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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a speaker. 1 · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 5 · · Damper, 9 · · ·
voice coil bobbin, 10 · · · voice coil. −137−
The present invention relates to an electroacoustic transducer such as a speaker and a
microphone, and more particularly 6; a junction between an imaging plate and a voice coil
bobbin constituting a vibration system, a diaphragm and a voice fill bobbin, The present
invention relates to an electro-acoustic transducer in which a joint portion with a damper is
adhesively fixed by an adhesive containing mica powder and an epoxy resin as a main
component. In general, an electroacoustic transducer, for example a loudspeaker, is constructed
as an Il l box. That is, in the drawing, fi + has a central portion 1 niscent ball (2) protrudingly
formed, (3) is a ring-shaped magnet, (4) is a ring-shaped plate, and 11. A magnet (3) is stacked on
top 11 and a magnetic gap (5) is held to overlap a pre-one (4) to make the magnetic circuit 1
crosswise. (6) is a frame coupled to the plate (4), (7) is a supplementary frame (6) upper end (: a
diaphragm to be adhesively fixed, (8) a voice of which one end is adhered to the diaphragm (71
lower portion) The coil bobbin is centered at the central opening of the diaphragm (7) via a
damper (9), and its voice coil +1 (I is the magnetic gap! However, when the diaphragm (7), the
damper (9), and the voice coil insert-insert bobbin (8) are in sliding contact and fixed, the epoxy
resin adhesive has high adhesive strength and high rigidity after curing. The epoxy resin
adhesive is produced by mixing and reacting a main agent containing an epoxy resin as a main
component and a curing agent containing an organic amine or a polyamide as a main component
I: In the direction of IL which hardens more, the reaction heat reduces the viscosity as the
reaction proceeds, which has the disadvantage of flowing down. Therefore, since the voice coil
bobbin is normally made vertical and the assembly of the speaker is performed, the epoxy resin
adhesive (2) agent flows down on the voice coil bobbin (8) and the magnetic between the voice
coil bobbin (8) and the plate (4) In order to generate a large amount of defective products by
closing the empty line lightening, the viscosity at the time of mixing the main agent and the
curing agent was selected to 20,000 to 30,000 cpa to prevent the flow down. Alternatively, add
powder of precipitated calcium carbonate or succinic acid anhydride to Epoxy resin resin
adhesive, and prevent the adhesive from flowing down by preventing the viscosity decrease due
to heat of reaction to form an electroacoustic transducer. In this case, the adhesive can be
prevented from dropping, but it has to be applied with a spatula etc., and the coating operation is
extremely complicated, the workability is extremely bad, and the cost is high, which is a circle.
Thermodynamics, the use of expensive automatic adhesive application equipment can improve
the workability at a constant level, but with this, the manufacturing cost becomes large, and the
electricity of the conventional example is substantially poor in terms of cost. It does not change
with an acoustic transducer and round.
Therefore, it is easy to apply circularly 1 to the junction of the voice coil bobbin with the
diaphragm and damper, ie, from a dispenser such as a syringe, to the voice coil bobbin (3). It is
desirable to form an acoustic transducer, but if the viscosity is reduced so that it can be
discharged from the needle of the syringe, it flows down, and if the viscosity is increased, it is the
inner ring that is discharged from the needle of the syringe. Furthermore, in order to significantly
improve the workability, it is necessary not only to simply discharge from the syringe but also to
be capable of suction. If not respirable, the piston must be removed and the adhesive refilled
each time the dispensed material is discharged. In view of the above-mentioned point, the present
invention is a dispenser such as a syringe, and a coil bobbin and a diaphragm with adhesive
capable of suction and discharge, and a damper like adhesive is adhered to form an
electroacoustic transducer so that a magnetic chamber gap is closed. And to significantly
increase the workability and reduce the cost significantly. Further, the present invention will be
described in detail. In the present invention, mica powder and a washout preventing agent are
added to Epoki V resin care agent, and this is applied to voice coil bobbin (8) C: applied,
diaphragm (7), damper (9) Glue The adhesive used herein is obtained, for example, by adding 40
parts of 50 mesh to 500 mesh of mica powder and 4 parts of an elastomer to 50 parts of Epoki V
wood fIiI. When the workability of the adhesive with a syringe and the flowability are compared
with the conventional epoxy resin adhesive, the results in the following table are obtained. \
Workability: flowability. -T · Note-□ 1 minute after curing: Option 4 2 Good Use 1.5i □ 5 Care
Agent Precipitated Calcined Carbon Dioxide Powder Added Epoxy Defective Defect, 3,069.6 Resin
Adhesive Commercially Available High Viscosity Epoki not good & bad 3. □ 01, 2 resin adhesive
In the above comparison test, the initial viscosity of each sample was approximately the same,
and a commercially available 5 cc glass syringe was used as the syringe. In the workability test,
the syringe was removed, the needle was removed and the adhesive was sucked, and then the
syringe was attached with a needle and the adhesive was discharged. In the flowability test, a
predetermined amount of each sample was dropped on a sheet of paper, and after mourning, the
paper was held for 6 minutes at a time, and the flow length after a predetermined time was
reduced by the width at the time of dropping on paper (5). As apparent from the above table, the
adhesive added with precipitated calcium carbonate has poor workability and low viscosity. The
adhesive used in the present invention, which has a pair of mica flour added, has good
workability, ie, good suction and discharge of thin tubes, and almost no flow-down after a long
time. It is considered that the difference between the suction and the discharge may or may not
be caused by the fact that the precipitated calcicum powder particles have an irregular shape,
while the mica powder particles have a single-piece shape.
Then, discharge the epoxy resin # cacotic agent to which mica powder and elastomer are added
to the bonding part by a discharge body such as a syringe, and bond and fix the voice coil bobbin
(8), the diaphragm (7) and the damper (9). Thus, an adhesive-less electroacoustic transducer can
be formed. According to the electro-acoustic transducer of the present invention configured as
described above, (a) there is no obstruction of the magnetic gap, and generation of unnecessary
articles can be eliminated completely. Since it does not require time for bonding work, it can be
made into a single line, and it can be applied in the order of low order, etc., and exerts
remarkable practical effects.
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