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Control device 1 with one-way degree of freedom with a coordinate indicator, a single-acting
lever 'mounted on a joint that can be pivoted in a specific cone from this zero position around
this zero position. Provided, acting on the movement converter by means of the command lever
via two circular linkages, with the axes of the two circular linkages perpendicular to one another,
and one-way free with a coordinate indicator provided with a coordinate display In the control
device, the control device is constituted by at least seven articulated parallelogram limbs,
provided at seven or more apexes of the device for connecting to the command lever, this m
point with the end A movable means at a point equidistant from the apexes of the side limbs of
the parallelogram limbs, wherein one end can move around a fixed common axis perpendicular
to the plane of the parallelogram limbs The movable means has a delay means at the other end,
and support means for the index cooperating with the indicator panel is provided at the vertex
opposite to the vertex, and has a coordinate indicator in one direction. Control device.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of an embodiment of the one way
freedom control device with the coordinate indicator of the present invention ,! 2 is a
longitudinal sectional view taken along the line A-A of FIG. 1, FIG. 3 is a plan view of an indicator
device having two articulated parallelogram waves, and FIG. 9 is a parallelogram of the device of
FIG. It is one side view of the part which comprises a wave. / · One-way freedom control device, u
· · Coordinate indicator 3 index, command lever! ... Slewing joints, t · spherical bearings, 7. And
circular link device, potentiometer, IO ... spherical part / / ... plate, / J, / 3 / hemispherical cap / /
9 indicator device / 3 / #; Shape wave, / 7 · · · common vertex, 77 ′ · · · · spindle, / r, /? , 20, J /,
23, 24t- ([1 transmission 1.2.2, 30, ..., End Page: 4 points, 2j, 24 ... movable means, J7, 21 ...
connecting rod, 9 · · · fixed command axis, 3 /, 3 · · · joint portion, 3 / '· · index or projection
device 33 · · · support member, !!, 3 (, · · ·, ear 37, ... Projection device base, 3 and so on. m Permit
applicants NP PHILIPSE FLUERAN PEN 7 APPLEN Attorneys Attorney Sugisaki E, 岬-? 2 ′ ′
Attorney Sugimura Kosaku-2EndPage: 5
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