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Description 1; Title 2 of the invention; Wait ff-Claim d (1) d Shake the runner into a
predetermined shape by means of a synthetic resin. After making a decision on the frame by
funona and pasting it between the frame and the frame with the edge of this single fL dog
Megumi, joining the above runners, manufacturing method of the drone cone speaker with ?
town brow . ? ) + Ff 'Claim J) In the production of the # 1 method of the delon cone speaker of
the 1st term O self-destruction, the frame is also formed simultaneously with one reciprocation of
the diaphragm, and this 1 peristalsis is connected between the frames It is possible to paste the
gold on the left side of the runner while leaving the runner, and then to remove the runner t--a
method of manufacturing the horn cone speaker. 3. The 11V- # I graded invention of the moon
and the moon relates to the tearing of the drone cone speaker used in combination with a normal
reproduction speaker to improve the sound quality of the audio equipment The edge of the frame
and go root plate to be bonded together by using a lateral bending runner left at the time of
molding is completely attached. Was configured to Bona in Figure 41. 11 O of frame 1 such as
gold 0%, gold A1%! The edge 4 of the moving plate 3 is pasted together with the gasket 2 at the
8 edge, and the middle dog manipulative damper 5 of the moving plate 3 is separated and held @
and this drone cone speaker is a closed type The (4) live speaker is embedded in the case of (d)
and used for the purpose of extending the low range. In this conventional drone cone spee force
toshite, an edge 4 is pasted on a diaphragm S board 3 formed in a cone shape by fiber f: ? и k,
and it is configured to be incorporated in the entire frame 1 At the time of bonding of the plate 3
and the edge 4, it was necessary to use a jig so as not to cause a shift of the center when the
moving plate 3 is incorporated into the 7 frames 1. EndPage: 2 in the case of something like a
whole I,), in the effort to reduce assembly time, productivity, in terms of bravely inferior thing fc.
In the case of using mAk as in Oj), if the adhesive agent and the like remain in the jig, the above
4! r The parts center and wedge will be shifted, and if they are shifted and coupled like this,
normal piston operation will not take place, distorted vibration will be carried out, abnormal
noise will be generated, and 1 pressure-frequency a characteristic If the moving plate 3 and the
edge 4 were to be damaged quickly, they would be inferior in terms of lifespan. The present
invention eliminates the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks.
Hereinafter, the method of manufacturing the drone cone speaker of the present invention will
be described with reference to the drawings of one embodiment. First, the diaphragm 6 in the
present invention has a dome-shaped portion 7 at the central portion, and a cone portion 8
integrally formed on the periphery thereof. There is. When this vibration plate 6 is molded by
pouring a molten resin using gold or the like, several runners 9 will remain around the cone
portion d. As the runner 9 is left, it is taken out from the forming mold and used for
incorporation into a frame or the like. In the arrow, a5i94 is carried out based on FIG. 2 and FIG.
3 for the embodiment. The swing provided with the runner 9 on the frame 10 (incorporated on
the plate 67, the runner 9 positions the tn plate 6 and the frame 1o. Since the dimensions of the
runner 9 are formed by a precise molding die, if even the cutting dimensions of the runner 9 are
cut so as to be constant, it can be-foot. If it abuts on a predetermined position, the center 10 of
the frame 10 and the diaphragm 6 can be perfectly aligned. From this state, the cloth is
impregnated with a synthetic resin and molded to have a corrugation edge, or an edge 11 whole
layer jII agent consisting of a foam or a fi 1 machine such as urethane is coated and incorporated,
and a frame 10 and a diaphragm 6? All connected and simultaneous (Integrated with gasket 12,
4m (! -Dry and solidify, measure completely 12 pieces * Remove the runner 9? copy @ water 6
pieces и cut out H by using the frame 100 origin and remove the drone cone spear force tossul. In
this way, the crying of the ejaculation 6 against the claim 10 vc becomes stable, and the @ ? can
also be made a correct piston movement, and the same as above of the hunt 1 life 1 1 1 song
curve is corrected, and ,-F near) # shield is also advantageous because it does not use jigs r,
become an advantage, become! ????? ???? The edge 11 ░ frame 100 can be closed in
one step. Also, as another embodiment, a method such as 1-rS-r can be taken in FIGS. In the case
of using + S construction provided with a mounting portion 13 gold number 11 AI to the audio
equipment, VC integrally forms the frame 10 and the frequency e with a molding die, and this
frame 10 and the moat-provisional 61111 Leave the runner 9 ? as it is and attach the edge 11
with the layering agent as shown in FIG. 6 with the $ book, and after solidifying the layering
agent, cut and remove the runner e to show in FIG. 7 According to this method, since the frame
1Q and the vibration ??? plate 6 are centered by molding saving type, the edge 11r may be
bonded in any state, Center-displacement can be completely eliminated, and special order: i, can
be the same as above goods j [surfaces, drastic ibid productivity measures.
As described above, in the method of manufacturing the drone cone speaker according to the
present invention, the vibration fi is molded of a synthetic resin, and the runner is left around the
periphery to be used as a direct decision for incorporation into a frame. Since the edge is pasted
in the portion where the temporary material has been positioned, there is no need to use jigs or
the like at all, the assembly process is completed in one process, and the displacement of the
center of each part can be completely eliminated. It is possible to perform complete piston
operation a, stabilize the sound pressure-frequency characteristics of the characteristics,
sometimes low f, Iit, and also prevent the generation of abnormal sound, and also because of the
distorted ice width [Idiot It has the advantage of being able to measure the same in terms of
quality, etc., and has a great industrial value. EndPage: 24, interval 41 d Brother Qing Fig. 1 is a
cross-sectional view of a healthy Doncor 7 sby force, and Fig. 2 is the crotch of Drone corn nu
bica of the present invention-#: Application-: Breaking of a pair of bean processes shown in a
busy state lII] 1A, 1 Droncho 7 spee force l! Fig. 6 is a half of the frame and diaphragm in the
other embodiment, Fig. 6 is a half M111141111 TNI bad, Fig. 6 is a half showing the assembled
work aX. It is an open view. 6 fist иии diaphragm, 9 иии и и и и и и и и и Runner, 1 o @ и e frame, 1111 и и и и и
и Ets ? name of the agent Atsushi Nakao Atsushi Nakao 1 other Figure 1: EndPage: ?
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