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@-Book 1, Title of the Invention High Young's modulus material layer and in-island-loss material
layer laminated. As the high Young's modulus material layer, the J1 il rim side incorporates a
vibrating plate with high density of Young's modulus material, and a voice coil which is partially
embedded in the magnetic gap of this cloudy a & Fc upper bound di portion A speaker that is
considered to be t%. 2.) As the high internal loss layer of the above-mentioned diaphragm, the
central part side is characterized in that the density of the high internal loss material is increased.
f-Requested range The high Young's material layer and the high internal loss material layer are
laminated on the peripheral portion of the frame coupled to the speaker O according to the first
aspect, as the high internal loss material layer In the center part side, a vibrating plate of 46 << is
directly incorporated with the dense internal loss material and the voice coil tMtt partially
inserted into the magnetic gap of the field 11 part is incorporated into this vibration m4L as "* a '
Loudspeaker 2, at the S edge of the frame that is coupled to the 4111 (1) field section required.
3. A detailed description of the invention: The speaker using the vibration & which is constructed
by alternately laminating the high modulus material and the 1111 i internal lost material
alternately, the density t of the above-mentioned each material is changed t ll ll, To provide
custom-made, stable ones. · As the vibration plate used in the conventional speaker, as shown in
FIG. 1, an appropriate ratio of KA gearing factor and high internal loss material. The tumbling
plate substrate 1 formed into a cono shape by paper-forming the material of 9 or 1 mixture
mixed in 1) is t-impregnated on a cloth and attached to an edge 21 formed in a corrugated shape
by t-impregnation, etc. The property that is required to one general Kfia board is a dignified and
strong t. However, the above-mentioned constitution can not satisfy the above-mentioned
properties. From such a thing, conventionally, FIG. As shown in FIG. 3, layers 3 made of a high
Young's modulus material and layers 4 made of a high internal loss material are alternately
laminated to form an EndPage: even t-man like layered f! 徽 tIb board has been developed with
the edge 6 pasted on a 11 l plate substrate 6 plate upper plate 6 ・ According to this
configuration, it is possible to make a strong 4% I vibrating plate with a relative 41 If it is used as
a speaker, it can be said that it can be efficiently reproduced over a wide band 9, but this 1lt1. に
よる−のにおいても。 Near the 111 & range limit, the internal loss near the central part of the%
l vibration excitation board 俸 6 is insufficient to cause a peak in the sound pressure-frequency at
# characteristic, and from the middle 6 to the 塾 f range from the edge 6 The mechanical fif to
endure the reaction force is insufficient, anti-resonance occurs at the peripheral edge of the am
board base 6 near the edge 6 and the sound pressure-frequency I! There is a disadvantage that
dips occur in nature, and when it is severe, abnormal noise is generated. The present invention
eliminates the conventional defects as described above. Hereinafter, this embodiment dAt- will be
described with reference to FIG. 4 and FIG. 5 of the embodiment. First, in FIG. 4, 7 is a field
portion, and this field dtlfl 17 is a center ball d. , Ring-shaped magnets 10. The field section 7
shown here is called an external magnet type, and the IC 41 E-like magnet in the yoke or the
columnar magnet and the pole piece are assembled. It may be covered by a so-called internal
magnet type. A frame 12 is connected to the field portion 7, and a peripheral portion of an
ignition plate 14 together with a gasket 13 is connected to a peripheral portion of the frame 120
by a bonding agent or the like.
The voice coil 16 is coupled to the central portion of the diaphragm 14, and the intermediate
portion is supported by the dam / bar 16 so as to be properly fitted into the 4a air gap 17 of the
field unit 7. A dust cap 18 is attached to the upper surface of the central portion of the iIl
temporary 14. Although the speaker is constituted by Kore, the speaker with two speakers in # 5
dA has a feature in the diaphragm 14 described above. That is, as shown in FIG. 6, a layer 19
made of a pickled Young military material, a layer 2 made of a high internal loss material, and a
layer 21 of a Young's modulus material are further laminated to form a cone. A substrate 22 is a
cloth made of a synthetic resin or the like impregnated with a synthetic resin or the like, and the
edge 23i is formed into a corrugated shape and laminated to form a diaphragm 14 and a high
Young's modulus material layer 1a, 21 kJil-gutter is a high Young's modulus material To increase
the height of the 皺, and to prevent anti-resonance of 1 14 cL at the inner part of the island) and
239 jA of the end loss material layer 2o, and to stabilize the sound pressure-frequency a
characteristic of the middle weight range and the abnormal sound generation In contrast, as the
high internal loss material layer 20, the central part of the core is a high internal loss material
dense Ift high, constant high Young's modulus material $ 19, 21 Stop the split resonance tm of
the central part near the high frequency limit as It is possible to measure the stabilization of high
frequency range-local wave a 4 I nature-Of course, i # of high young single material @ layer 19,
21! l edge は of ε high Young's modulus material dense f k high, central part of high internal
loss WM layer 2 o ど high difference of high internal loss material, sound pressure-frequency% of
the whole band Can also be measured. As a method of referring to such a diaphragm 14f, there is
a paper making method. . For example, to change W straight sound of high Young's 4M material
layer 19.21 as mentioned above, pulp fibers and carbon fiber or alumina wax of Young's
modulus are evenly divided into water tank for paper making To make it enemy, f: & enlarge the
drainage holes in the part corresponding to the peripheral part of the moving plate base 22 or
make it large in number, and make the drainage holes in the part that is in contact with the
central part small. If the amount of sand is used using a sheet-making metal (punching metal) t
having a small amount of K or a small amount, it is possible to make the single-piece materials 1ii
19 and 21 with high and low degree of disgust. In addition, as mentioned above, in order to
prepare 20 different high internal loss material layers with different concealment, the drainage
volume at the central part is high, and the low paper making metal (punching metal) of the
drainage car at the peripheral part-high internal loss M department It can be obtained by
forming a lint t-rich material made of cotton or wool, and it may be obtained by separately
forming it, and it may be bonded # & d when pressed and it may be continuously made.
EndPage: 2p, the high Young's modulus material layer 19 is formed by the above-described sheet
forming method, ground, and the sheet-formed whole sheet fe4 can be attached and controlled to
control the high internal loss material layer 20 by the above method It is also possible to make a
sheet so as to pile up, and then to form a high Young's modulus material layer 21 'and control
each to a sheet-formed wire mesh 1 so as to bond the layers 19 to 21 by fiber entanglement. In
the above real Jlli example, the three-layer structure is described, and the following can be
arbitrarily configured as 2r-144e54m 'layer. However, the three-layer structure is considered to
be the most effective, considering the mass and the time as the diaphragm 14. As described
above, the speaker according to the present invention alternates layers of high Young's modulus
material and high internal loss material Laminate at least the high Young's modulus material
layer around the lik part-how high the Young's modulus material denses it, or at least the central
part of the high internal loss material layer-the density of the high internal loss material Since the
diaphragm is used, the sound pressure-stabilization of the frequency 4I property can be achieved,
and high fidelity reproduction-having advantages such as becoming possible etc. and having a
great industrial value. 4, a simple lightening first side of the white surface is a half # 1 l JLi
diagram of Shiro # l ら れ る used for conventional speakers! 1 鴇 2 午 Midday section of the
erosive drop used in straight-lined speakers of the hood, 3rd factor is Hiroto-cho top view of the
enthusiasm, the fourth shows an embodiment τ of the loudspeaker according to the present
invention Cross section, -6 is a half cross section of 1 辰 鯛-used for the same sceaer · · · · · · ·
eWdm, 12 · first · fist frame, 14 · · · · a a plate, 1s-e, ,-Voice coil, 17 · · · dl air gap, 19, 21-· · · high
4 material layer, 0 0 φ · 1 ** high internal loss material,-0 agent's name Mr. Toshio Nakao 1
person Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4-EndPage: 3
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