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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1A to FIG. 1D are diagrams showing the structure
in each manufacturing process of the dome diaphragm of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a
frequency characteristic diagram showing the distortion characteristic of the same. 2 is a
thermosetting resin, 3 is a vinyl resin, 1 is a base cloth, and 4 is a silicone. 1'a) 1st port 1'b, 1-67real opening 52-67331 (2) 1st rc, 1 FIG. 1 [d] 3070 omega y reception b 1 f 6. To 1i ( ": J% и 111
& ии:; ? s j ░" frame s ? emissions s ? over-down a one now value Me l0002000B (X) 0 laps
Sina number [} {Z, 1100002??O? Figure 2 one 68 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a dome
diaphragm of a speaker, which is impregnated with a novel material before heat forming T of the
diaphragm base cloth to give a soft elasticity and to be internal. The loss is significantly
increased, and in particular the dome diaphragm of excellently reduced wave number
characteristics is obtained. Conventionally, a known dome diaphragm is impregnated with a
thermosetting resin as a molding agent, then the silicone-coated base fabric is heat-formed into a
dome shape, and then the silicone coating is applied again and a sealing treatment is applied. It
has a structure. This structure is before heat molding before! 2) Because the impregnated
material in the treatment process and the filling material in the filling treatment process are the
same, the two materials (silicone) or intimately coalesce, and the unique property of this material
is remarkable in the mechanical properties of the dome diaphragm Because this silicone has high
hardness (hardness of 15 or more) after curing and internal loss to mechanical vibration is not
enough, partial resonance or abnormal vibration in the divided vibration region, or vibration
wave at the Esso part Due to the reflection phenomenon, the vibration state or the disturbance,
harmonic distortion is generated, and there is a defect that excellent sound quality can not be
obtained. In addition, since silicone is one-component type and reacts with the moisture in the air
to be cured, the elasticity of the material increases after a certain period of time, and it has the
disadvantage that it is difficult to form with high accuracy or the like. . The present invention
removes the above-mentioned drawbacks by treating it with a novel material as an impregnating
material in a pretreatment step before thermoforming, and its feature is that it is a thermosetting
resin as a molding agent Is impregnated with the resin, and the base fabric impregnated with the
vinyl resin is then heat-formed into a dome shape, and then coated and impregnated with
silicone, and 3 has a sealing treatment, the vinyl resin and the silicone mutually complement
each other Therefore, the dome diaphragm has an ideal mechanical property-flexible elasticity,
internal loss, complete sealing-. Hereinafter, an embodiment will be described with reference to
the drawings. A uniform solution of cotton cloth, silk cloth or other base cloth 1 impregnated
with a diluted solution of thermosetting urethane resin (phenol resin) 2 (1 part) dissolved in a
mixed solvent of methanol and ethyl acetate (2 to 5 parts) And dry (FIG. 1 (a)). After drying, a
solution of vinyl resin 3 such as a vinyl chloride resin is dissolved in ethyl acetate, and a 5 to 6%
by weight diluted solution is uniformly impregnated and dried (FIG. 1 [b]). Then, heat molding is
performed in the shape of a dome under the conditions of a heating temperature of about 240 ░
C. and a pressing time of about 30 seconds, and after molding, silicone 4 is applied and
impregnated and subjected to sealing treatment. The soft dome diaphragm of a structure as
shown in FIG. 1 (d) is completed.
First, the dome diaphragm completed in this way penetrates deeply into the polyvinyl chloride
resin 3 or the fibers forming the base cloth 1 before the heating 7-'4 molding step, and the
phenolic resin 2 and the polyvinyl chloride resin 3 Are intimately fused to provide adequate
flexibility, elasticity, and the vinyl chloride resin 3 significantly increases internal loss to
mechanical vibration. After heat molding t-1 after application, the impregnated and impregnated
silicone 4 promotes softness and elasticity. That is, unlike a known dome diaphragm coated with
silicone of the same material before and after heat molding, it has an appropriate flexibility
impregnated before heat molding, and a polyvinyl chloride resin 3 having a large internal loss
and 1 after heat molding The large elastic silicone 4 of different materials impregnated with this
coating and mutually compensate, and the mechanical quantity characteristics ideal as a dome
diaphragm in the base cloth 1-flexible elasticity, internal loss, perfect setting Me? l / letter II)
granted. Accordingly, the dome diaphragm '\' of such a structure is apparent as compared with
the distortion characteristic of the known dome diaphragm shown by the dotted line in the
second harmonic distortion characteristic diagram of FIG. In the divided vibration region,
abnormal vibration such as partial resonance or rolling vibration, or an edge portion of the
vibration wave, etc., 111) 11 1 1 1 ░ 1 1 1 r! f6 t EI ? ? * mtvurt or significantly suppressed
and removed, especially the second harmonic distortion is significantly reduced in the frequency
band above 5 KHz, and the overall distortion factor is reduced from 15 to 20% to less than 5%. It
is possible to obtain good quality reproduced sound with extremely low distortion across the
wide band from the high range to the high range. As described above, the present invention has a
structure in which the vinyl resin 3 of the novel material is impregnated and heat-formed before
the heat-forming step of the base fabric 1 and coated and impregnated with the silicone 4 after
forming. Because mechanical properties are imparted as ideal dome diaphragms by the vinyl
resin 3 and silicone 4 of the species, it is possible to obtain a high-quality reproduced sound with
extremely low distortion across a wide band from the middle range to the high range. An
excellent effect can be achieved.
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