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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a main cross-sectional view of an embodiment
of the present invention, and FIG. Fig. 3 is a physical property curve diagram, a diagram of inertia
of AH magnetic thin plate, a diagram of inertia of BIl-1 piezoelectric thin plate, C is a composite
inertia view, and Fig. 4 A, B, C and D are diaphragms respectively. It is an embodiment figure. 10
... diaphragm, 11 ... magnetic thin plate, 12 ... W electric thin plate, 12a ... electrode,. 20 ... support
frame, 20a ... soil surface, 40 ... coil. Fig. 1-57-real opening 52-72723 (2) Fig. 4 AB 12 l 72 items
C / 2 g 12 B, / 22, 7212, D 2 item II "/ 2 1 58-actual opening 52-72723 (3 ) B1001K10 ((Hz)
Crew Beast One or Ctoot Klok (. NZ] 5 L table →-59-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a vibration Ii
apparatus such as a speaker or a headphone using a combination of a magnetic thin plate and a
piezoelectric thin plate (/) nine flexible fk II composite II plates as a diaphragm. . By the way, in a
device such as a speaker or the like, it is notable that a long flat part f * is produced in a wide
audio frequency range if the output pressure frequency is customized (hereinafter referred to as
"one fish"). Some conventional diaphragm devices use a magnetic thin plate as the vibration ms,
but this has poor characteristics in the image frequency range and some use piezoelectric thin
plates, but this has low characteristics. The present invention, which was mourning in the
frequency domain <both in unsatisfactory>, aims to eliminate the defects such as l :, and utilizes
the above characteristics of the magnetic thin plate and the piezoelectric thin plate. These
characteristics are combined to produce a long output pressure accumulation of a flat portion,
and an embodiment thereof is shown in FIG. FIG. 2 is an enlarged view of the circle in FIG.
Magnetic thin film @ti is a flexible thin film obtained by forming a mixture of 9 mixed materials
into a sheet by a heating roll by adding a synthetic resin such as poly & 2) vinylidene fluoride to
ferromagnetic powder such as ferrite, perma T1, steel, nickel and cobalt. The 6FF conductive thin
plate l-, which is horizontal, is made of a mixture of a piezoelectric ceramic powder and a
synthetic resin such as polyvinylidene fluoride, which is sheet-formed by a heating roll to form a
flexible thin plate 1. After providing the electrode / Jiij, etc., it is polarized and processed to be a
flexible thin plate. In addition, although the above-mentioned thin sheet I / I and piezoelectric
thin plate lco are both made into thin sheets by heating rolls, there are other methods of KJJ heat
pressing and other methods for this thin sheet forming. Mobile plate 101, consisting of a flexible
composite thin plate combining magnetic thin plate // and piezoelectric thin plate 12 in which a
smaller piezoelectric thin plate / j is placed on and bonded to 0 part of the magnetic thin plate //
It is a thing. Support team 20 is on th! The 11 diaphragm 10 is fixed to the 2nd 2 by the fixing
frame 30, and the above-mentioned diaphragm inside! The coil 4LO is provided facing the OK. 壕
9 vibration @ 10 piezoelectric thin plate /, 2 electrodes l & & &-) '* / Jbl / Jbt! 2する。 9) FIG. 3
shows the frequency on the horizontal axis and the output sound pressure on the vertical axis.
When the characteristics of magnetic thin plate l / and piezoelectric thin & l alone are changed to
7 or 7 in Fig. A, B, the synthetic characteristics of these characteristics are selected so that the
flat portion becomes long as shown in Fig. 6 It is done. In addition, it is preferable that it is
stretched horizontally, although it is stretched horizontally to the swinging force / OFi and the
soil fn of the support frame 0, but when it is bent and stretched, the output sound pressure
becomes high.
Therefore this invention is a town with a wide output sound pressure! As it outperforms a long
long club in the frequency domain, it has excellent performance. In addition, * dynamic @ 10 is a
flexible composite thin plate combining the above-mentioned magnetic thin plate / / 1 electric
thin plate /, 2 but as shown in FIG. There is a color kpL actual example as shown in FIG. 1 in
addition to the one obtained by adhering and bonding 7 smaller piezoelectric thin plates to this.
In reverse, as shown in Fig. 7, wholesaler A places a small magnetic thin plate it on the center of
the piezoelectric thin plate l (→ gluing, B is magnetic thin plate / l of the same size and
piezoelectric C is the center of the piezoelectric thin plate / λ and 01 is the center of the
piezoelectric thin plate / λ, and @ @ thin thin plate l / is fixedly fitted in the hole. The opposite
of DriC. The above-mentioned over-paper-binding device heat-molds the mixture of the
ferromagnetic powder and the synthetic resin into a thin plate and soft-heat-molds the soft
magnetic thin plate, the pressure tS device powder, the synthetic resin and the D mixture. A
flexible diaphragm made of thin plate, combined with unsinged piezoelectric 11 side treated with
8 @ processed after providing electrodes on the upper and lower surfaces, is fixed on the soil
surface of the support frame, and the inside of the support frame In the above-mentioned
diaphragm, a pair of wedge coils are provided, and the electrode Kt source of the abovementioned piezoelectric thin plate is continued, and the thin plate ratio 'ao * property on the
above and the above-mentioned piezoelectric thin plate single! 10! l! The output sound
pressure is wide, since the single 81 v characteristic is selected so that the flat part with a long
output sound pressure in a flexible frequency region with wide synthetic characteristics with I
characteristics. It has excellent performance of having a long flat part in the town area, and it has
high practical cost.
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