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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional side view showing a
conventional flat-plate electro-acoustic transducer, and FIG. 2 is a cross-section showing an
embodiment of a flat electro-acoustic transducer according to the invention of Gen. FIG. 3 is a
side view, FIG. 3 is an equivalent circuit diagram in use of FIG. 2, and FIG. 4 a and b are
equivalent circuit diagrams according to another embodiment. 21. 22--Magnet, 231 ... Synthetic
resin film, 232.233--· Conductor pattern, 23 · · · Vibration plate.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a flat plate electroacoustic transducer, and more particularly to the improvement of its diaphragm. In recent years,
the entire diaphragm can be uniformly engaged as compared with the conventional electroacoustic transducer, and thus, a speaker, headphone, nine-plate type speaker with low ability
capable of producing perfect perfect piston vibration. An electro-acoustic transducer such as a
microphone is adopted. That is, this flat-plate electro-acoustic transducer has a predetermined
polarity as shown in FIG. The r, the vibration plate having a predetermined coiled conductor
pattern 132 is disposed on the side of the drawing with the synthetic resin film 131 as the base,
and generated by the magnet 11.12. In the magnetic field such as the broken line in the drawing,
by causing, for example, a flow of an audio signal to the conductor butter / 132 of vibration and
plate, a force based on Fleming's left hand law is generated in the conductor pattern 132 The
entire vibration plate 13 is moved by a sword so as to cause a piston to vibrate. By the way, when
applying such a flat type air-to-speech converter to headphones, the output impedance may be,
for example, around 3009 in the case of ordinary audio anno by the source t 'of the sound dust
number, ie by the difference of the equipment used. However, although it is different as 8Ω in
the case of the stickiness ■ force, the impedance of the flat lead speaker can be obtained only by
matching it to either one of the loose lead · = 1 + patano. Since it is not, it has the fault that it
becomes a mismatching with respect to the other, and reproduction ability 1 *) J rate will fall
extremely. Therefore, the present invention has been made in view of the above points, and it is
an extremely good flat electric type comprising a diaphragm improved so as to be able to reliably
remove the above-mentioned conventional short and easy browning. The purpose is to provide a
sound source converter. An embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail
according to the drawings. That is, as shown in FIG. 2, predetermined conductor patterns 232.
having different impedance values on both sides with an insulator such as a synthetic resin film
231 as a pace between nine pairs of magnets 21.22 having a predetermined polarity. A
diaphragm is formed in which 233 is formed. Here, the conductor patterns 232 and 233 in
vibration #L have impedance values on one side, for example, the pattern width is narrowed, the
thickness is reduced, or the pitch is increased) and the height after 300 Ω is high. The
impedance (Hi-Imp) is set to a low impedance (Lo-Imp) of 8 g by narrowing the thickness around
the other side, for example, by increasing the pattern width, as shown in FIG. It is represented by
an equivalent circuit as shown.
Thus, in the case of 1 U, when using each of the two 1iili 9 III 4 in the diaphragm plate from the
body putter 7232.233 as described above is derived by the respective forceps (A), (B), (C), (D) By
selectively switching the (Hl-Imp) or (Lo-Imp) side of for example with the switch S according to
the equipment used, it is possible to reproduce in a state in which matching is taken evenly in
any case. . In the above, each conductor pattern on the side of the diaphragm (on the side of the
wall) is selectively switched by the switch St + 8 m to the series or parallel one as shown by the
equivalent circuit in FIG. 4 (=), (b). When the impedance value is set to be (Hl-Imp) or (Lo-Imp) as
described above so that impedance matching can be taken depending on the used device-Others,
the gist of this invention It goes without saying that various modifications can be carried out
without departing from the scope of the invention. Therefore, as described above in detail, this
invention (according to the present invention can simply and surely eliminate the disadvantages
of the prior art) Thus, it is possible to provide a plate-shaped electro-in-dwelling converter which
is equipped with a sliding plate improved as above. 4. Brief description of the ν) plane Fig. 1 is a
cross-sectional side view of a conventional flat plate type electric-to-stone 41 converter, and Fig.
2 is an embodiment of the flat type electric to echo converter according to the present invention.
2 is a cross-sectional side view showing the same, and FIG. 3 is an equivalent circuit shown in
FIG. 4 ('i) and FIG. 4 (b) is another circuit 1 according to another embodiment, 21.22 ... Magnet
231 ... Synthetic resin film 232. 233 ... Four-conductor butter 7L "... Only one board. OutsourcingAttorney Attorney-Suzue Takehiko Fang 1 Art 4-0 132-→ → → 43 43 ° 〒〒 50 (12 Fang 2
Figure 3 Figure 1; black; convex 2 ff ÷ + (, ",, <->-# Lo-1 rrp D 51 eta 4 years (a) (b) (ACA ·
robbed zone □ l ~ :, + S. Hi-ImpLo-Imp98435-Zi “U applicant Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd.
372 replacement 1 1/1, agent Suzue Takehiko 1 □? (Where in 2 'i 7 j child 5, ts "-°" ζ j "τ τ:
· · · (1) Power of attorney (2) specification (2) drawing (1) (4) application form Inventor, utility
model registration applicant or agent (1) inventor Kanagawa 1 prefecture Yokohama city 33,
Shimuko-ku, Yokohama-shi, Yokohama, Shibaura, Tokyo Shibaura Kameeri type company 1)
Chukoro (2) Agent address Tokyo Minato-ku Shibanishikubo Sakuragawa-cho 2, 17th Moribi 4 j
": 'The postal name (5743) Patent attorney Miki formula%"; Address same place-° "Of course 氏
名 name (6881) (; Y crystal □ · · field な na-)--
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