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Clarification 1 Title of Invention
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a diaphragm of a
speaker, a microphone, etc. ? Heretofore, in order to improve the frequency characteristics,
distortion and the like of the diaphragm, a diaphragm in which inorganic fibers such as metal
fibers, carbon fibers and glass fibers are mixed into basic fibers such as natural fibers 2 synthetic
fibers is provided. However, this basic fiber and non-fiberless # have inconspicuous properties, so
that even if they are mixed, sufficient entanglement can not be obtained, and even if they are
mixed with 9 binders at different mixing ratios, adequate internal loss and sufficient In the case
where 50% or more of carbon fiber is mixed, for example, the slip between the fibers becomes
large and the internal loss is too large, so it is not suitable as a diaphragm. The present invention
was made to solve the above-mentioned drawbacks. The diaphragm shown in the figure is a basic
fiber such as natural # 2 synthetic fiber and gold Ji! Phosphoric acid cellulose fiber is mixed with
inorganic fiber such as fiber, carbon fiber, glass fiber, etc. [7]. The phosphoric acid-based
cellulose fiber is a cationic type and also has a great ## property in water, so that the binder
effect between the basic fiber and the inorganic fiber is extremely large in a material which is
familiar with the above-mentioned inorganic fiber and is a red material. As a result, in particular,
the entanglement with the inorganic fibers is improved, and the slippage between the fibers is
eliminated. Therefore, a diaphragm having an appropriate internal S loss can be obtained by
adjusting the mixing amount of the phosphoric acid-based cellulose fiber, and the mixing amount
of inorganic fibers also increases because the phosphoric acid-based cellulose fiber works as a
binder. It is possible to obtain a diaphragm that is strong in strength, and it is possible to greatly
broaden the freedom of diaphragm design and to achieve EndPage: 1. In addition, phosphoric
acid-based cellulose fiber (-1: natural? Due to its high Young's modulus compared to # fiber, it is
a suitable material in accordance with the purpose of incorporating inorganic weave. In
particular, ammonium phosphate fibers can be obtained by esterification by immersing natural
cellulose and its derivatives, polyvinyl alcohol and the like in a polyphosphorus aqueous
ammonium solution, and thereafter subjected to a pulling temperature treatment, It does not
require large-scale equipment, is easy to manufacture, has no concern about the occurrence of
pollution due to the treatment of waste liquid, and is extremely suitable in view of being a pt +
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a diaphragm of the
present invention. Patent Applicant Pioneer Corporation EndPage: 2
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