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Item Description: Title of the invention
Bonding of ultrasonic transducer and vibration yU temporary (74 structure
2, detailed description of the invention, the present invention is an ultrasonic transducer and
vibration r side to be used in the super washing machine iP machine and the like! Fight adhesion
with Ultrasonic tweezers such as ceramic elite C1b such as 7 elite used for super t1 washing and
fish swarming machines are in contact with water or sputum and super transmitted to wave type
l-f? ?-? Vc ? ':! In the case of J ? ?, ? ?? synthetic uf uf uf uf uf uf ?? ??. The first
bad thing is ultrasonic cleaning, one example of Joruri completely, here 15 d device, 2 is antia1.6 1 one device? I would like to send it in a paper basket as if it was luff. 4r, ferrite detent 5;
forceps; c 16 being shielded by vibration agent 5 under the urinary agent name 5; c16: magnet;
7: coil; 8: drive circuit ft. Section 25 shows another type of ultrasonic cleaning system, in which
the ultrasonic transducer 4 is in contact with the copper moving rod 6 and the adhesive 111] and
is housed in the cover 9 In the state of being a father # # 2 in the sergeant. In the past, these
ceramic supersonic 'JjEkr =' iJ's and copying have been relied upon by ? f ? ? ? ?, ? ? ?
? ? ? 111 111 111 There is a problem that the vibrator is deteriorated and dropped due to
EndPage: 1. The present invention solves the above-mentioned problems by bonding the ceramic
ultrasonic transducer and the sliding plate with a Pb-8n-Znn gold alloy. Alloy solders used for
non-invention have unique performance t-should be able to bond directly to ceramic in the
ultrasonic vibration state, so that ceramic or ceramic and metal can be firmly bonded, durable,
moisture resistant It is also covered. The composition of the solder is mainly composed of Pb 2 to
98.5 s, sn 1 to 9 5%, Zn 0.05 to 50%, and sb ? 30%. When P'b is less than 2% (an weight is more
than 7.5%, the temperature of the molten liquid solder during soldering is in the semi-molten
state, that is, the mixed state of the liquid and the solid bath body) The possibility that the area
becomes too large and welding assimilation significantly limits the formation of the soldering. On
the other hand, when pb is more than ? 8.5 ░ and 8n is less than 1%, the melting point of the
solder is high, and the vegetable property is low. In the above-mentioned range, Pb 40 to 98%
and Sn 1.8 to 50% are particularly preferable. Zn has a function of imparting adhesion to the
ceramic surface and produces an effect at 0.05% or more, but when it exceeds 30%, segregation
is likely to occur and is unsuitable.
The content of Zn is preferably 1 to 10% in the above range. Although sb is not necessarily
required, containing 0.05% or more increases the water resistance and weather resistance of the
solder. When it exceeds 30%, segregation occurs, which is inappropriate. Desirably, it is 10% or
more. In addition to the above components, in order to prevent the generation of scale at the
time of soldering, AJ may be contained in an amount of 0.1% or more. At least one of Eli, Ti or
B? may be contained in the mold by 0.5% or more Ft in order to prevent the father, the solder
layer surface fogging. Also, it is possible to have about 1 to 3% of a component such as Cu which
has little influence on the characteristics of the alloy. The Pb-an-Znn gold alloy is dissolved on the
contact layer of the ceramic ultrasonic transducer, that is, the vibration emitting surface by an
ultrasonic soldering iron, and then the diaphragm is bonded to bond the two directly. A preferred
adhesion process is described below. First, a Pb-an-Znn gold alloy is uniformly bonded to the
surface of the ultrasonic transducer. In this case, the vibrator is preferably preheated to 250 to
650 ░ C. In soldering, an ultrasonic soldering iron is used, ultrasonic vibration of 20 to 6 QKH 2
is applied to the tip end of the tip, and the temperature is maintained at 650 to 450 ░ C. The
thickness of the adhered solder layer is 0.3 to 1, sranan degree. Next anko's solder adhesion
layer and gold! Between Pb-an solder pieces, that is, ordinary metal soldering, solder the solder
pieces (for example, ribbon-like pb-sn eutectic solder pieces containing flux paste) with a
diaphragm made of & l Heat and detonate the solder pieces. Instead of using solder pieces, the
surface of the P row 13 n-Zn alloy solder adhesion layer may be coated with Pb-Sn ore in
advance. A stainless steel plate or the like is used as a vibrating element made of gold IIS, but the
contact M surface is pretreated with Ni, Sn and Cu temples for after disease plating, and is
precoated with normal solder of Pb-8n thread. I'm sorry. Next, in a state where the Pb-8n solder
is melted, the ultrasonic vibrator and the metal diaphragm are moved so as to mutually rub to
remove air bubbles in the bonding field 4. The bonded part is then cooled to room temperature.
If it is delayed to room temperature, wash 7 laks remaining in the bonded part with = 1 = agent.
The cross section of the bonded toughness structure of the ultrasonic transducer and gold) tt4
made of 100m above is shown as the third problem, where 3 is a diaphragm, 4 is a transducer,
10 Shows a (Pl) -8 n-Zn thread solder layer, and 11 shows a Pb-8 n solder layer, respectively.
EXAMPLE A layer of an alloy solder of 91% Pb, 5n 5s, 3% Zn sb 1 g was adhered to the surface of
a ferrite ultrasonic transducer of the form shown in FIG. '#I The mover is preheated to about 300
░ 0, and the tip is heated to about 400'O. EndPage: 2 for ultrasonic soldering while applying
ultrasonic vibration to the solder. The solder layer was formed with a thickness of 0.5 J. Next, 7
lass ribbons of pb 3 B%, 5 n 62% eutectic solder are pre-N1 strike-plated between the stainless
steel diaphragms and vibrators, these are all heated by about 250 ░ OK, solder ribbons After
melting, the vibrator was reciprocated in the water direction to remove air bubbles in the solder,
and then the contact-completed vibrator and diaphragm were allowed to cool to room
temperature. After cooling, the bonded part was washed with an organic solvent. The coal bed
structure of the vibrator and the diaphragm obtained as described above is more specific than
the conventional synthetic resin-based contact layer, and the propagation efficiency of vibration
is increased and the power efficiency is improved. Durability In particular, there is almost no
deterioration in the property I1 due to humidity, and there is an advantage t-like the synthetic
side fat, there is little variation in strength and performance due to the contact perspiration. Brief
Description of 4.1 Figure 1 shows an example @mz of an ultrasonic cleaner. FIG. 2 is a crosssectional view of another type of ultrasonic cleaner. N6 is a cross-sectional view of an ultrasonic
transducer according to the present invention and a contact-N structure similar to a vibration
made of gold h4. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 иии Container 2
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии ? Drive circuit 9 ... cover, 10 ... pb-8 n-Zn
solder layer 11 ... Pb-8 n solder layer "p /) TA opening ? T1) 3 3, ? End Page: ?
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