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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view, and FIG. 2 is a mounting
explanatory view. 1 ..-m body-shaped back part, 2 .. eyebrows, 3 ... front net, 4 ... surface part. \
1st district -3-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a triangular
corner container attached to and used at a triangular corner appearing at a contact point
between a ceiling and three sides of a wall. The present invention has the same structure facing
down to the center of the surface or the center of the room when attached, so the main feature is
that the wall is easy to hear when used in stereo speaker boxes, wall clocks, etc. It is effective. In
addition, since the present invention does not protrude from the wall when attached, it is very
convenient and not disturbed when it is attached as an insect repellent container to the triangle
corner of the wardrobe or closet. 1-> Besides, it can be used as a tag for various things such as a
light box and a deodorant container. In order to make the features of the present invention
appear more generally, the explanation will be made along with the drawings, taking the case
where the present J & is used as a stereo speaker box as an example. Cone-shaped dormant part
(11 and nail holes for mounting (21 and front +1! A container consisting of a surface portion (4)
provided with a gutter (3) is mounted and used as shown in FIG. In the case of the conventional
rectangular wallboard, when stereos-carbonx is hung on the upper left and right sides of the
room and looked, the sound from each of the left and right speakers will go straight forward,
causing the phenomenon of hollowing out of the sound. There may be the inconvenience that it
is not possible to hear the sounds that 9 and 9 should be desired. In addition, the sound passes
over the chopsticks because it is set at the top of the room, and it may also occur that the desired
sound can not be heard. In order to remove such distractions, if you go down the speaker box to
the listening position you can prevent the sound slip and you can place the two loudspeakers 2boxes set close to each other closely. If set, it can not prevent the hollow of the sound. ゝ · · か か
、 壁 壁 ス テ レ オ ス ピ ー カ ー ス ピ ー カ ー ス ピ ー カ ー ノ ス ピ ー カ ー ス ピ ー カ ー,.
There is no condition that you can set freely anywhere, because there are 7 °, 7 °, 5 °, and 5
°. Therefore, it is necessary to move to a place where it can not be used in nine stages, and it is
further required not to cause inconveniences such as hollowing out of the sound and sliding up.
is there. It is possible to set a stereo rectangular box car box as shown in FIG. 2 for the
conventional rectangular wall hanging. However, it takes a lot of construction work that requires
a stand and the like, and the rectangular speaker box is attached downward with the back facing
out of the way in the triangle corner, and it jumps out of the wall from the heart and is unstable
It gives a feeling, and it becomes an unrefined thing as an interior.
-5 = If this invention is used as a stereo speaker box for the wall hanging as shown in Fig. 2, then
it will be used roughly because it points downward to the center of the room when fitted and its
feature of stable fitting in the triangular corner. It is possible to enjoy the stereo effect by
preventing the sound hollow and the upper sound IJ 'of the sound while using the triangular
corner which is not to be heard. In addition, the present invention does not have dust dust Dk
from j which must be zero in a triangle shaper, and since it is not attached to the plane of the
wall, it can not be inclined like conventional products. First mentioned that the wall hanging can
be used for various things by utilizing the% imitation of the present invention described by taking
the stereo speaker box for the example as an example, but if the present invention is used for a
hanging clock etc. IIE rice Because the clock hangs vertically, it may be difficult to see in relation
to the angle of the person looking up if it is hung in the middle, or the present invention turns
downward to the surface or center of the room when it is mounted. The reason is that children
have the advantage of being able to have a child on a stationary basis. It would be a big
advantage that it was dusty, not enough, around 1 time. In addition, as the interior of the wall is
always fixed to the hanging clock that is always hung on the wall as the interior is also
interesting enough to be surprising, it may be said that it is advantageous from such a meaning.
Such an advantage as an interior would be interesting and effective for not only the speaker box
and the clock, but also the lighting box etc. As mentioned above, the present invention is not only
intended to utilize the space which was not used in rice but also the use of the present invention,
the object of the present invention is the purpose of the article of 'tc-f: effectively It is not
possible to do J The same is true for the lift table used for insect repellents, clothes vehicles,
triangle corners such as closet would have not been used approximately, and by attaching to it
there is no sticking to plain clothes, etc. It is not an obstacle for getting in and out, etc., and it can
be said that it is effective 劣 even if it is inferior to Suge of the insect repellent that sinks down. 5Furthermore, the present invention has an advantage that it can be taken by a woman worker
since it has a large weir in contact with a wall or the like. There are various methods of fixing by
nailing as not shown in the figure, a ceiling, a method of attaching a pair of fasteners to the
present invention and the present invention, a variety of contact agents, etc. There is not much
need to decide. "The face-to-face design does not matter, depending on the item, for example,
even if it has a hexagonal shape Q that slightly crosses the corners of the triangle.
Even if the present invention is in the spine or in the form of a cone, it is a long waiting time, so
its sake and its characteristic features or effects that it does not affect sleep. There is no need to
disturb the It is a matter of course that only the triangular corner is attached to the corner
consisting of the wall No. 2 and it is attached to the corner oppositely, it is attached upwards, and
it is transparent and closed table 1]] Even one has a history. The present invention can also be
used directly on a desk. One side of the back lI]] s down ('C and it's sore. In such a case, as it is
obliquely upward as opposed to being attached to a triangular corner, it has an advantage of
being easy to see when it is used as a clock.
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