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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a conventional comparison characteristic
diagram in which glass wool is internally filled in the diaphragm, FIG. 2 is a comparison
characteristic diagram in the prior art in which glass wool is filled in front of the equalizer and
the diaphragm, FIG. FIG. 4 is a characteristic view of the diaphragm according to the present
invention, FIG. 4 is a sectional end view of the diaphragm according to the embodiment of the
present invention, and FIG. 5 is a plan view. 1 ..... recessed part.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to the improvement of the
diaphragm of a dome shaped speaker. The diaphragm of the dome-shaped speaker has a
structure in which the edge of the work / '-7r' Mll, t 2 or damper is attached around its periphery
and the voice coil is also attached there and the peripheral drive is carried out There is. The
energy of one phase is concentrated on the concentric circles of the diaphragm, and the control
of the central part of the diaphragm can not be performed as in the case of the general cone type
σ), and this & 'IK Several split vibrations occur in the radial direction of the throttling plate,
causing high-frequency resonance. From such a place, conventionally, V positive of high-pass
resonance is aimed at by specially adding mechanical braking which is overturned. In this
method, the inside of the diaphragm is filled with glass wool, or an equalizer for improving the
characteristics is provided on the front surface of the diaphragm, and glass wool is filled between
the equalizer and the diaphragm, and braking is performed near the center of the diaphragm. It is
Here, the characteristics according to the former method are shown in FIG. 1 and the
characteristics according to the latter method are shown in FIG. As apparent from the figure, the
valley at around 10 KHz is not improved in either case, and the or high-range attenuation in FIG.
1 is not sufficient. This device focuses on the above points, and forms a non-similar
electromechanical reinforcement in the vicinity of the center of the diaphragm itself to
supplement the overall structure and prevent the occurrence of divided vibration. It is an object
of the present invention to provide a diaphragm of a dome speaker in which high frequency
resonance is prevented. The embodiment will be described below with reference to the drawings.
FIG. 4 shows a cross-sectional view of a dome-shaped diaphragm, and a recess 1i11 is formed in
the central portion thereof. This recess is triangular as shown in the plan view of FIG. 5, that is, it
has a non-similar shape to the shape of the diaphragm. Therefore, by making the diaphragm into
such a certificate, since the seven concave portions 1 become reinforcements, the whole of the
diaphragm is reinforced, partial divided vibration occurs, and it is assumed that it is generated,
for example. Also, since the recess 1 is non-similar to the diaphragm, the distance from the
diaphragm local to the corner of the boundary between the recess 1 and the diaphragm surface
is 2 modes, so that the modes are scattered and specified The resonance at the frequency of
f.sub.0 does not occur, and as a result, the divided vibration is attenuated to a large extent. FIG. 3
shows a characteristic diagram in the above-described embodiment. The shape of the recess 1
described above is not limited to a triangle, and may be another polygon or an ellipse, as long as
it is non-similar to the shape of the diaphragm. Even in the case where the common concave
portion 1 is a convex portion, the same function is performed.
As described above, according to the present invention, a reinforcing portion having a nonsimilar shape to the diaphragm is integrally formed in the vicinity of the center of the diaphragm.
Therefore, as described above, the reinforcing portion is formed so that the whole is reinforced
and the divided vibration is less likely to occur, and the reinforcing portion in the non-similar
shape is more likely to cause the resonance at the electrical frequency. As a result, the high
frequency resonance can be significantly improved. Further, since it is only necessary to form a
reinforcing portion on the diaphragm, it is necessary to use glass wool, an equalizer, etc. in
particular, and moreover, it is necessary to use only 5. . Since only one partial deformation is
formed, it can be carried out without the need for any major change in the conventional
production method. That is, it becomes possible to mass-produce the product as little as possible
with the variation between products, and it is extremely advantageous compared to the case of
using glass wool which easily causes paradox, equalizer and so on. Ru.
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