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Description 1, title of the invention
Sound wave generating diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention In the present invention, the audio frequency band or at
temporary frequency iIl number band or both t-words * word frequency fdt-generation of the
frequency band of the sound frequency generation sound ring 1II J # L The present invention
relates to improvement in terms of materials, and more particularly to a diaphragm for
generating sound waves having large and unique properties of specific stiffness E / ? (Young ?
E, density ?). In general, the physical properties required for this type of material are: 1) the
density is as low as possible, 11) the Young's modulus is as large as possible, and + * 0 internal
loss R is suitably large. There are three. In addition, the physical properties that can not be
provided in common by the low, middle and high frequencies of the desired reproduction
frequency band, the inter-ultrasonic wave number band, and the like K are mentioned above, the
first term 1) and the second term 11) requirements. That is, assuming that the density at rho ('t /
cd) of the material and the Young's modulus K (dyn / cd) of the material, the relationship
between the density rho of the first term i) and the Young's modulus E of the second term 11). It
can be said that a large umbrella material of relative stiffness B / ?, which is a ratio representing
a symbol, is most passed through. A sound wave generating diaphragm, for example, an audio
peripheral, receiving several bands, if taking the sound wave generating diaphragm as an
example, conventionally, natural fiber 1 artificial I & I as a material. EndPage: 1 plastic, metal, etc.
were used, but to obtain a diaphragm with higher performance than -1, metals such as titanium,
beryllium, boron, etc., which were mentioned above in terms of physical properties The enemy
was also suitable. However, these gold plated materials have practically fatal defects mainly in
terms of manufacturing, and have been difficult in practical use. That is, this very great drawback
is that titanium materials are relatively good in material processability, but their physical
properties do not increase relative stiffness E / ?, and beryllium materials , It is necessary to
provide sufficient equipment to prevent damage such as 1111 um 4 produced in the
manufacturing process. When the installation S cost is high. <On, the Young's 4E is large. As a
result, the product cost is very high, and in the case of boron materials, it is difficult to obtain
large amplitude and high level input when the mechanical strength is low as a diaphragm due to
its physical properties. Also, since the temperature is very high, with a melting point of 20002500 ░ C and a boiling point of 2550 ░ C with a pressure-atmosphere book, the processability
of step 4 when forming by adhesion such as vacuum evaporation is 1 Evil <, good quality
material Tekoma JIm is resulting in one article costs in response to constraints such as ^ Kunar,
and the like.
The present invention has been made in view of the point above. The main purpose of the sound
quality is the diaphragm for sound number generation, and the sound number generation with
extremely large physical properties of the relative stiffness V? that should be inevitable without
having difficulties in manufacturing etc. It is in providing the diaphragm for. Another object of
the present invention is to provide a diaphragm for sound number generation which has a flat
frequency characteristic and a wide j-number reproduction range (can be up to about 100 KHz in
ultrasonic frequency range 4). . An embodiment of the present invention will now be described
with reference to FIGS. 1A, 1B and 1. The following embodiment will be described by taking a
dome-shaped insulating plate used for a mid range and an audio range of an audio frequency
band as an example of a diaphragm for sound wave generation according to the present
invention. The type and shape are not limited to the examples. FIGS. 1A and 1B show a plan view
of a wedge surface according to the present invention. In FIG. 1A, (1) is a substrate made of an
easily formable material such as aluminum, titanium, plastic, etc. And is formed in a dome shape.
(2) is a pseudo diamond (a coating layer consisting of a film> b-b) coated on at least one surface
of the substrate (1), and ion beam deposition or other means (electron beam deposition,
sputtering described in detail later) Etc.). Here, the pseudo-diamond (film) to be applied to the
present invention is a diamond-type plate element molding, and in other words, it has a crystal
structure close to that of diamond or physical properties (? to Young 'h ? ?! [?, other than
that, the coefficient of refraction, refractive index, specific resistance, etc.) has a property close to
that of diamond. ?????? The sound wave generating diaphragm made # 1 in this way is
the same as a porous diamond being coated on the substrate + 1) with EndPage: 2 and has very
high stiffness. On the other hand, FIG. 1B is another embodiment of the present invention
different from the above-described diaphragm for generating sound wave shown in FIG. 1A
described above, and the sound wave of only the coating layer (2) made of pseudo diamond (film)
This configuration is suitable for the transmission plate for generating the number of sounds of
the ultra-high frequency band or the ultra-ta frequency band band of the audio station am band.
This sound wave generating mobile plate is produced by performing the peeling 1I11 of the
substrate n + and the coating n 11 (21 of the plate for sound temporary generation) shown in
FIG. 1A, or the substrate (1) t-etching. can get.
In addition, in the sound number generation transmission plate consisting of the base (11 and
the coating layer shown in FIG. 1, any material may be used as the material of the base +11, but a
structure of this type is relatively As the material of the substrate (1) which should be able to
achieve this purpose, it is suitable for a diaphragm having a low 1 ffff number band, and it has an
appropriate internal loss as well as a small mass. Those having physical properties are desired.
Next, one embodiment of a method of manufacturing a diaphragm for sound wave generation
according to the present invention will be described by an ion beam deposition method. FIG. 2 is
a block diagram of an ion beam vapor deposition apparatus for depositing pseudo diamond
(film). In FIG. 2, the ion beam vapor deposition apparatus 1t (11 is broken from the ions 11 ?
and steam N ? 0, and the ion source chamber a ? and steam ** aa are differential pressure
evacuation, and the ions 11 ? are 1010 "-'IQ-" (Torr), the deposition chamber is evacuated to a
degree of vacuum of about 10 to 10 (Torr). In the ion (ll L chamber (in L II, an electrode made of
carbon graphite (141, 1 pole t 19 and an introduction pipe (I 3 for introducing argon or the like
of inert gas) between the electrodes 1. ? are arranged). On the other hand, in the deposition
chamber aa, there is a difference such that the desired degree of vacuum is obtained in the
substrate base a.eta. On which the above-described substrate having a desired shape is placed,
the ion source chamber a11 and the deposition chamber aS1. An exhaust port for exhausting
with a dynamic pump (not shown) is disposed. In addition, between the ion source chamber + Ill
and the vapor deposition chamber (only one vent hole is provided between the two, and a
converger to give a vacuum difference between the ion source chamber U ? and the vapor
deposition chamber a) is provided, The diameter of the vent is about 1.5 wm. Also, a negative
voltage (about 40 V) is applied to the substrate (11) which is destroyed on the substrate base
?D, which is used to attract positive ions of carbon to the substrate (1) K. In the ion beam vapor
deposition apparatus having such a configuration, a high frequency voltage is applied between
the electrode I and the electrode ? 9 and glow discharge is performed to ionize high energy
electrons into carbon atoms t in the ion source chamber (I ? . Among the ionized longitudinal
atoms, positive carbon ions (C +) are deposited on the surface of the substrate (1) to which a
negative voltage is applied, through the concentrator QQ in which the auxiliary discharge is
performed. In addition, although the deposition rate which vapor-deposits carbon ion (0) to a
base | substrate (1) changes with carbon ion density, if it is more than a certain amount, that
control is the magnitude of * voltage applied to base | substrate 0). It is determined that the
negative voltage to the substrate + 11 described above is about 40 to 60 A /-in the case of 40 (V
Also, as a matter of course, when carbon ions are deposited on a substrate (1) K using this ion
beam EndPage: 3 deposition method, the substrate (1) does not have conductivity (for example,
plastic) t-selection When this happens, a film of metal or the like having conductivity is first
attached to the substrate (1), and then it may be carried out by the ion beam deposition method.
When the ions are vapor deposited, the coat-ink layer is formed as a crystalline good crotchshaped product to obtain a pseudo-diamond (film) having properties close to that of diamond.
The pseudo-diamond film has a characteristic t- that is close to that of a diamond crystal, and in
Young's modulus and evening density, it is almost equal to that of diamond, and shows other four
values of dielectric constant, refractive index and specific resistance. The present invention, as
described above, provides a flocking steel plate for generation having a crystal structure close to
that of diamond and a management property substantially equal to that of diamond, and
therefore has the largest property of relative stiffness. Is obtained.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIGS. 1A and 1B are cross-sectional views showing different
embodiments of the imaging plate for generating a sound wave of the present invention, and FIG.
2 is a photograph for generating a sound wave of the present invention. It is an example of the
manufacturing method which obtains a moving plate by the ion beam vapor deposition method.
(1) иии Substrate, (2) и и и Coating layer, Ql и и Ion beam deposition apparatus, и и и Ion source
chamber, a и и и Deposition chamber. a3 ... introduction pipe, (141, + is ... 111 Eff 1.11 [9 ...
converger. Qn и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Patented patent applicants Pioneer Co., Ltd. mass
production-Hideo No ?
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