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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are perspective views of a stereo cassette
tape recorder showing one embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 1 is a view of the tape
recorder as viewed from the left front, FIG. The figure is a view of the tape recorder as viewed
from the right front. FIG. 3 is a perspective view of a stereo cassette tape recorder showing
another embodiment of the present invention, as viewed from the left front of the tape recorder.
1 ...... triangular prism body (housing), 1a иии 'иии bottom, 1b ...... on the product, 1c и и и и и inclined
planes, 2 ...... Tape Casing installation room 7, 8 иииииииииииииииииииии Loudspeaker window disturbance
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This discussion relates to a stereo tape recorder, a
history (and more particularly to a stereo cassette tape recorder using cassette tapes. In recent
years, stereo cassette tape recorders have become popularized f '(a remarkable one). By the way,
the conventional cassette tape recorder, its casing is formed in a box shape of almost rectangular
and rectangular hexahedron, and the 1 ? --di-stereo tape recorder using the V-cassette tape in
the same casing Is incorporated. However, since this conventional stereo Qi pre-coater has a boxshaped casing, its arrangement capacity becomes large, resulting in a great appearance shape,
and the arrangement position is considerably limited. doing. Furthermore, since the operation
member of the recorder is also attached to the horizontal or vertical surface of the case, its
operability is also good, depending on the size, and depending on the arrangement position of
the tape recorder, the operation may be extremely difficult. Is there? The object of the present
invention is to break the slippery concept of such a conventional stereo cassette tape recorder,
and to form a Thiprecog's case with a case in which a triangular column is horizontally
elongated, and in the case, a stereo It is an object of the present invention to provide a stereo
cassette tape recorder in which components of a cassette tape recorder are incorporated, and in
which both sides of the case 11111 correspond to the opening of a speaker. When the triangular
prism is placed horizontally on the tabletop etc., its bottom area is large, so the stability becomes
very good -2-, and it is between the bottom and the opposing upper control. Since the surface is
an inclined surface, the three-dimensional volume is reduced and the appearance is good.
Moreover, this inclined surface is characterized by being very easy to see from the outside. The
present invention takes advantage of the characteristics of this triangular cylinder and forms the
housing of the stereo tape recorder in the shape of this triangular cylinder. Hereinafter, the
present invention will be described by the illustrated embodiment. In FIG. 1.2, components of the
nute okasenoto tape recorder, that is, a tape, a drive @ structure, a magnetic recording /
reproducing stereo-node and an eraser, are formed in the inside of the housing 1 formed by
making the triangular cylinder horizontally long. A hondo, @ an electric circuit for sound
reproduction and a power supply, a speaker, a microphone or the like are provided. Then, on the
left side in one plane lc in two planes formed of a triangular prism and formed by the inclined
surface between the bottom surface la of the sucked housing l and the upper control 1b opposed
to the bottom surface 1a , 1 stereo tape mounting chamber 2 is provided.
That is, the tape cassette mounting chamber 2 is disposed toward the inside of the triangular
prism so that the gutter iO loading chamber 0 opening / closing lid ?a? forms a part of the
above-mentioned plane ?░?. The opening and closing lid 2a is opened, and the stereo cassette
tape can be viewed with respect to the tape cassette mounting chamber 2 in a detachable
manner. In addition, a part of the upper rod 1b of the triangular prism body (here, Qi) L / cogoperation button group is disposed above the tape cassette mounting chamber 2 disposed in this
manner. Month 1 ", operation button for recording 3. Operation button for reproduction 4. Tape
advance feed operation button 5. The tape rewinding buttons 14 and the like are composed of
push buttons. Also, the two speakers (shown in the figure) for stereo re-cow swallowed into the
housing 1 are both ones of the rectangular prism housing 1! The openings are respectively
incorporated in the speaker windows 7 and 8 provided on the 11th face, respectively.
Furthermore, a net window 9.10 for a stereo recording ? microphone is provided near the upper
product 1b of the left and right side edges of the inclined flat IC in which the tape cassette
mounting chamber 2 is disposed, which is smaller in size. A microphone (not shown) disposed in
the housing 1 has the four-sit window 9. It is attached to the position corresponding to lO
respectively. Implementation of the draft configured in this way? According to 1), since the
speakers for stereo use the arrangement sideways of the side of the casing 1 which made the
triangular prism horizontally long, it can be used up in the space inside the casing of the
pentagonal prism, Space can be used effectively for other component placements. The
embodiment of the pond of the present invention shown in FIG. 3 further incorporates a stereo
radio into the stereo cassette tape recorder of the embodiment shown in FIG. As shown in FIG. 3,
on the right side of the arrangement of the tape casing storage room 2 of the diagonal slope i1c
of the casing 1 having a pentagonal column made laterally long, the dial display portion 11 of the
radio is displayed. A stereo radio is incorporated in a housing 1 which is disposed on the display
unit 11 to be disposed. A tuning dial knob 12 for stereo radio is disposed in the upper product
1b of the pentagonal cylinder above the dial display portion II. The knob 12 is configured as a
rotating barrel. The configuration of the 5-other stereo cassette tape recorder is the same as that
of the embodiment shown in the above-mentioned FIG. Therefore, t q q m is omitted, and the
same code is assigned to the same member as 1 ? 1 ?. Among them, according to N examples
(in the size, the reception of each stereo radio is possible ?Stere: A forest sound can be heard,
and the tuning knob 12 for ? / ? is a shell on the upper dark part of the triangular cylinder
housing l Because it is being sent out, the tuning operation of the radio or the non-hosting effect
can be achieved.
As described above, because it is covered with a 1t, its body 1 or a triangular cylinder by a main
stereo cassette tape recorder, the #I unit which is not equipped with a fender for a car stop etc. is
stable for non-pity Sex is good, or six, top 5i # and the bottom 1. : Since the tape cassette unit 2
and the dial display unit 11 of run number one function on the slant + 'side, the guidelines of the
tape in the cassette and the guidelines of the radio dial are very easy, In the history, since the
speakers are provided on one side of the both sides of the triangular cylinder casing l, the mark j
which is compact in size of the integral l has an advantage that the sense of stereo is emphasized.
In addition, there are also two microphones for six-tone sound, so stereo recording can also be
performed, and stereo recording can also be performed on the radio if stereo recording is
available. Regeneration is also possible. Among the above, in the above embodiment, the housing
of the stereo cassette tape recorder is formed of a triangular prism, but the dread! Of course, it
may be formed in a V'r shape, a trapezoidal shape, or a barrel-shaped body. That is to say, since
the base area is large, it is very stable according to the condition, and it becomes t instead of the
cross chain. Also, when the internal cassette tape recorder is merged with a micro cassette tape
recorder using a micro-cassette tape made by a single bower (/ C, the whole can be formed to be
extremely small, and it can be carried around The very side will be 2i + 11.
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