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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view showing an embodiment of a cone
type loudspeaker according to the present invention, FIG. 3 is a sectional view thereof, and FIG.
FIG. 4 is a characteristic view for comparing the characteristics of a conventional cone-shaped sbi
ker and a cone-shaped speaker according to the present invention. Explanation of main figure
number, 1 ... frame, 3 ... cone, 6 ... reinforcement, 7 ... reinforcement. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 1-59-real
opening 52-54623 (2) Fig. 3-60-
[Detailed description of the invention] 1 @ Subtitle 1 Name of the device]-Shishika 2, Needle
needle plan M recording mirror l) In the table of narrow and narrow coke, 綾]-孟 9 also has a
small ratio of 5蛸〕〕】-型 type strength. a modified d-n-type speaker improved C knees, and in
particular, having a material of "Tachibana A" to suppress the division of a hat. " -To. "--Sicce Jichi
/ JI 7)]-is well known that it appears as a distortion of wearing in a certain I-IIIi strain. 11 躬 躬
− − − 剛性 剛性 剛性 剛性 剛性 4 4 〃 と い っ て と い っ て と い っ て と い っ て と い っ て
− − − − 強 強 強 強 強 る と る と る と ′ ′ k 'R1k is large 9, 9 The fault of foolishness (such
as This article is one of the points mentioned above! 411 IC is t also I), speaker / 13-Sie 9% a
total of five small reinforcements S & :! By putting two corks, increase the south of the cork
without causing the fault of the pond 1 minute! It is intended to suppress 1J prosperity. 2 or less
uncovering to the habit of the present invention, congratulating you with reference to the four
sides · 1 区 1μ, 4 trees 二 係 る 2 − "-y mountain I will receive an example of one strength Mo I
cause 1 3 chest warmth 17) A-4 showing the findings II! In lr · 蝮 town, in Kinshikaha, with a t1
company mounting hole (2), a one-cuff lnome, -3 evening "--, (4) is a machikoshi (3) and a fortune
I! I # 5 Naru J "l Tsushi, · 5) Taste Koshi 13) Ijl L 1 added Tast Thousand P 1, (6) is M 4 I 111 I D1 f: 4 Ji 2 貼 4i 37 ' The s + 1 tmn material (6) is made of a material such as Pal 材 material
which has a leakage uniformity and at the same time I: eye: 1 iCj−sic (3)紹 1 ハ て そ g) L ′) 梱
梱 61 61 61 61 61 61 61 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11. Deir-I4-3-1-1) and aI-3-Coop-3) If the
opposing fibers of the electric fiber are spread over the entire surface, one example of d [circle]-@
is @ ij Recording-strong material (6μ) leveling ridges as a flat, barakala 4 v]-g) 4 @ to match the
m1lk:]-y + 3) rr) curve 4 of the reinforcing material (6)! It's a must for the In 'song. My father, Ii
performance material (Mu) is not a gaping stick with-3), but also 4 str f se 'Tub 5) 鮎 5 NLA and
each other C @ layering circle, fixing power is further increased The dormitory in the dormitory
is more human. Father, compound e) 愈 II crushing 6) 會-坏 ≦ 2 even if formed.
Figure 2 is another mourning island of this' JS draft, and one person gtt radiates to Naka 2.164!
'r-S book Q) 桶 ζ 什 6) and 1 C 絢 CMI people II − J 5 J 打 (1') t C) 媚 二 る 直 直 直 直 直 円It is
easy to produce 2 1 杖 杖 杖 一 絢 絢 す Q 1 Q 鼠 鼠 1, (ν) 19 ξ ★ 陪 1 掬-circumferential
direction 1 oi +-inserted! L 曳 悄 材 (7) 374 詣 1σ 佑 dance 1 · · 多大 多大 唱 唱 卓. In addition, 4
× 回 れ る 鴫 17 17 17 17 1617) Kiso, the first threshold, Figure 2 Gokusuku: nails several trees
or villages. 籾 6 【No) 惰 仮 temporary n'h I) M: φ シ ー シ ー L, 'r-' J-・ ・ q; ): 1 extra aL vessels
in season. -1 Bonds of water: No. of broken bonds: J% punishment, a part to the Pei Loka Okasuprised no tremors, but no, no, 11 叙 strong wood (6 (3) odd (1) 4 (2), (: z, g & g & 部分 部分 用
意 用意 用意 用意 用意 用意 用意 互 い 互 い 迎 迎 f f f f f The temperature of the rice bran is cold
and the starvation hunger becomes the habit T 抑. 4) The 4th meat is a characteristic chart of the
rattan showing how the second high foot wave strain changes depending on whether or not the
reinforcing material (6) is used, and the weir is the reinforcing material (6) If you do not use the
frequency vs strain caustic, the break-in is a vigil vulgarizability of the four visits using Bileau 蝦
6). As shown in Fig. 44, it is possible to reduce the amount of the second high-level metal of low
tR component below 100 H fff to cut and cut the reinforcing material (6). Even in this case, it is
possible to obtain a flat characteristic with a little bit of a waiting bit-11 n peak and valley that
generates zv in the sub vibration. As described above, it is possible to increase the cone f) -l by
adding a small reinforcing material having a ratio of 1 to 1 x i> <1. 11 minutes! l Suppression of
peristalsis and suppression of the printing vibration, and based on 9 saponification (useful V that
the low-grade paper can be reduced by 4 V, and also members of the material) members- Sticking
to C; from 固 固 'nil') 41 固 W 異 異 W で で 闇 f R R R R R R R R 抑制 す る 抑制 す る 抑制 す る
抑制 す る 抑制 す る 抑制 す る 抑制 す る 抑制 す る 抑制 す る 抑制 す る 抑制 す る 抑制 す る
め め め め め め 米 米 米 米 米 米 向上 向上, improving the sound quality Total. 2) * Use 5
external iron C * made as a * uit material, and use it as the whole inside shape of bamboo
scallops, according to [〔, It is also possible to raise the #T offending speaker, the point to the
east, to the forward speaker that puts out the net and the 1 to the 4th line.
4, s λg) simple 悦 閤 Fig. 1;-i: i ニ ニ シ シ b ヒ ー ヒ ー ヒ ー ヒ ー FE FE ′ ′ ′ ′ 示 す ′ ′
′ ′ ′ ′ ′ 一方 一方 一方 一方 一方 一方+ 淋 2 Figure is unthinkable! : Related]-Ti type l l ") of
the center of the sheet type positive l showing a central one! I1 figure, は 4 figure is a request 6
'J cone type slice and one point of the cone point that this point of view is ll? ! f 性 爾 時 (時 時 時
で あ る で あ る で あ る). Pi figure (1)---[f [No 乙 J3) ... of main figure number] コ ー 、, +6) ... 彊
彊, +7) ° · · · · Reinforcement material Person Mitaka Electric Co., Ltd. representative well ffi
female 1 st sts. 6-2112 @ 6) 27 "'-' 26'- ,, 6---= ', tL utility model applicant applicant Sanyo
Electric Co., Ltd. representative Ike Kenra et al. 4623' 1 1-7 q> \- 1e)-Throat,---, 11 needles; 1 "1 \
1-8 ,,. Ichiya, (1st @ Construction 8 (Rumor) utility model registration applicant Sanyo Electric
Co., Ltd. representative Ikei Satoshi. −! 葛 -1 ー ミ -15, 1iir,; g; ””; i province-(1 place 1 [■ ■
Bold Sakata, Oizumi-cho, Ouraku-gun, Hara-gun, Tokyo Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Internal name 1
艮 艮 ・-· i , -11;
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