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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the electromagnetic
acoustic transducer of the present invention, FIG. 2 is an exploded view of the electromagnetic
acoustic transducer of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is an electromagnetic acoustic transducer
of the present invention. It is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of the state taken out from
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The electromagnetic sound box transformer
according to the present invention is characterized in that the N pole on the central portion or "="
81 L. "t" "" ell, & AtA * il L,. A magnetic (1) ♂l 石 stone plate with a plurality of holes drilled in
this way, and the eight magnet plates thus formed are made into a relative trade, and a conductor
is spirally formed in the gap between the opposed magnet plates. Are printed or vapor-deposited
on both sides of the thin film, and the skin vibration film is placed, and the vibration film
including the conductor is configured to vibrate the vibration film to reproduce the sound based
on the voice current given to the conductor. The present invention relates to an electromagnetic
acoustic transducer. Conventionally, the most frequently used electroacoustic transducers have
conical diaphragms, which are electromagnetically vibrated at the central portion to obtain an
acoustic output, but the diameter of the peripheral portion is different. The fact that the central
part is connected to the motor of the drive unit does not cause the diaphragm to vibrate at the
same speed, and the separate regions resonate with a completely complicated oscillation pattern.
Moreover, since the diaphragm also has sufficient go inertia and momentum, the transient
characteristic is deteriorated to i. For this reason, it is desirable to provide an electro-acoustic
transducer which is driven at any point tM on the diaphragm in a tangential manner, and in line
with this purpose, various all-drive electric sound (2) O-echo transducers are For example, a large
number of long permanent magnets are arranged in parallel, separated, and an audio current
tube flow acoustic output is obtained from the conductor of the vibrating membrane interposed
in the magnetic field (c) generated between the permanent magnets. Or the center part of the
vibrating membrane interposed in the gap between a pair of circular permanent magnets, and
the lead wire is drawn from this part to give a voice current, and in this case, the vibrating
membrane The central part of the magnet is fixed, which has an adverse effect on the acoustic
characteristics. Furthermore, a permanent magnet is formed by alternately magnetizing the N
pole and the S pole, and-in a densely generated magnetic field The thing which makes it
intervene is also included. In this way, it is necessary to carry out precise work, which is very
complicated in configuration by any of the conventional methods. Furthermore, it is a factor that
increases the cost and the cost because the processing process is complicated. SUMMARY OF
THE INVENTION The purpose of the present invention is to remove the above-mentioned defects
by making the center 1ft N pole or 8 poles, the outer peripheral part to be a different pole from
the central part, and a plurality of parts between the central part and the both magnetic poles. (3)
○ Form “f2” magnetic plates relative to each other, and spirally form a thin film of conductor
between the magnetic plates facing each other. Provided is an electromagnetic acoustic
transducer comprising a conductor configured to vibrate the diaphragm to reproduce sound
based on the vibration current printed or deposited on both sides and based on the sound
current applied to the conductor, and to provide an electromagnetic type acoustic transducer
having nine vibration displays. It is to do.
Further, the eighth object of the present invention is to use a permanent magnet that only
magnetizes the central part and the outer peripheral part with different polarity KIF, and does
not require a complicated magnetization pattern, so the magnetic field interlinking with the
conductor of the vibrating membrane SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION An object of the present
invention is to provide an electromagnetic acoustic transducer having a vibrating membrane
provided with a conductor which is extremely easy to carry and capable of being produced fully
automatically since the position is not limited. The present invention 0 '# 3Q aims to fix the
vibrating film having a conductor only at the outer peripheral portion, and there is no other
element that physically inhibits any vibration. The present invention provides an electric type
acoustic transducer having a vibrating membrane provided. (&) さ ら に Furthermore, the
present invention is intended to provide an electromagnetic electroacoustic transducer applied to
various speakers, mitarophones, earphones, headphones, interphones, telephones and the like.
One embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings.
In FIGS. 2 to 3, 8 is a disk-shaped ferrite magnet, and the 7th light magnet 8 has a central portion
7 會 N pole or S pole, A plurality of holes 7j, 7 (equally spaced at equal intervals or different
intervals concentrically in the center 117, the outer periphery 7 & and the O middle portion 74)
are magnetized to 8 poles or N poles different from the center portion of the outer periphery
7ak. , L will be installed. The super thin vibration film 15t is inserted between the ferrite magnets
8 of the disc amount formed as described above and the ferrite magnets 8 of the disk amount are
made 211Ilt-opposing to each other, and the ultra-thin vibration group company company The
micro thin film is formed by printing on the both sides of a conductor 14t polyethylene film such
as copper and aluminum by printing method, vacuum evaporation method or other method, and
micro holes are formed in the center of 16 ° # ′ ′ • Insert and fix a conductor 26 or a
conductor tube in the end hole, and further attach a ring-shaped terminal 21.22 plated with
nickel to a copper (ml) copper plate in the vertical direction. To prevent metal-to-metal contact
on the upper and lower sides of the ring-shaped terminal 21.22, and to form a doughnut-shaped
backing 9.9t made of a material such as fiber rubber as a buffer, mesh 1007 メThe screens 24.
24 are placed, they are housed in a casing 25 such as metal or plastic, the open end is bent
inwardly and the whole is fixed at the fold bending portion 26. Since a synthetic magnetic field is
formed in the air gap by the repulsive magnetic force due to the formation of air gaps between
the two ferrite magnets 8.8 opposed to each other, the conductor 14 is formed. The sound can be
reproduced by causing the vibrating membrane 15 to vibrate by the sound current generated in.
FIG. 3 is a schematic view showing the vibration principle of the diaphragm in the
electromagnetic disc acoustic transducer according to the present invention. Nt and the outer
circumference 1117-Klff in the central portion 7 of the 10,000 ferrite magnets 8! The eight poles
and the O11 mK magnetic field line 19 (6) 0.19 'are formed, and the magnetic force & 19. 19 is
present in the air gap 18. The other ferrite magnet 8 similarly produces a magnetic force of 靜
20.20 ′. In this case, since the N pole, the N 4.8 pole, and the S pole face each other in the
ferrite magnet 8.8, the magnetic forces IIk 19 and 20 and the magnetic forces 11j 19 'and 20'
are symmetrical with the vibrating film 1st. Therefore, the magnetic flux lines 19 and 20 and the
magnetic field lines 19 'and 20' are mutually combined near the top, and are collected in the
form of 1111 in the form of merging, so that unnecessary magnetic field lines are eliminated.
Therefore, in the vicinity of the overlapping tops, the concealment of magnetic lines of force is
extremely large, so-called combination! ! i and II fields are formed. When a voice current flows in
the conductor 14 in such a state, the force in the arrow direction (hereinafter referred to as
"arrow direction") is overcome according to the law of 7 Remming, so that the vibrating film 15
vibrates up and down. The vibrating membrane 15 vibrates and generates an O-bulge like a voice
current. Thus, in the present invention, a synthetic magnetic field is formed, so the magnetic field
is strong, and the vibrating membrane 15 is effective. Even magnets with weak magnetic fields
can be put to practical use. Since the vibrator of the present invention has an edge formed on its
movable part, the film part surrounded by the wire ring becomes full-scale vibration, and can be
reproduced as a high-pitched whistle-small diameter-such as earphones However, the frequency
characteristics can be made sufficiently good.
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