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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a magnetic circuit of
the embodiment of the invention, and FIG. 2 is a wiring diagram of the invention. Reference
numeral 1 is a thermal fuse and 22 charge voice coil. 寸 一 69-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker
protection device in which an input type soil to a speaker is blocked according to a coil) to
protect the speaker. In general, a speaker supplies a voice current to a voice coil disposed in a
magnetic gap to vibrate the voice coil, and the vibration is transmitted to a fine movement plate
to emit a sound south wave. Since the voice coil has a certain resistance value (often 8 Ω), Joule
heat is generated by the voice current, and particularly in the case of a large-scale waste beaker,
the voice coil adhesion E is degraded by a large amount 2 or more. It may cause coil loose, or in
severe cases, burn out the voice coil and render it unusable. In order to suppress such an
accident, the speaker itself added a special cooling device, or a device was added to the amplifier
that shuts off when the output exceeds a certain level, or the former is disposed inside the
speaker. Since it is difficult or not effective to cool the voice coil and to define the amplifier
output for the latter, for example, voice-for a momentary large input signal, amplifier output even
if coil temperature rise is not so high), It has a drawback in that it can not take advantage of the
speaker input resistance characteristics by blocking the '. In general, the input resistance of the
speaker is regulated by the temperature rise of the voice coil. This invention uses a temperature
fuse that melts depending on the ambient temperature to block the input signal if the
temperature of the voice coil of the speaker exceeds a certain value, thereby protecting the
speaker and will be described in more detail in the following embodiments. To light up. Fig. 1 is a
cross-sectional view of the speaker magnetic circuit according to the present invention, which is
housed in a cylindrical case 2 molded of a heat insulating synthetic resin or the like and molded
with an insulating material, and the cylindrical case 2 The lower end is closed by the tail plug 3.
Further, the lead wires 4 and 4 of the temperature fuse 1 are led out of the tail plug 3 and
connected to the terminal 5.5. Then, the cylindrical case 2 is disposed inside the center pole 6 of
the magnetic circuit, and the temperature fuse 1 is connected to the voice coil 22 and the linear
1 "as seen from the input end 21 and the -1. According to such a structure, when the
temperature of the voice coil 22 is increased by the input signal, it is transmitted to the
temperature or temperature fuse 1 of the voice coil 22 through the center ball 6, and the
temperature fuse 1 is As a result, the input signal to the voice coil 22 is cut off. As described
above, the present invention detects the temperature of the voice coil 22 by a simple structure in
which a temperature fuse is disposed inside the components constituting the magnetic circuit,
and shuts off the human power signal 4 when the temperature of the voice coil 22 exceeds a
certain value. <Since, the voice coil breakdown due to the connection 111R1 deterioration of the
voice coil 22 and the voice coil burnout accident can be reliably prevented, and the speaker can
be operated safely.
Needless to say, in the embodiment, the same effect can be obtained by arranging the
temperature fuse 1 below the center pole 6 or arranging it inside the other plate 7 or the like.
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