair of conductive parts (8) and (9) after conduction, the intermediate
terminal is operated at the same speed as the slider (5). (It is possible to reliably short-circuit
each terminal (4 ') and (46) of the dividing resistor and the intended purpose of the variable
resistance number for tone control, and the slider should be at the middle position of the resistor.
Frequency characteristics when set to It is possible to provide a tone control adjustable resistor
which makes the swell completely black and has a very compact and simple structure, and it is
also possible to provide a small t (both one conductive contact portion or J 'one letter' @ board
divided Since the resistor is disposed for removal, if the other end of the conductive plate is used
as a terminal for fixing to, for example, a printed circuit board, attachment of the variable resistor
to the printed circuit board becomes more solid, and The formation of the circuit pattern of the
printed circuit board can also utilize the terminal portion '', so that the seven practically
outstanding effects of the freedom of the pattern are central.
In the above description, the first embodiment of the present invention and the L? ? C
conductive plate (6) are formed on the upper surface of the insulating base @ (1), but are formed
on the back surface of the substrate (1) Similarly, the conductive portion (b) may be formed on
the back surface of the substrate (1) by printing or printing. Also, although the pair of split
resistors (21 &) and (26) are conducted by the conductor (7), they may be conducted by the
resistor. Although, in the examples, the embodiments have been described using rotary variable
resistors, it goes without saying that the invention is also applicable to slide type tone control
variable resistors.
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